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Consultative Done-For-You Process to Build KPI Tracking Systems, With Ongoing AI-Assisted Tracking & Enforcement

Consultative Approach to Help Plan & Strategize

Tracking & Enforcing your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is a lot more than plugging some numbers into a Dashboard. Deciding what to track & how to track it change the way you do business.

Custom Built Dashboards for You & Your Team

We know & have worked with practically every Dashboard under the sun, from popular pre-built apps to custom from-scratch systems. We work with you to create a visually powerful, custom System.

Ongoing AI-Powered Accountability Assistant

Your KPI Tracking System is only as good as the data being input & the way it informs your Team's actions. We combine human Virtual Assistants with AI-based "nudges" to help ensure your Teams are on track.

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