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REVAS COO - Angie Wright

Angie Wright

REVAS Chief Financial Officer

Before joining REVAS in 2019, Angie Wright had 30+ years of experience in Real Estate.

In addition to attaining a degree in Accounting, she’s worked in all sectors of the industry:

  • Starting out, she built a successful practice in Property & Casualty Insurance.
  • She also spent 10+ years in the Mortgage Business, starting as a Loan Originator, and advancing to a Branch Manager with 10+ LOs on her Team.
  • For the past 10 years, Angie has put her accounting & industry knowledge to use as an Audit Manager for a national Title Underwriter.
  • Since joining REVAS in 2019, she has gone from a minor role helping with SOP Development, to becoming the company’s CFO.
  • When REVAS Founder, Marshall Hatfield, departed to launch a Hedge Fund in ’21 – ’22, Angie even took over the role of Interim CEO with 1 months notice!

Today, she is working both on the front-lines, and behind-the-scenes, to ensure REVAS is always running efficiently, systematically, and with impeccable process documentation.

She is also responsible for most Process Development Services for Clients, so if you’re purchasing a Done-For-You Standard Operating Procedure, chances are it will be Angie Wright helping to build your next SOP.


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