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Outsource Repetitive Back-Office Admin Tasks to Overseas VAs Following Custom-Built, Step-by-Step SOPs.

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PRICING: Monthly Work Hours Packages

Fully Managed Overseas Admin Virtual Assistants

We Build Your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Train Your Overseas VAs, and Handle Day-to-Day Management & Troubleshooting.

TASKS: Most Common Admin Tasks

The Most Consistently High-ROI Real Estate Tasks Our Clients Are Successfully Outsourcing to Overseas Virtual Assistants.

Research & Data Entry

One of the most common Admin Tasks we handle for Real Estate Companies is Online Research & Data Entry: manually collecting & organizing information from the web. In certain cases, we can even create custom built automated web scrapers for you!

Customer Support

If you need to provide a prompt replies to customer inquiries, especially via channels like Email, Text, Social Media, and Live Chat, Overseas Virtual Assistants are an ideal solution. Plus, we'll help systematize & train them on your unique Procedures.

Running Comps & CMAs

One of the most common Admin Tasks across many types of real estate businesses involves researching Comparable Properties ("Comps") and compiling the data into meaningful Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) Reports. This is a perfect Admin Task for VAs!

Updating Listings & MLS

For Residential Real Estate Agents, a constant struggle will be inputting data to your MLS, IDX Website, Social Media, and Drip Emails. Even when mostly automated, this task still requires frequent, Manual Data Entry (perfect for Overseas VAs).

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What to Expect With Lead Generation Virtual Assistants

While this question obviously depends on your specific business, the simple answer is usually going to be:

Some type of Telemarketing!

We use Telemarketing in our own Real Estate Companies, and it is one of the most consistent & dependable channels for cold Lead Generation.

There are 3 key variables to consider, particularly:

  1. Who should we be calling (the LIST)?
  2. What should we say on the calls (the SCRIPT)?
  3. Should we use US-based or Overseas Telemarketers (the TELEMARKETER)?

However, once you get those 3 variables dialed in, Cold Call Telemarketing is one of the most universally viable Direct Marketing channels.

While this is a complicated question where the answer is some variation of “it depends” … there are several key metrics we expect to see in 95% of Real Estate Lead Generation Campaigns.

For the sake of this FAQ answer, we’re going to focus primarily on Cold Call Telemarketing and Cold Texting, since these are the easiest to quantify & measure results on an hour-by-hour basis.

Specifically, some of the key metrics you can expect are (all numbers are approximate!):

  • 30 – 60+ Outbound Calls Per Hour.

Obviously this is specifically referring to Telemarketing, but it’s a good metric to give some idea of how much activity can be expected in one Work Hour.

  • 10 – 15 Live Conversations Per Work Hour.

Even though your Virtual Assistant can make 30 – 60+ Outbound Attempts in a single Work Hour, that doesn’t mean everyone will be available to answer, or to reply to the messages.

In reality, you can expect somewhere between 10 – 15 Live Conversations Per Work Hour when your Virtual Assistant is focused on Lead Generation.

  • 1 Lead Captured Every 3 – 5 Work Hours.

When it comes to live outreach, particularly via Telemarketing (but also similar with Cold Texting, Social Media DMs, and Cold Email):

You can expect about 1 Lead every ~4 Work Hours.

Keep in mind, a Lead can have a wide range of intention-levels. Some will be “Hot Leads” who have a strong motivation, immediate readiness, and ability to pay. Some will be “Nurture Leads” who might turn into a legit Opportunity sometime in the distant future (3 – 6+ months out)… but who are not viable for anything immediate.

The key is having a strong system to nurture your Leads captured & generated by the Virtual Assistant, ideally combining Automated Follow Up alongside manual Inside Sales Nurturing (all managed through your well-organized CRM).

  • $40 – $150 Cost Per Lead (CPL) for Leads Generated.

Considering the numbers mentioned above, then multiplying by the typical hourly rates of Real Estate Lead Generation Virtual Assistants ($8 – $12 per hour for Overseas VAs, and $20 – $24 per hour for US-based VAs):

You can expect a ballpark CPL (Cost Per Lead) of $35 – $150.

Obviously, that is a very wide range.

However, this makes sense when you consider it encompasses a very wide range of Campaigns as well.

For example, a Commercial Real Estate Seller Lead (which most likely required a US-based VA to generate) might be closer to $150 CPL.

On the other hand, a Home Buyer Appointment that was scheduled by following up on old “dead” Internet Leads might be only $35 CPL.

(We have run Campaigns for Residential Brokers using Overseas Inside Sales Agents or ISAs, where the ISA called the Broker’s “Dead Leads” database and was able to get 1 pre-qualified Buyer Appointment every 1.5 – 2 Work Hours, for a CPL of <$20! This is not the typical result, but is possible.)

You have many options with REVAS.

However, there is an easy starting point where you can start to get value as fast as possible.

That would be using Push-Button Virtual Assistants inside your REVAS+ Membership for one simple goal:

Outsource just one hour of your work day.

If you can use a Real Estate Virtual Assistant to free up just 1 work hour per day, 5 work days per week…

That’s about an extra 20 work hours per month, saved.

An extra 240 work hours per year!

That’s about 1.5 extra months (working full-time 40 hour weeks), every year, from now on.

How would your business benefit if you had an extra month and a half every year?

If you’re not sure where to start with Real Estate Virtual Assistants, then creating your own 13.5 month year should be your #1 priority.

How To Start Freeing Up One Work Hour Daily.

To “Outsource Just One Hour Of Work Per Day” is easier said than done.

Which hour of work should you outsource?

What exact task will be delegated?

While precise answers to these questions depend on your own unique situation, there is a simple universal solution:

Start by outsourcing the most repetitive Administrative or Customer Service task first.

And as we always recommend:

Pick only one Virtual Assistant Task to start!

Don’t overdo it, trying to outsource too much at once. Take things incrementally, in bite-sized chunks, one individual workflow or task at a time.

“What if I want to outsource less than one work hour per day?”

While our recommendation is to focus on outsourcing one hour of work per day, don’t let that limit you.

A little bit of a good thing is better than none at all.

Even if you outsource only 30 minutes of work per day…

That is still another 120 work hours, or in other words 3 full-time working weeks, freed up each year.

While you might fall short of the universal goal, outsourcing 30 minutes (or less) of daily work, the first step toward succeeding with Real Estate Virtual Assistants is the same:

Focus on Outsourcing One Work Hour Per Day

Examples Of Repetitive Admin Tasks To Potentially Outsource

In conclusion, we’ll explore some actual, real-world, example tasks.

Use the following list to get your own imagination firing, considering which (if any) of these commonly outsourced tasks might be taking up your work hours:

  • Entering leads & contact data in your CRM.
  • Sharing content on Social Media.
  • Syndicating your listings across multiple sites.
  • Building lead lists.
  • Researching comparables.
  • Creating CMA reports.
  • Data entry.
  • Website updates & minor changes.
  • Sending emails to set appointments on your calendar.

The list goes on & on.

Picking just one, or a fraction of one of the above tasks, and successfully outsourcing it so you can “set it and forget it” could be worth an extra 1.5 months per year.

The only limitation on starting is settling on which menial, repetitive task, that doesn’t require your physical presence, to outsource first.

But don’t get overwhelmed.

Keep it simple.

Pick one Task to start,


Focus on outsourcing just one work hour per day.

Once you are successful in this small endeavor, your newfound experience & confidence will make it easier to tackle progressively larger and more ambitious outsourcing campaigns.


Here's How to Take the Next Steps...

There are two main options when it comes to getting started with any REVAS Services.

If you’re ready to go right now; you already know what you want & are ready to checkout online + start the onboarding process:

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*NOTE: We only recommend starting with this option if you’re familiar with using Real Estate VAs, and have a clear idea of what you plan to delegate to REVAS.

The other option, which is where most new Clients begin, is booking a free, no-obligation Strategy Session call with our Team:

OPTION B: Book a FREE Strategy Session Call

If you have any questions, or aren’t completely sure what will be the best way to utilize Real Estate VAs in your business, this free Strategy Session is a great place to start.

Either way, we look forward to helping you grow your real estate business, working less (boosting Revenue Growth and Time Freedom).

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