CMA Virtual Assistant

CMA Report Virtual Assistant

Hire a VA to Create Your Competitive Market Analysis Reports (CMAs)

Real Estate CRM Virtual Assistants for Agents


A CMA Virtual Assistant is a virtual assistant specially trained to create your Competitive Market Analysis reports (or CMAs).

In other words, they’re trained to follow your systems and processes to look up comps.

They’ll also create whatever type of Competitive Market Analysis report that you’ve already been building with your proven process in your business.

Therefore, the most important goal of a CMA Assistant is simply to automate and outsource the process of creating these reports…

…so you never need to lift a finger to do it again.

How It Works:

A CMA Virtual Assistant, like all REVAS Virtual Assistants, will always be working in a process-based manner…not people-based.

This means their work will follow a detailed, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedure.

An SOP that is completely based on the unique nature of researching comparable market information:

  • looking up recent sales,
  • looking up similar properties currently for sale,
  • and other tasks related to creating the CMA report.

We even provide our CMA Virtual Assistants special training on how to analyze comparable properties.

They’ll learn to judge a property by not only its audited or county assessor tax reports…

…but also by any pictures of past listings, we can find, including Google Street View to get a better idea of whether a property is indeed a perfect comparable.

They’ll be trained to discern if a property needs to be adjusted for certain features that make it more or less valuable than your target subject property.

The end goal is to have a Virtual Assistant who knows exactly how to create Competitive Market Analysis reports exactly as you like them.

Your VA will prepare comps in the same way that you would do it yourself…

…and they’ll create these reports with as much quality information and perfectly designed formatting as you would do in-house.


The greatest value of having a Virtual Assistant for your CMA reports is that now you don’t need to worry about these reports ever again.

It’s such a simple, repetitive process that once you’ve delegated it off your plate, you can completely set it and forget it.

Simply devise whatever process is easiest for you to provide along with the address for which you need the CMA report.

And the Virtual Assistant will handle the rest, usually within less than a few hours turnaround time.

So what you’re really getting out of all this is:

  • More time to do tasks that only you could do
  • More time to do tasks that make you more money
  • Less overhead across the board
  • Fewer hours your staff is pulled off of their main responsibilities


The biggest downside of hiring a Virtual Assistant for CMA reports is that it will take a little bit of back and forth training…

…simply to get the Virtual Assistant on the same page as you for how you prefer to choose and select comps.

That’s because every real estate professional all around the country has their own slightly unique approach to getting comparable market information.

And then getting that competitive market analysis ready to go.

So during the setup process, there will be a back and forth between:

  • you,
  • our managers, and
  • your Virtual Assistant…

…to be sure that they’re creating the CMA report exactly as you like them to be done.

Once that setup curve is completed (from then on), the process is very simple.

So if you stick with it and make it past that, there’s practically no downside.

Work Estimate:

This depends on how complicated your CMA report looks and how many CMA reports you’re doing per day.

The more you do per day, the cheaper it will most likely be per report because your Virtual Assistant stays in the groove longer.

Your average CMA report will take an Overseas Virtual Assistant (which is all we ever really use for this type of task) only about 1 – 2 hours per report.

So ultimately, you’re looking at a cost as low as $12 – $20 to get a CMA report built for you from scratch where all you need to do is provide the address.

The Virtual Assistant will follow the detailed, step-by-step, Standard Operating Procedure to do the rest.