Virtual Personal Assistant Services

Virtual Personal Assistant Services

Virtual Personal Assistant Services


To do any- and everything your personal assistant would do (as long as it doesn’t require their physical presence) … for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone locally.

How It Works:

If you need a virtual personal assistant, the set-up process can give you pretty much carte blanche. Obviously, we’ll provide as much training & set-up assistance as you desire … but ultimately you can also feel free to take direct, personal control over the training and task assignments for your virtual personal assistant.

You will be paired with one dedicated worker (up to full-time, at which point obviously we’ll add another virtual assistant if required). Your assistant will be with you day after day, learning any tasks & procedures you need them to understand. If your rapport isn’t good, we’ll happily provide a different assistant until you feel you’ve found your perfect match.

When it comes right down to it, the day to day activities of your virtual personal assistant are really only limited by your imagination (and the fact that they are on the other side of the world). They do have excellent internet & phone access, including unlimited calling to all US-numbers, and a local US-number you can dial to reach them directly.

Basically, your virtual personal assistant can do anything your on-site personal assistant might do, aside from going down to the store to pick up some lunch (though we are happy to order delivery!).

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