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PRICING: List Building & Skip Tracing

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Owner Contact Data; From-Scratch Lists & Skip Tracing

We Provide a Consultative Approach to Building Your Real Estate Lists, and Charge on a Per Record Basis. List Building

HOW IT WORKS: Consultative Done-For-You List Building & Skip Tracing

We Pull Data From Multiple Sources to Get You the Best Possible Result, for BOTH Residential Homeowners and Commercial Real Estate Investors.

Raw Data + Skip Tracing

We can help you build all types of Real Estate Owner Lists, whether that means building a whole new list from-scratch, or appending data to your existing lists (real estate "skip tracing"). Start with a Strategy Session Call & we'll help identify the best approach.

Homeowner Data

Targeting owners of Single Family Residences (SFRs) is always the easiest list to build. Most SFRs are owned directly in the owner's name (not in LLCs or Trusts), so it's very easy to acquire accurate contact information, especially direct phone numbers.

Commercial Data

Finding contact info for the Decision Makers (DMs) behind Commercial Real Estate entities is much more difficult, but we have access to some of the best tools on the market (CoStar, Reonomy, Moodys, and more). We're happy to become your Commercial Real Estate List Building partners.

Consultative Approach

Unlike many other Real Estate List Building & Skip Tracing services, we provide done-for-you services and a consultative approach. You don't have to become a list data expert to succeed with us, we do all the nerd stuff, producing a list (or skip tracing one) using the best available options, based on our expertise & drawing on our huge library of paid database memberships.

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What to Expect With Lead Generation Virtual Assistants

While this question obviously depends on your specific business, the simple answer is usually going to be:

Some type of Telemarketing!

We use Telemarketing in our own Real Estate Companies, and it is one of the most consistent & dependable channels for cold Lead Generation.

There are 3 key variables to consider, particularly:

  1. Who should we be calling (the LIST)?
  2. What should we say on the calls (the SCRIPT)?
  3. Should we use US-based or Overseas Telemarketers (the TELEMARKETER)?

However, once you get those 3 variables dialed in, Cold Call Telemarketing is one of the most universally viable Direct Marketing channels.

While this is a complicated question where the answer is some variation of “it depends” … there are several key metrics we expect to see in 95% of Real Estate Lead Generation Campaigns.

For the sake of this FAQ answer, we’re going to focus primarily on Cold Call Telemarketing and Cold Texting, since these are the easiest to quantify & measure results on an hour-by-hour basis.

Specifically, some of the key metrics you can expect are (all numbers are approximate!):

  • 30 – 60+ Outbound Calls Per Hour.

Obviously this is specifically referring to Telemarketing, but it’s a good metric to give some idea of how much activity can be expected in one Work Hour.

  • 10 – 15 Live Conversations Per Work Hour.

Even though your Virtual Assistant can make 30 – 60+ Outbound Attempts in a single Work Hour, that doesn’t mean everyone will be available to answer, or to reply to the messages.

In reality, you can expect somewhere between 10 – 15 Live Conversations Per Work Hour when your Virtual Assistant is focused on Lead Generation.

  • 1 Lead Captured Every 3 – 5 Work Hours.

When it comes to live outreach, particularly via Telemarketing (but also similar with Cold Texting, Social Media DMs, and Cold Email):

You can expect about 1 Lead every ~4 Work Hours.

Keep in mind, a Lead can have a wide range of intention-levels. Some will be “Hot Leads” who have a strong motivation, immediate readiness, and ability to pay. Some will be “Nurture Leads” who might turn into a legit Opportunity sometime in the distant future (3 – 6+ months out)… but who are not viable for anything immediate.

The key is having a strong system to nurture your Leads captured & generated by the Virtual Assistant, ideally combining Automated Follow Up alongside manual Inside Sales Nurturing (all managed through your well-organized CRM).

  • $40 – $150 Cost Per Lead (CPL) for Leads Generated.

Considering the numbers mentioned above, then multiplying by the typical hourly rates of Real Estate Lead Generation Virtual Assistants ($8 – $12 per hour for Overseas VAs, and $20 – $24 per hour for US-based VAs):

You can expect a ballpark CPL (Cost Per Lead) of $35 – $150.

Obviously, that is a very wide range.

However, this makes sense when you consider it encompasses a very wide range of Campaigns as well.

For example, a Commercial Real Estate Seller Lead (which most likely required a US-based VA to generate) might be closer to $150 CPL.

On the other hand, a Home Buyer Appointment that was scheduled by following up on old “dead” Internet Leads might be only $35 CPL.

(We have run Campaigns for Residential Brokers using Overseas Inside Sales Agents or ISAs, where the ISA called the Broker’s “Dead Leads” database and was able to get 1 pre-qualified Buyer Appointment every 1.5 – 2 Work Hours, for a CPL of <$20! This is not the typical result, but is possible.)


We generally refer to this type of activity as a Virtual Inside Sales Agent (or Virtual ISA).

This is actually one of the most consistently successful types of Campaigns we use when it comes to Lead Generation (or in this case, Lead Nurturing).

Some simple back of the napkin math you can use to calculate how many Work Hours you can potentially use would be:

For every 1,000 Contacts in your Database…

… You can add about 10 Work Hours Per Month of Virtual ISA time.

For example, if you have 15,000 Contacts in your Database, you could just about keep a full-time Virtual ISA totally busy, just handling ongoing follow up & nurturing (150 – 160 Work Hours Per Month).

Anything beyond that is typically overkill, as you don’t gain any additional value by contacting the same people more frequently.

If you don’t have enough Contacts in your Database to keep the Virtual ISA busy, obviously you can use additional Work Hours for cold outreach, ideally something like Telemarketing would be easiest (since it is a very similar skillset to follow up & nurturing, meaning it can likely be handled by the same VA).

At REVAS, we will automatically provide a dedicated local phone number & VoIP line, which can make & receive calls and text.

However, we also are very familiar with a wide range of Real Estate software tools, including things like:

  • CRMs (Chime, CINC, kvCore, KW Command, REsimpli, GoHighLevel, REI Blackbook, etc)
  • Power Dialers (Mojo, Call Tools, Phoneburner, Ready Mode, etc)
  • Cold Email Software (Instantly, Lemlist, Snov.io, Scout, etc)
  • Social Media Platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc)
  • VPN Software (ExpressVPN, Witopia, PureVPN, NordVPN, etc)

If you have a Real Estate Tool, we’ve probably seen it & most likely even used it on behalf of a Client.


We always recommend you bring your own Software (versus using ones that REVAS owns & controls). While we might be able to get you discounted Power Dialer seats, or CRM accounts, that is often not the best choice from where you’re sitting.

That’s because if you ever leave the REVAS Services, you’d also be leaving your software behind as well (plus all data it contains).

Having your VAs login to software you own & control is therefore preferable (whenever practical).

We’re fully fluent on logging into Client’s software accounts, so this is never a problem.

By taking this approach, you always also have total control of your data, and can easily maintain continuity & integrity if you ever leave REVAS’s services.

The last thing we want for you to run into is being stuck with REVAS because all your CRM or Power Dialer records are on our servers (with no easy way to extract them for your departure).


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*NOTE: We only recommend starting with this option if you’re familiar with using Real Estate VAs, and have a clear idea of what you plan to delegate to REVAS.

The other option, which is where most new Clients begin, is booking a free, no-obligation Strategy Session call with our Team:

Have Questions First?

If you have any questions, or aren’t completely sure what will be the best way to utilize Real Estate VAs in your business, this free Strategy Session is a great place to start.

Either way, we look forward to helping you grow your real estate business, working less (boosting Revenue Growth and Time Freedom).

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