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Real Estate Landing Pages

Build Lead Capture Pages to Capture More Leads Using Proven Design Formulas

Customized Real Estate Landing Pages


Almost everyone in the real estate business has a website, but not every real estate website actually captures leads.

Therefore, your number one goal when building a Real Estate Landing Page is to craft a page on your website or on a separate domain where you can funnel your prospects and your leads to capture their opt-in & contact info.

Your Landing Page needs to be designed with this primary function as the priority.

How It Works:

You can think of a customized Real Estate Landing Page as a single (or maybe two) page website.

The only reason you might need a second page on this site is for a thank you page, or for an upsell / add-on offer.

In essence, there are two ways you & your Virtual Assistant can create these Landing Pages:

First, you can create the Landing Page as a standalone site: 

  • A single page sitting at its own domain¬†where you can¬†refer¬†clients (e.g. “FreeRealEstateGift.com”).

Some great examples of this might be:

  • a¬†home value report request,
  • a request for a free consultation, or
  • a place where someone can “ask me anything.”

The second way to use a Customized Real Estate Landing Page would be as an internal page on your own main website.

Then it would just be your domain.com/landing-page/ or whatever URL you want to use for it.

That way, you would be aiming to match your existing website,¬†user¬†interface,¬†and user¬†experience¬†with the landing page… but have a page on your website that is specifically geared toward Lead Capture.

This will provide a more seamless experience for your Prospect who’s clicking through from somewhere else on your website to then arrive on the Landing Page…

… which in some cases can give you a higher percentage chance of capturing them as a lead.


The most important value you’ll get out of Customized Landing Pages will be be capturing more leads!

By directing more Website Visitors to your Landing Page(s), the percentage who will convert to Captured Leads should increase significantly.

The more people you send to your Landing Page, the more Leads you’ll capture.

This can significantly boost your overall Sales Pipeline, and seamlessly add opt-in subscribers to your Automated Follow Up Sequences.

Plus in most ways you’ll be building a Landing Page, it will be easy to test and adjust.

Therefore, you can be constantly making improvements, updating your Landing Page(s) to get better & better results.


The biggest problem with Customized Landing Pages for your Real Estate Business is that they’re only as good as the amount and quality of traffic you’re able to send to them.

Just creating a Landing Page doesn’t mean anybody on earth is going to see it.

Even then, it’s easy to build a Landing Page that gets terrible results on first iteration. It’s common you’ll need to make multiple versions and split tests before you arrive at a winning format.

So while a Real Estate Landing Page is a powerful tool for the function it’s designed to achieve, it is not a standalone solution.

You’ll still need to test, make improvements, and drive traffic (all of which have costs).

Work Estimate:

Similar to other website-related Virtual Assistant Tasks, there can be a wide range of Work Estimates, depending on the complexity & scale of your required work.

The main areas of actual work that might go into creating a customized landing page for your Real Estate Business will include:

  • Integrating the Landing Page Lead Capture Form(s) with your existing drip email¬†or CRM inputs,
  • Making sure your design is matched in the CRM (especially¬†if you‚Äôre creating the¬†single landing page on your existing website).
  • Copywriting for the actual on-page Sales Copy (sometimes this might also include writing & recording a Video Sales Letter as well, aka a VSL).
  • On-Page Design & branding, especially if you’re building a Landing Page into an existing website!

With all of that said and done, you might be looking at a grand total of as low as¬†$200 ‚Äď $500¬†and as high as¬†$2,000 ‚Äď $5,000, depending on what all you need done, and what all you need to include on your next Landing Page.

One good news on the Work Estimate is that the more landing pages you create, the cheaper they become, because once you have a few winning templates, it becomes much faster & easier to clone these for new Offers & Funnels.


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