Insurance Virtual Assistant

Insurance Virtual Assistant

Real Estate Investor Lead Generation – Telemarketing For Real Estate Investors

Insurance Virtual Assistant


To help you generate more leads, grow your sales pipeline, keep clients longer, and stop wasting your valuable time on menial administrative tasks.

How It Works:

Your Insurance Virtual Assistant is here to help with the day-to-day operations of running your company. Ultimately, any of our Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services can apply equally well to an insurance broker / dealer, with a few minor tweaks to cater toward the nuances of the insurance industry.

While it’s good to remember our simple 2 category designation of all VA services (Administrative vs. Voice)… some more specific examples of activities that you might consider outsourcing to your Insurance Virtual Assistant include:

  • Insurance lead generation
  • Insurance telemarketing
  • Call answering / lead follow-up (via phone, email, social media)
  • Appointment setting & calendar management
  • CRM monitoring, updating, and admin support
  • Website updates & blogging
  • Insurance social media marketing
  • Online research, list building, and data entry
  • Insurance postcard marketing / mail campaign managment
  • Lead management & lead nurturing

Similar to most outsourcing & virtual assistant services, the key is standardization. In other words, the tasks your VA will handle most effectively are those which follow a step-by-step, repetitive manual. The more your VA is put in a position to think on the fly, make strategic decisions, or do creative problem solving, the more risky will be your overall chances at long-term, sustainable profitability.

Some people do indeed train a Virtual Assistant to be their “all arounder” … doing a little of this, a little of that, and being there to learn more new tasks as they arise. And some of these campaigns are successful, creating a years-long relationship of trust & mutual benefit.

However, if you want to guarantee positive results with your Insurance Virtual Assistant, start by delegating the simple, menial, repetitive tasks in your business – especially the types of tasks listed above. Once you see the value (and challenges) of working with a virtual assistant on these types of systematic, standardized tasks, then you will be much more comfortable knowing what you should … and should not … delegate to your virtual team.