Why Hire A Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

Why Hire A Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

Hiring a Virtual Assistant for your business is not only a good idea – it’s something that can change your life and send your business from borderline to booming. Let’s take a step back and examine why it’s critical to have help when you’re in business for yourself.

You Already Wear Many Hats

Chances are you wear many hats in any given day (even on those supposed days off). You probably answer phones, check and reply to emails, run CMA’s, prescreen buyers and sellers, write a blog post, do research, manage ads, write up a newsletter… The task list goes on and on. You’ll be able to hold things together for a while, but pretty soon you’ll reach a point where things get overwhelming and you actually want to stop growing. The thought of more time on the phone, more to manage or more of anything might make you want to throw in the towel. Staying stuck to every task in your business is a sure plan for burn-out. As your business grows it’s essential for you to grow with it, and that means adjusting the focus from mundane tasks to bigger picture operations.

Enter Your Virtual Assistant

The real key to having a strong, successful business while maintaining a balanced life comes down to three words: Elimination, Automation, and Delegation. The basic principle is to eliminate the things that aren’t necessary, automate what’s left and then delegate what you’ve automated.

Step 1: Eliminate

Keep track of the activities you do and find out where you spend your time. Have a notebook handy to jot things down, or use an online tracking program such as Evernote (it’s free) to record everything you do. Once you’ve been making notes and tracking your actions for a week or two, highlight which items generate revenue. The majority of the other tasks should be outsourced.

Step 2: Automate

Now that you have your list of tasks that can be delegated, it’s time get some systems in place so that you can pass along a “recipe,” if you will, for your virtual assistant to follow. This requires an initial investment of time to really break down each and every step of the tasks you can delegate. This is the most time consuming, but critical step. Check out some of our other blog posts such as How To Hire Real Estate Virtual Assistants and How To Get The Most From Your Virtual Assistant, to read in-depth about creating systems for successful delegating.

Step 3: Delegate

Find an assistant you feel comfortable working with. You’ve put valuable time into creating systems to outline the tasks you’re delegating. Now it’s time to spend a little more time finding the right real estate virtual assistant. Look for a professionally designed website, a wide variety of services offered, and client support. The whole point of delegating is that you will be freed up to pursue the activities that generate income and grow your business. Take off all those hats you’ve been wearing and get on track to hiring a virtual assistant. Now, that’s more than just a good idea.

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