Where are your Overseas Virtual Assistants located?

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Where are your Overseas Virtual Assistants located?

Our Overseas VAs are from several different countries, depending on the type of work they do.

This is easiest to answer from the perspective of ‘The Two Types of Virtual Assistant Tasks’: Voice and Admin.

Nearly all our Virtual Assistants who work on Voice Tasks are located in the Philippines.

We’ve found that the Philippines accent is more mild than some other South Asian outsourcing hotbeds, and so almost always default to building our Telemarketing & Call Center back-office staff there.

Most of our Virtual Assistants who work on Admin Tasks are located in either India, Pakistan, or Philippines (again).

These are all highly populous countries with a large portion of the citizens having direct experience in the Outsourcing / Offshoring industries.

We also have many Admin and Technical / IT VAs located around the world, in countries like Mexico, Bangladesh, Ukraine, South Africa, and probably a few others. The list is always changing as we build & adjust our Virtual Assistant team.

How We Choose Where To Hire Overseas VAs

While our Process-Based, Not People-Based™ approach makes it possible for us to hire & effectively manage Virtual Assistants anywhere on Earth, we do prioritize certain locations for outsourcing by 3 primary factors:

  • Political & Economic Stability. This is a surprisingly important issue, especially as you start to view your efforts on a longer & longer timeline.
    • Example: We previously had one of our main software devs located in Venezuela. Needless to say, with current events in that nation at the time of writing (late 2016), that has become a nearly impossible place to delegate outsourced work.
  • Consistent, Fast Internet. Since everything we do is over the web, our Virtual Assistants need access to high quality internet connections. This is especially noticeable whenever considering hires from outside major metro areas.
    • Example: Pakistan has had electricity issues for years, especially in Karachi where summer brown outs & load shedding occur. The internet is dependent on power, so we’ve had to build sophisticated UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems and back-ups to ensure constant up-time for our PK based VAs. Even then, we rarely source Voice Tasks in Pakistan due to this issue (since low quality internet leads to low quality phone audio using VOIP).
  • Access to High Quality, Low Cost Talent. This is the most obviously critical issue. While we might be able to find a few good Virtual Assistants in practically any country on Earth, certain nations already have an excellent, well trained labor force particular with experience in the Call Center, Offshoring, and IT industries (since these were the earliest targets for massive outsourcing).
    • Example: While nations like Ukraine, Romania, and even India all are known for their excellent IT talent pools, all 3 have seen so much demand that prices have been consistently increasing for over a decade. Today it’s becoming more & more common to see a higher percentage of work kept with US-based teams, especially when it’s possible to find quality talent outside the highest price metro areas like Silicon Valley or NYC. We still have great luck outsourcing IT to Pakistan, and while it’s getting more difficult, to India as well.

Luckily, there’s no reason for you to concern yourself with any of the above, because we do it all for you!

Simply hiring REVAS to handle your Real Estate Virtual Assistant back-office will delegate the task of analyzing & prioritizing different locations to outsource your task list.

We listen to your requirements, so if you need a VA in a specific location, or you have a preference for one location over another, we can most likely accommodate.

Feel free to request more info here if you’d like to learn more about our overall Real Estate Automation & Outsourcing strategies.