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Zillow Ad Management Services


The goal here is simple:

Provide a done-for-you solution to manage your Zillow Ad campaigns.

In other words:

Zillow Lead Generation on auto-pilot.

Since we ourselves are real estate professionals, we understand that it can be extremely complicated:

  • managing your ads on sites like Zillow and Realtor.com,
  • overseeing your ad spend on PPC, and
  • Creating your Facebook ad campaigns.

That’s why we’ve created a fully-managed, done-for-you solution to research, plan, monitor, optimize, and consistently improve your Zillow ads, with no effort on your end.

You can help us understand what zip code you’re targeting and what type of buyers and sellers you’re after….

And then we’ll manage your entire Zillow ad premier account.

How It Works:

It’s pretty simple. We’ll ask you a series of targeted questions so that we can understand:

  • how you’re already using Zillow ads (if you are),
  • what your goals are for your Zillow ads,
  • if you’re looking for buyer leads, seller leads, specific local zip codes, target markets, etc.

Then we’ll take a look at whatever existing ad creative content you already have…

  1. Ads you run on your Zillow ad manager account.
  2. Ads you run on other websites.
  3. Your own content and pages on your website.

Then, we learn about YOUR brand and YOUR messages so that…

Your Zillow ads will be consistent with your proper branding in all of your lead generation efforts.


Zillow is one of the largest residential real estate websites on the planet (if not the single largest).

So, they have the largest audience already looking for houses...and many of these are ALSO sellers.

What’s that mean for you?

It means that Zillow leads are some of the most motivated sources of real estate leads available anywhere.

And it also means that (while they might be a bit expensive, as far as cost per lead goes) these are going to be some of your fastest turnaround leads as well.

Fast turnaround means a higher overall Return On Investment on your ad dollars because you’re:

  • earning more turnover on that cash,
  • getting it back in the market faster,
  • buying more ads faster,
  • and closing more deals than ever, at a faster pace than ever.


Yes, Zillow ads are already pretty expensive.

So, Zillow lead generation techniques are not cheap…and we charge a premium fee on top of that to manage the service in a fully done-for-you method.

Which is still cheaper than hiring someone locally to do it.

Ultimately the biggest (and only) downside of this, by far, is that it’s one of the more expensive lead generation methods available (because it’s one of the best).

But make sure to check out the prices below before you abandon this idea completely.

And like we said…

Despite the high cost per lead, Zillow ads are still proven to have one of the highest ROIs of any lead generation technique. 

Work Estimate:

Depending on the size of your account, we can manage your entire Zillow ads for either a fixed fee of around $500 per month….

Or as a variable percentage – as low as only 5% – 10% of your ad spend.