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Customized Real Estate Landing Pages

Custom Tailored Lead Capture Pages for Your Website: Capture More Leads Using Proven Design Formulas

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Almost everyone in the real estate business has a website, but not every real estate website actually captures leads.

So here’s our goal for being able to provide you with a customized real estate landing page:

We want you to have a page on your website or on a separate domain where you can funnel your prospects and your leads.

The website will be designed to capture their information and sign them up for your automated follow-up marketing.

How It Works:

You can think of a customized real estate landing page as a single (or maybe two) page website.

The only reason you might need a second page on this site is for a thank you page.

In essence, there are two ways we can create these pages.

First, we could create this as a standalone site: a single page sitting at its own domain where you can refer clients.

Some great examples of this might be:

  • a home value report request, or
  • a request for a consultation on selling the property.

Another way to use a customized landing page would be to put it somewhere on your own domain.

Then it would just be your page or whatever URL you want to use for it.

That way we can match your existing website, user interface, and user experience with the landing page.

This will provide a more seamless experience for your prospect who’s clicking through from somewhere else on your website to then go into the landing page…

…where you can have a higher percentage chance of capturing them as a lead.


The most important value you’ll get out of customized landing pages is that you’ll be capturing more leads!

Either through your existing website or through this standalone single-page website, your leads will increase significantly. 

The more people you send to this page, the more people who see it.

The more people who see it…the more people will get added to your automated follow-up sequences in drip email.

Why? Because these pages are proven in action and have an outstanding track record.

We’ve used them on dozens of real estate sites all around the country, both for real estate investors and for brokerages.

So we know that they work.

And we know that they capture leads.

So once you set up your landing page, you can rest assured that you’ll be capturing more leads there too.

Plus they’re easy to test and adjust, so we are constantly making improvements.

We’re always updating our landing pages:

  • their templates,
  • their designs,
  • and their functionalities…

…based on our extensive experience running these types of sites and tests in multiple markets around the country.


The biggest problem with customized landing pages is they’re only as good as the amount and quality of traffic that you’re able to send to them.

Just creating a customized landing page doesn’t mean anybody on earth is going to see it.

And then, even when people do see it if the landing page message or location within your sales funnel doesn’t make sense…

…then the quality of traffic will be low. Even your opt-ins might not actually turn into real sales.

So while a landing page is a powerful tool for the function it’s designed to achieve, it is not a standalone solution.

And it definitely needs to be customized and effectively fit into your existing sales process and online sales funnels.

Work Estimate:

Similar to some of our other website-related services, we have proven templates that short-cut the work estimate substantially.

The main areas of actual work that might go into creating a customized landing page for your business will include:

  • integrating it with your existing drip email or CRM inputs,
  • make sure your design is matched in the CRM (especially if you’re creating the single landing page on your existing website), and lastly,
  • possibly having a U.S.-based Graphic Designer to help out with some customization (if you want your landing page to be unique or to have some special design specific to your business or target niche).

With all of that said and done, you might be looking at a grand total of as low as $200 – $300 and as high as $500 – $600 to get your customized landing page created.

Plus the more landing pages you create, the cheaper they get, because once one is set up, it’s much easier to add and test even more.