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What Is REVAS Plus?

An Online Launchpad Making It Easier to Achieve Common Real Estate Goals

... Like List Building, Skip Tracing, Hiring VAs, & Automating Repetitive Tasks.

REVAS Founder, Marshall Hatfield
REVAS Founder, Marshall Hatfield

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From the Desk of
Marshall Hatfield
REVAS Founder & Chairman
Cincinnati, OH

Dear Real Estate Entrepreneur,

I like to say here at REVAS we went “from Work HOURS to Work OUTCOMES.”

We’ve been providing Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services for nearly a decade.

And after 9+ years, fulfilling 326k+ VA Work Hours to 439+ Real Estate Business Owners, following 500+ custom-built Standard Operating Procedures…

… I can say with certainty:

The whole concept of “Real Estate Virtual Assistants” is flawed.

(Read the full story of our transformation here.)

Thanks to a unique combination of opportunities, the stars aligned for us to re-invent “Virtual Assistants” with one simple goal in mind:

Make It 10X Easier to Launch & Manage "Grunt" Work

After a year away from REVAS, helping some friends launch a VC-backed hedge fund startup, I returned with a new “Outsider’s Perspective” for the very first time (after 9+ years).

I was in a rare situation:

With plenty of time, money, and freedom, I could take on whatever project(s) I wanted.

I knew streamlining & automating what we do at REVAS was a big opportunity.

After analyzing the most common, repetitive Tasks, we asked ourselves:

"What Would It Take to Launch These in 3-Clicks-or-Less?"

This is the age-old informal “3 Clicks Rule” … applied to Real Estate Tasks:

  • Can I build a Telemarketing List in 3 Clicks?
  • Can I launch a new Virtual Assistant Campaign in 3 Clicks?
  • Can I create & publish a Social Media Post in 3 Clicks?

Our goal was to make this stuff SO MUCH EASIER.

Doing an Annoying Task 1,000,000 Times...

We didn’t just build the REVAS+ Launchpad for our Customers.

We use it too!

I’ve had to set up these types of Campaigns 100s of times myself, in my own Real Estate Investing Business and as a Business Broker.

I’m intimately familiar with the all-too-common headaches of List Building, Virtual Assistant Hiring & Management, KPI Tracking & Enforcement, etc.

So, after a year hiatus:

I got back, got fed up, and decided it was time to formalize & systematize these launch processes once & for all.

REVAS+ is the result of that effort:

The REVAS+ Launchpad App is your one-stop-shop to launch & complete low-level repetitive Real Estate Tasks, easier.

We’re NOT here to replace the tools & tech stack you’re already using (although you might be able to retire some unnecessary bloat).

Our #1 priority with REVAS+ is to ensure you’re getting a better ROI on the rest of your Real Estate Marketing, Tech, and HR budgets.

Keep reading to learn more, or just click the button to sign up instantly.

As Trusted by Real Estate Players Like…

REVAS References & Case Studies

As Trusted by Real Estate Players Like…

REVAS References & Case Studies [Mobile]

Learn More: REVAS References


DIY Resources & Coaching

Launchpad Item #1:
Launchpad Item #2:

REVAS+ Launchpad Item #1

Members Only Podcast, Courses, Group & 1-on-1 Coaching


The REVAS+ Academy is in final stages of development.

We’re shooting for a V1 launch before April 2023.

Need Something Sooner?

We’re building the Academy by partnering with some of the best Coaches & Trainers in the Real Estate Industry.

If you’re looking for guidance to grow your business or navigate this recession, click here to book a Strategy Session & we can discuss more immediate options.

REVAS+ Launchpad Item #2

Ready-to-Use Templates for Marketing, Direct Mail, Legal Documents, Social Media Posts, Graphic Designs, and More...

Fast-Growing Library

Our AI-assisted full-time copywriting and design teams are building Templates on-demand based on what our Users are requesting most (sometimes within a 24 hour turnaround time!).

Templates for Everything

From Social Media Posts, to "Thank You" Letters, to Flyers & Door Hangers, to Cold Call Scripts, to a variety of Legal Doc Templates... If you need it, you'll find it in the Template Library (& if not, request it!).

Meticulously Organized

We apply the "3 Clicks" rule as much as possible: keeping your Templates clearly organized, and highly accessible (in an intuitively structured Library). We continue to evolve based on User Feedback as well.

Updated On-Demand

REVAS+ Membership comes with perks. One of these is a highly responsive AI-assisted copywriting and design team at your fingerprints, ready to build your Requests, on-demand.


Done-For-You Services

REVAS+ Launchpad Item #3

Fully Managed US-based and Overseas Real Estate Virtual Assistants Following Ready-to-Launch Campaigns

Competitive Pricing for High Quality VAs

Our experienced, trained, fully-managed Virtual Assistant pricing is some of the best in the industry:

Overseas VAs from $6.50 - $12 Per Work Hour.

US-based VAs from $18 - $24 Per Work Hour.

Ready-to-Launch "Push-Button" Campaigns

We took the most common Virtual Assistant Workflows after 9+ years and 300k+ Work Hours, and systematized them into ready-to-launch Campaigns you can start at the push of a button.

Fully Managed US-based & Overseas Real Estate VAs

Hire pre-trained REVAS Virtual Assistants for your Push-Button Campaigns, and get access to our COO & Training Managers to help onboard, train, and manage your Virtual Assistants.

Month-to-Month, No Long-Term Commitments

Launch your Virtual Assistant Campaign from within your Launchpad at the push of a button, and cancel it anytime just as easily. We make it effortless to build a flexible Virtual Assistant Back-Office.

REVAS+ Launchpad Item #4

Industry Leading Data Quality for Homeowner, Commercial Real Estate, and B2B Decision Maker Contact Info

Accurate Skip Tracing at Unbeatable Prices

We have mastered the art of Skip Tracing. Our Homeowner Phone Number Data excels on 2 fronts:

• Extremely affordable: from $0.03 Per Record.

• Highly accurate: 85% - 97%+ hit rates.

Consultative List Building From Scratch

We help you build the best possible Residential, Commercial, and B2B Lead Lists from scratch, combining multiple sources to get you the most accurate Decision Maker Contact Info in the industry.

Business-to-Business (B2B) Decision Maker Data

After building so many Lists of so many types, we went ahead and licensed the definitive USA list of all Businesses, including Phone Numbers and Email Addresses for many of the top Decision Makers.

Commercial Real Estate Owner Contact Info

From building Commercial Real Estate Contact Lists from scratch, to Entity Unmasking & Skip Tracing Property Decision Makers, we combine multiple databases to achieve high quality, low cost results.

REVAS+ Launchpad Item #5

Done-For-You SOPs by Expert Consultants to Streamline, Systematize, and Document Your Business

Detailed, Step-by-Step SOPs Built From Scratch

Our Process Development Experts are masters at picking your brain to systematically streamline, document, and screenshot your Procedures to train your In-House Employees & Virtual Assistants.

Over-Your-Shoulder Recorded Training Calls

As part your SOP Development, we'll get on a video call with you & your relevant Team Members to record an "Over-the-Shoulder" Training Call Video as if you were teaching a new In-House Employee.

Collaborative Editing & Optimization of Your SOPs

With a V1 Draft of your Standard Operating Procedure, based on the Recorded Training Calls and including step-by-step Instructions and Screenshots, we'll work together to streamline & optimize.

Extremely Competitive Pricing Per SOP

The more SOPs you build, the more you can use our Push-Button VAs... so we charge rock bottom prices (from $250 Per Done-For-You SOP). Systematize & document your whole business for <$10k!


Consultative Development Solutions

REVAS+ Launchpad Item #6

Consultative Done-For-You Process to Build KPI Tracking Systems, With Ongoing AI-Assisted Tracking & Enforcement

Consultative Approach to Help Plan & Strategize

Tracking & Enforcing your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is a lot more than plugging some numbers into a Dashboard. Deciding what to track & how to track it change the way you do business.

Custom Built Dashboards for You & Your Team

We know & have worked with practically every Dashboard under the sun, from popular pre-built apps to custom from-scratch systems. We work with you to create a visually powerful, custom System.

Ongoing AI-Powered Accountability Assistant

Your KPI Tracking System is only as good as the data being input & the way it informs your Team's actions. We combine human Virtual Assistants with AI-based "nudges" to help ensure your Teams are on track.

REVAS+ Launchpad Item #7

From Simple Scripts to Complex AI API Integrations, Our Development Team Specializes in Automating Workflows

Automating Your Business Is Our Ultimate Goal

This is our top-shelf VIP white glove solution: if you're successful everywhere else, increasing Automation is the ultimate competitive advantage for your business (which is why it's our favorite).

Custom Automations, Cheaper Than You Expect!

Automating repetitive Workflows in your business does not always require a complicated development project... Sometimes it's as easy as a few lines of code (with individual projects ranging from <$2k).

We Do the Heavy Lifting (So You Don't Have To)

We make automation easy, by mastering A.I. tools like ChatGPT and Jasper, plus hiring genius developers who are experts at building Custom Automations and A.I. API Integrations from scratch!

All Backed by the "No-Questions Asked"
90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If You're Unsatisfied For Any Reason During the First 90 Days, We'll Refund 100% of Your Membership Fees

Simple Money-Back Guarantee Policy

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your REVAS+ Membership within 90 days of your sign-up date, we will refund 100% of your Membership Subscription Fees.

REVAS+ Membership is 100% Risk Free!

We want you to be happy as a REVAS+ Member. If you’re not happy with what you’re getting, we’re happy to refund your first 3 months of Membership Subscription Fees.

If you want to receive a full refund for any reason, you can Contact Us anytime in the first 90 days of your Membership, and we’ll refund every REVAS+ Membership Subscription Payment to date.*

*NOTE: This applies to your REVAS+ Membership Subscription Payments ONLY… not to any Optional Add-Ons or other REVAS Products & Services you purchase.

Ready to Check It Out & Become a Member?

REVAS+ Frequently Asked Questions


REVAS+ is the proprietary “Launchpad App” we built after distilling the biggest winners from 300k+ VA Work Hours, 500+ SOPs, for 400+ Real Estate Companies.

It makes Real Estate “Grunt” Work easier:

  • Easier to Launch.
  • Easier to Manage.
  • Easier to Delegate.
  • Easier to Automate.

As a REVAS+ Member, you’ll have ready-to-launch “push button” access to a variety of resources.

Some of the benefits in your REVAS+ Membership include:

  • The World’s Largest Real Estate Template Library (FREE)
  • REVAS+ Weekly Group Coaching (FREE)
  • REVAS+ Members-Only Podcast (FREE)
  • Residential Skip Tracing (as low as $0.03 per record)
  • Overseas Virtual Assistants (from $6.50 per hour)
  • US-based Virtual Assistants (from $18 per hour)
  • Done-For-You SOP Creation (from $200 each)
  • Custom Automation Development (projects ranging from <$2k – $20k+)

All REVAS Products and Services are for REVAS+ Members only.

Membership is backed by a 90-Days “No Questions Asked” Money-Back Guarantee: 

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your REVAS+ Membership within 90 days of your sign-up date, we will refund 100% of your Membership Subscription Fees.

Want to become a REVAS+ Member? Join Now for Instant Access.

You’ll get instant access to your REVAS+ Launchpad the moment you sign up.

There is a DIY Intro Tutorial Video you can watch to learn your way around.

Plus, all new Members receive a complementary 1-on-1 Onboarding Call to help you learn ways to maximize your ROI on the Membership.

Our #1 Goal is always the same:

Helping you make more money, working less.

This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, leveraging a variety of tools within your REVAS+ Launchpad.

The first step will always be helping introduce you to the platform, and discussing a strategic plan custom tailored to your unique situation & goals.

We’re also always available for a Strategy Session to brainstorm new ways for you to streamline, grow, and automate your Real Estate Business.


Check out our comprehensive & constantly growing:

References Page Here

If you have any specific questions about your own unique situation (and whether we’ve worked with similar Clients in similar situations before):

Contact us here with any questions.


You can cancel anytime by reaching us here (or emailing or calling).

Plus, for new Members, your purchase is 100% risk free!

We have a “No Questions Asked” 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your REVAS+ Membership within 90 days of your sign-up date, we will refund 100% of your Membership Subscription Fees.*

*NOTE: This applies to your REVAS+ Membership Subscription Payments ONLY… not to any Optional Add-Ons or other REVAS Products & Services you purchase.

REVAS+ is your all-in-one Launchpad to make it 10X easier to delegate & automate repetitive “grunt” work in your Real Estate Business.

While we do offer some solutions you might find elsewhere (Skip Tracing, Virtual Assistants, etc)…

… To our knowledge, there is no other one-stop-shop with our level of technological enablement 100% focused on making your life easier.

Look at REVAS+ as an add-on to other tools you already use, not necessarily as a replacement for something else in your toolbox.

We want to provide a hub for your day-to-day “boring” Tasks, so you get more value out of all your other tools, tech stack, and teammates.

For all new Members:

We have a “No Questions Asked” 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your REVAS+ Membership within 90 days of your sign-up date, we will refund 100% of your Membership Subscription Fees.*

Our goal is to make your experience with REVAS+ 100% risk free. Try it out, see if it’s a fit for you, and if not, feel free to let us know in the first 90 days for a complete refund!

*NOTE: This applies to your REVAS+ Membership Subscription Payments ONLY… not to any Optional Add-Ons or other REVAS Products & Services you purchase.


REVAS+ Solutions by Type

REVAS+ Launchpad :: BONUS!

REVAS "Cool 3rd Party Services" Club

Discounts & Special Offers From Hand-Picked Providers of High Quality Real Estate Business Solutions

Expert Advice on All Types of Real Estate Software

We've it all, thanks to our 500+ Real Estate Virtual Assistant Campaigns. From Power Dialers to CRMs to Transaction Management to Loan Origination Software. We can help you make the right choice.

Exclusive Discounts for REVAS+ Members ONLY

We're always trying to get our Members deals bargains on the best Software, Services, and Events in the Real Estate Industry. As REVAS+ grows, so does our bargaining power on your behalf.

Personal Introductions to CEOs & Founders

In addition to negotiating exclusive deals for REVAS+ Members, we're always networking with other "Cool 3rd Party Services" ... and are happy to make a warm introduction if it makes sense & adds value.

Insider Access to Shark Team Business Brokers

REVAS Founder, Marshall Hatfield, is Head of Growth at the Shark Team Business Brokerage. If you're considering Buying or Selling a Real Estate Company, as a REVAS+ Member you'll get the VIP treatment.

REVAS+ Launchpad :: BONUS!

Access to the REVAS+ Facebook Group

Interact With the REVAS Leadership Team, Plus Other Clients, Partners, Guest Coaches, Fans, and More...


For a limited time, you can join the REVAS+ Facebook Group 100% FREE!

No REVAS+ Membership or payment required!!!

We want to provide an open Mastermind for Real Estate Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to help everyone survive & thrive in these crazy times.

Still Deciding If REVAS+ Membership Is Right for You?
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