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Calendar Management & Scheduling Virtual Assistants

Stay On Top of Your Schedule With Helpful Reminders and Appointment Management

Real Estate Calendar Management & Scheduling Virtual Assistants


The goal of a fully functioning Calendar Management Virtual Assistant is simple:

Putting all your Scheduling, Appointment Setting, Task Reminders, and Confirmations on autopilot!

The way to accomplish this is through a few different potential Tasks, ranging from simple Back-Office Admin Tasks (managing your Google Calendar, sending follow up & reminder Emails, etc)… to complex Client-facing communications to book Appointments.

How It Works:

It is important to consider the main components of Calendar Management separately:

  • Is it a purely Admin Task happening in the back-office?
  • Or does it require higher-level decision making and/or Client-facing communications?

The reason to differentiate is: for each requirement, you would need a different skillset, which might mean a different type of Virtual Assistant.

For a high-level position requiring Client-facing communication with High Value Targets (HVTs), you might even consider a US-based, native English speaking VA (almost like a Virtual ISA role).

In general, however, your Calendar Management Virtual Assistant can be Overseas.

The important factor to consider will be, if they are engaging in many Client-facing communications, you must hire a Virtual Assistant who already has a track record in this type of interaction.

You want someone you can trust to engage with your Clients and Prospects professionally, with excellent English, and in a way that is conducive to moving them down your Sales Pipeline.

Lastly, similar to most Admin Tasks, you’ll want to remember the Process-Based, Not People-Based motto, and ensure every activity your Virtual Assistant is handling follows a detailed, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).


Using an Assistant (Virtual or in-person) is one of the most time-tested ways to improve the efficiency of busy executives.

Today, it’s easier than ever, since your Assistant can work entirely Virtually from across the world, significantly reducing the overhead required to maintain this type of position.

It can also be a very flexible role, ranging from simple online Calendar Management & Data Entry… to a full-time Virtual Personal Assistant (who is also an expert at keeping everything on the schedule in order).

Even on the low end, with minimal Work Hours Per Day, you will gain significant benefit from a Calendar Management Virtual Assistant, especially if you are already feeling the stress of a chaotic schedule.

Just having someone to clean up your Emails and Online Calendar to ensure you never have schedule conflicts, and to reschedule any that do come up, can free up hours per week from your own time (while reducing your stress load in the process).


The hardest part of getting a Calendar Management Virtual Assistant up & running is the initial set up process.

That’s not because setting up the Workflow & documenting SOPs is that difficult… in fact it should be pretty simple.

The real challenge is finding the time to step out of your daily grind to actually get it done!

If you’re already struggling with a chaotic schedule & packed calendar, it will be difficult to take a step back with your Virtual Assistant to actually hand-off the day-to-day Tasks required to keep your schedule up-to-date.

For this exact reason, it’s not a bad idea to consider waiting until a downtime, like a holiday or off-season, to pull the trigger on actually hiring & launching your Calendar Management Virtual Assistant.

Work Estimate:

Depending on the complexity of your Calendar Management requirements, your Virtual Assistant should be able to take care of any or all of the following components of your schedule:

  • appointment booking,
  • sending reminders,
  • after-event follow-up & reporting, and
  • assignment of Tasks to other Team Members.

Ultimately, even in the most labor intensive situations, a single Calendar Management Virtual Assistant can handle one person’s calendar in as little as 30 Minutes to 1 Work Hour Per Day (or about 10 – 20 Work Hours Per Month).

If you require Calendar Management for a complex, multi-person Team, the per-person rate will decrease as operations are centralized & task assignment becomes more systematic.

As such, in instances where a Virtual Assistant provides calendar management for multiple individuals on a Team, a single full-time VA might be able to manage the calendars of 10 – 15+ Team Members (less than 10 Work Hours Per Team Member Per Month).


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