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Custom-Designed Logos, Icons, Infographics, and More for Your Real Estate Business

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Every real estate business needs:

  • graphics,
  • logos,
  • product logos,
  • icons for your website,
  • infographics that you can share to your drip email and to your social media,
  • backdrops for videos, &
  • really any type of images that you need for your real estate business.

We want to make it as easy as sending a simple description to your REVAS Graphic Designer and getting those graphics, turned around in only a day or two at most for a really reasonable cost.

How It Works:

First of all, we will get to know your business in your own design aesthetics.

What are your preferred color schemes? Where are your logos?

We’re going to get large versions of your logo files, your headshots, any images that we’ll be using regularly we’ll collect and organize at the beginning setup phase of any graphic design project.

Then our Graphic Designers who are located in the U.S. or in first-world European countries are going to be ready to hear your description of any graphic.

Indeed, you can provide a very simple overview or a very detailed example of what you want to copy and your Graphic Designer will work hourly to complete your design ASAP.


The biggest pro of using a REVAS Graphic Designer is that you’re getting a fully-managed solution.

If you don’t need enough graphics to hire a full-time, in-house Graphic Designer, then REVAS can provide you with expert Graphic Designers ready on-demand with fast turnaround times.

That’s via a fully-managed solution where you’ll also have access to our Quality Managers and Training Managers to ensure your communications with the Graphic Designer go smoothly and your project is completed rapidly to your satisfaction.


The biggest challenge we see with people in real estate businesses working on Graphic Design projects is knowing exactly what you want.

Figuring out what graphics you’d need and for what purpose can be tricky. Working with a Consultant during your Opportunity Analysis Consultation can help narrow down your goals of what type of graphics you need and how to describe them.

But generally, the most difficult part of Graphic Design is figuring out what graphics you want in the first place and what roughly they should look like. A great way to shortcut this difficulty is to have examples on hand of similar graphic projects that you already know and like.

Work Estimate:

Our Graphic Design pricing works just like any of our other hourly Virtual Assistant pricing. It’s always on the U.S.-based pay scale, whether a Graphic Designer is literally located in the U.S. or in somewhere in western Europe, they’re all going to be in about the same price range.

So we’re able to simply provide you U.S.-based Virtual Assistant hourly pricing for your graphic designs & depending on what you need, here are some work estimates specifically for the number of hours for a type of project:

  • to create a logo, depending on complexity, you can be looking at anywhere from two to 10 hours;
  • to create an icon, each icon should take less than an hour;
  • for an infographic, depending on complexity, you can expect anywhere from 10 to 20 work hours to get something that you’d actually feel comfortable sharing;
  • for direct mail pieces that already have the written content layout & graphic embellishments, these can take as little as only one to two hours and as much as 10 hours.