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REVAS Training Manager - Ali Murtaza

Ali Murtaza

REVAS Chief Operating Officer

Ali was one of the first employees of REVAS way back in 2014. Since then, he has become the company’s most prolific & active Management Team Member.

As Chief Operating Officer, Ali is the driving force of Client Campaigns, from initial onboarding, to implementation, to ongoing management & optimization.

During his 8+ years at REVAS, Ali has surpassed some of insane milestones, like:

  • Interviewed 1,091+ Virtual Assistants, and reviewed 7,327+ VA Resumes!
  • Hired & onboarded over 246 VAs, including both US-based and Overseas.
  • Launched & trained Virtual Assistants on 100+ unique Client Campaigns.
  • Provided Tech Support & troubleshooting on 83+ Real Estate Software Tools.
  • Helped develop Telemarketing Scripts used on 25k+ Work Hours dialing!

When it comes to launching and managing Real Estate Virtual Assistant Campaigns from the front-lines, there are few in the industry with as much hands-on experience as Ali Murtaza.

Today, Ali remains an enthusiastic, proactive, and skilled COO & Training Manager who specializes in understanding Client needs, and ensuring the implemented Campaigns are meeting those needs.

If you need help launching & improving your Real Estate Marketing and Outsourcing Campaigns, Ali will be your expert guide here at REVAS.


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