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Real Estate CRM Virtual Assistants

Dedicated Overseas Virtual Assistants to Keep Your CRM Up-to-Date & Maximize Your ROI

Real Estate CRM Virtual Assistants


The number one goal for a Real Estate CRM Virtual Assistant is simple:

To help you & your local Teams get the greatest value out of your CRM!

This means effortlessly outsourcing the process of keeping all your Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Listings, Appointments, and Commissions systematically organized & up-to-date in the software.

An Overseas Virtual Assistant focused on your CRM should help ensure you’re using the full feature list of your Customer Relationship Management software to the maximum value, giving you the greatest possible ROI on the software & your Team’s time using.

How It Works:

Regardless of what CRM software and other integrated & linked tools you are currently using, the key to success when using a CRM Virtual Assistant can be described in one word:


What that means specifically is, as with all Back-Office Admin Tasks, your Virtual Assistant needs to always be working Process-Based, Not People-Based

… Meaning that their Tasks should always follow a detailed, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), ensuring expectations are clear & responsibilities are well documented.

Ultimately the goal with a CRM Virtual Assistant is to help you better track, analyze, and optimize all important pieces of information that are generated throughout your Sales Pipeline.

You can definitely find Real Estate CRM Virtual Assistants to help with all sorts of the most popular CRM software, including:

  • Market Leader
  • Top Producer
  • AgentOffice
  • REthink
  • Propertybase
  • SharperAgent
  • Salesforce
  • GoldMine
  • Many more…

Even if your Real Estate Virtual Assistant doesn’t have experience with your particular CRM, it shouldn’t be too big of a deal.

That’s because, if you’re:

  1. Working off of step-by-step Standard Operating Procedures, and
  2. The CRM Assistant’s role & daily responsibilities are clearly documented…

… You should be able to build and manage this function in your business purely based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you can objectively track & to which you can hold the Virtual Assistant(s) accountable.

In other words: you can boil down a specific CRM Management Workflow to a KPI benchmark like “10 Records Per Work Hour,” and then easily see if the VA is ever slipping (then address the potential issue).


The biggest benefit of a properly implemented CRM Virtual Assistant is simple:

More Leads become Closed Sales.

That is because you’ll be ensuring:

  • More data is more consistently entered & updated in the CRM.
  • Your Salespeople are getting more value from the CRM.
  • Your local Teams are wasting less time on menial Admin Tasks inside the CRM.
  • You’ll have clearer visibility into your overall Marketing & Sales ROIs to make better decisions.

Plus, getting the basics set up for a CRM Virtual Assistant is a relatively simple process (compared to many other Admin Tasks).

Y should be able to build out 1 – 3 CRM Standard Operating Procedures, get your VA(s) trained on them, and have the whole CRM Management Workflow up, running, and outsourced in a matter of 1 – 2 weeks.

From there, it is very low maintenance (until your process changes or the CRM updates their software dramatically).


While it is relatively simple to set up, it’s still an ongoing cost.

Therefore, the benefits of a CRM Virtual Assistant only become worthwhile once you already have a significant Contact List & repetitive Admin Tasks in your CRM.

If you don’t already have a CRM set up & being used consistently, you’ll need to make some deeper strategic decisions before even considering outsourcing anything to an Overseas VA.

Your CRM Virtual Assistant can definitely help with Admin Tasks within the software, but you should not defer to them on important strategic & tactical decisions about your deeper Sales Process (which is what should ultimately be driving the way you use the CRM).

Work Estimate:

Depending on the complexity of your data, the size of your Sales Team(s), and the amount of CRM Tasks you plan to assign to the VA(s), the Work Estimate for a CRM Virtual Assistant can vary widely.

Typically, to keep a CRM fully up-to-date, you can use a back-of-the-napkin calculation like this:

For every 1 full-time Salesperson

… and / or every 150 active Contacts (open Leads, Opportunities, & Clients)…

… You can budget for about 1 Work Hour Per Day, or around 20 Work Hours Per Month.

This will give the Virtual Assistant more than enough time to update the CRM daily, including making sure all new Leads were properly entered, all Notes, Tags, and Campaigns are properly added & triggered, and any Reports are captured & sent out.

you can expect a typical result of 20 – 40 manually updated records per one (1) work hour. Of course, if there are ways to use automated importing & updating integrated into your CRM, the amount of records that can be managed per hour might be significantly increased (making the process even cheaper).

In general, you can expect total outsourcing of your CRM updates & maintenance to take a maximum of ~40 hours per month unless you are a national or international company.


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