Why pay extra for REVAS vs hiring an assistant directly?

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Why pay extra for REVAS vs. hiring an assistant directly?

Why pay more for a fully managed solution like REVAS, when you could hire your own assistant direct, for less?

This is a great question, because it’s true:

You can go to a site like Upwork and hire a low-level Overseas Virtual Assistant for as little as $3.50 per hour, while with REVAS you’ll pay $6 – $12.

You can probably hire a Personal Assistant locally (US-based, and in-person) for $10 – $15 per hour, while with REVAS you’ll pay $18 – $24.

While you might be able to save a few bucks in the short-term, there’s a reason companies of all sizes invest in sub-contractors and outsourcing:

In the long run, you’ll save plenty: in time, energy, and money!!

Here are some of the most common problems you’ll avoid, and extra benefits you’ll receive, by using a company like REVAS instead of hiring your Virtual Assistant(s) directly.

Headaches You’ll Avoid By Working With REVAS

There are many positive motivations for hiring a company like REVAS, which we’ll get into below…

But first, many of the biggest reasons to work with REVAS instead of hiring & managing your VAs directly are negative: the headaches, pains, and time drains you’ll avoid by delegating to a fully managed VA company.

#1. No more Recruiting, Interviewing, and Onboarding.

Even for Overseas VAs, it costs us (at minimum) $250 – $600+ in hard cost & man hours per new hire, when you factor in:

  • Advertising the position,
  • Reviewing resumes,
  • Interviewing candidates,
  • Checking references,
  • Onboarding paperwork (for US-based only), and
  • Initial training & team introductions.

Plus, these have to be done every time a new hire is needed.

If your new hire is no longer able to work for you, because they found a better offer elsewhere, or because they got hit by a bus, no matter what:

You get to spend this hard cost of money & time, every time you hire.

With REVAS, you never have to lift a finger. Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding are 100% handled by us.

Even if a specific VA who was working on your campaign needs to be replaced, we’ll do so rapidly, following our mature & proven recruitment process, at no cost to you and with very little delay or interruption on your work.

#2. No need to Manage, Train, and Track your VAs.

At REVAS, you’ll receive daily End Of Shift (EOS) reports from your Virtual Assistant automatically. This will include daily hours worked, tasks accomplished, and a simple, narrative work summary for the shift.

We strictly enforce a day-to-day work discipline, and fire anyone who is not dependable (Core Value #7), so you hopefully never even encounter this type of bad apple (as you inevitably will when hiring direct).

Every REVAS Client can depend on our Intake Managers and Training Managers to help oversee & track your Virtual Assistant(s) so you don’t have to worry about it.

You can be as involved as you want to be. We’ll make sure your campaign is running on track & your VAs are on task every single shift.

Most REVAS Clients rarely (if ever) even speak to their Virtual Assistants, because with your daily EOS Reports, and the occasional brief chat with your Training Manager, you’ll know exactly what’s going on and be able to achieve & track results without any effort.

#3. Skip the Payroll, Taxes, and Int’l Wire Transfers.

REVAS is a US-based corporation, who you can pay by Credit Card (or Paypal or check or money order, pretty much however you want).

You don’t have to worry about our W-2s or IRS Withholdings (for US-based VAs), nor do you have to worry about potentially incurring the hefty 30% Foreign Persons Tax or the costs of international wire transfers & shifting exchange rates (for Overseas VAs).

All REVAS Virtual Assistants are employed directly by our company, mostly full-time, and have their payroll, tax paperwork, time cards, and funds transfers sorted.

These are headaches you’ll never have to worry about again if your team goes all Virtual. And even if you still maintain a US-based, local, on-site team of W-2 employees or W-9 contractors, delegating more & more work to REVAS will keep your tax filings & fees simple and cheap.

#4. Never stress about keeping your VA(s) constantly busy.

Hourly employees need hours to work, or they don’t get paid.

Unless you’re totally heartless, you probably care about your employees lives and don’t want them to go hungry.

Even if you lack all empathy, it’s easy to see from a purely pragmatic standpoint:

You can’t keep good hourly employees if you don’t give them hours & tasks to work.

At REVAS, we have the demand from hundreds of Clients’ pulling from the same pool of Virtual Assistants, so we can juggle VAs’ work hours on changing schedules & workloads much more easily than any one individual real estate business could.

It’s what we do!

Plus, part-time direct-hire employees end up costing significantly more in hidden costs than just their actual wages.

If you’ve spent much time hiring (and replacing) part-time employees, US-based or Overseas, you’ve already experienced the high turnover rate first-hand. Even if you give them as many hours as possible, they might eventually leave for something more full-time & permanent.

Add that to the cost of Recruiting, Hiring, and Training replacements, and it becomes a vicious cycle.

By working with REVAS, you never have to worry about losing or replacing your Virtual Assistant due to a few slow months, or a long holiday vacation. Since we always work Process-Based, Not People-Based™, and have a considerable talent pool from which to draw, you can rest assured you’ll have your VA(s) happy & ready to work, whether you need to cut back to only 20 hours per month, or add another 200+ hours.

#5. Outsource the unpleasant job of firing.

The 5th and final headache you’ll avoid is the unpleasant task of firing employees.

While a certain percentage of bosses revel in the chance to send a team member packing (and in some extreme cases we’re all probably happy to finally pull that trigger)…

Firing a sub-par employee is usually a difficult, procrastinated task that happens much later than it should have.

Plus, if you’ve ever had a firing or layoff go poorly, you probably to this day can still remember the stress of the situation. It’s never pleasant letting someone go, especially if you’d rather not.

But sometimes an employee must go, regardless of your personal feelings on the matter, for you to run a more successful, profitable company.

By working with REVAS, you’ll never have to worry about firing when it comes to your Virtual Assistant(s).

Simply let your Training Manager know that your Virtual Assistant is not working out, and we’ll handle the rest.

Plus, we’ll get them replaced for you with another VA at no additional cost, and with no effort from your end. Never worry about the stress of feeling stuck with the wrong employee again; outsource it!

Benefits You’ll Only Achieve With REVAS

While there are many more headaches you’ll avoid than the 5 listed above, there are also many benefits you’ll achieve only by working with a fully managed, experienced outsourcing & automation company like Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services.

These are some of the things you’d miss out on by strictly hiring your assistant(s) direct.

You’re probably already well aware of the 3 most obvious benefits of working with us:

  1. Saving money,
  2. Freeing time,
  3. and boosting income.

We have a much longer list of 22 Hidden Benefits of Working With Virtual Assistants which are especially relevant to this question.

Below, however, we’ll examine 4 critical benefits you’ll only get with an experienced, fully managed Real Estate Virtual Assistant provider.

#1. Build a more scalable, automated business.

One of the biggest benefits of strategically building your Virtual Assistant back-office is a more scalable, automated business.

By using a more Virtual team, focusing on a Process-Based, Not People-Based™ approach, you’ll be creating a modular, compartmentalized company that practically runs itself.

Plus, it will be easier to weather the storm of changing times, since no particular component of your business is irreplaceable.

Working with our Virtual Assistants in your business is like having an extra set of eyes & a whole team of industry-experts at your beck and call. The REVAS management team is always here, always working on ways to make your experience better.

Our #1 Core Value is “Obsess over Client success,” so the longer we work together, the more help we’ll be. The greatest assets we bring to the table are our experience & proven processes, all of which are geared toward building you a more efficient, growth-focused business.

#2. Maximize your own output by delegating menial tasks.

As you get more confident & comfortable working with your Virtual Assistant(s), you’ll also start to see more opportunities to delegate work off your plate.

Even one hour per day freed from your schedule ends up as about 200 – 250 extra hours per year. In other words:

Every hour of daily work you delegate to your VA is like an extra full-time month & a half you’ve created for yourself.

While it’s tempting to simply use your Virtual Assistant to go from working 40 hours per week down to 35 hours, while still collecting the same pay… there’s a much smarter (and more commonly adopted option).

You keep working the same amount, but focus on the work that actually brings your biggest checks, and delegate the rest.

By delegating all non-essentials to your US-based and Overseas Virtual Assistant team, you can spend your days strictly on revenue generating activities. Grow your income substantially by spending your time making money, not on chasing down paperwork or doing menial administrative tasks.

#3. Improve efficiency with more systematic processes.

It’s hopefully no secret by now that we require clear, step-by-step, ‘REVAS-Style‘ Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Approved by our Training Manager, before you can be assigned one of our Virtual Assistants.

This naturally has to do with our Process-Based, Not People-Based approach, which was arrived at not by chance, but by massive trial and error.

We’ve seen every possible approach to delegating work with Virtual Assistants. The only approach that works consistently, that is easy to track, measure, and manage, and that therefore can be continuously optimized & improved over time, is one that follows systematic, step-by-step processes.

With REVAS, we’re not only obsessing over your success: we’re fully invested in the success of hundreds of real estate Clients just like yourself, and everyone’s growth & experience helps everyone else.

We’re privvy to behind-the-scenes knowledge from companies ranging from the largest incumbents in the industry, to nimble one-man-operations leveraging innovative tactics to tilt the playing field to their advantage.

Working with REVAS as your Virtual Assistant provider, our knowledge becomes your knowledge. What we’ve learned over years of working with hundreds of real estate companies is put to work in your business when you hire us as your back-office partner.

#4. Provide 24×7 Support without answering a single call.

By working with a company like REVAS, you can get access to both Hourly and On-Demand Virtual Assistants.

With On-Demand Virtual Assistants, you’ll have someone US-based, available 24×7, even on holidays, for an extremely cheap, per-minute rate, to answer all your inbound calls.

If you wanted to hire direct Virtual Assistants for 24×7 coverage, you’re looking at 3 full-time employees, working 3 shifts on a round-the-clock rotation. That’s about 720 work hours per month, which even at $3.50 per hour for extremely cheap Overseas VAs comes out to >$2,500 / month!

With REVAS, you can provide 24×7 Support, picking up all inbound calls you receive at all hours of day or night, for a low monthly fee ranging from <$100 – $400 per month where you’re only billed for the actual minutes we spend on the live calls.

This is definitely a service you’ll only find with a reputable, fully established, managed Virtual Assistant back-office, and not something that is replicable via direct hire (without paying 10x as much).