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Adding Accurate Decision Maker Contact Info to Your Existing Lists of Homeowners & Business Entities

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Real Estate Skip Tracing Services

We're Huge Skip Tracing Nerds, & Have Implemented 1m+ Cold Calls & Cold Texts Using Our Own Data: We Know What Works!

After providing millions of Skip Traced records from all the well known sources in the industry, and conducting over 1 million cold calls & cold texts using REVAS Virtual Assistants… it’s safe to say we’ve become Skip Tracing experts.

At the end of the day, the industry is shady.

There are only a few legit players that consistently provide high quality data (pretty much just Batch & Lead Sherpa). And the legit options are pricey.

Then there are plenty of cheap providers, with crap data.

Since we were so often the ones actually calling that crap data (provided by Clients who didn’t know better)…

… We finally bit the bullet to build a Skip Tracing system from the ground up.

By combining several data sources with real-time feeds, then scraping the live web to compare results, we’ve been able to find the perfect Skip Tracing Goldilocks Zone:

Extremely high-quality, accurate data, at surprisingly low prices.

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