Why You Need A Regularly Updated Real Estate Blog

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Real Estate Blogging For Gold

It’s been said that good salespeople use their words, but great salespeople use their ears. Blogging offers the opportunity to show that you are in tune with the needs of your clients (both current and future) and that you’ve been listening. There’s no guarantee that having a blog will get you more business. It’s kind of like digging for gold – it’s out there, but persistence is key. Keeping a well-written blog with regular posts of insightful and helpful content is a time commitment, but the benefits are worth it. Here’s why:

Let’s Get Personal

Having a blog allows your online presence to shine and is an opportunity to build trust with current and prospective clients. The “about” section should include a bio of you and your professional services as well as a picture. It helps to add a few tidbits of personal information to project a friendly, well-rounded image that clients feel comfortable approaching. After all, purchasing a home is one of the most major decisions a person can make – you are wise to take every opportunity to build confidence in your image.

Rich, Value-Adding Resource

Blogging opens up opportunities to discuss a wealth of topics. You are saving your current and potential clients time and effort by offering a resource for them to learn about such issues as what their role is when selling their home, how to find a relocation service, local information about the towns/areas you service, and myriad other topics.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Wouldn’t it be nice to get your inbox flooded with inquiries? Being found through search engines is crucial to your building your business. Consistent blogging provides an opportunity for you to use keywords, links, and hypertext to increase your ranking and get noticed by search engines.

Blogging For Business: Statistics & Data

[quote style=”1″]”57% of companies with a blog have acquired a customer from their blog.”
Source: Hubspot[/quote]

[quote style=”1″]”By 2013, it is projected that 128 million people in the US will be blog readers.”

Source: MyMarketingDept[/quote]

[quote style=”1″]”Small businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than small businesses that do not blog.”

Source: ThinkCreative[/quote]

[quote style=”1″]”People don’t care about products and services; they care about themselves. Blogs aimed at your audience rather than your own needs drive website traffic.”

Source: CopyBlogger[/quote]

Conclusion: Blogging For Gold?

Hopefully the evidence has proven this really is an open & shut case. Putting some time and effort into crafting an interesting, informative blog that promotes your services as a real estate agent and increases your customer base; you just may strike gold.

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