Real Estate Virtual Assistant Free Training #01 :: Background & Basics of the Real Estate Industry

In this series, we provide Free Training for Real Estate Virtual Assistants. All our own VAs study this same training program.

<<< Total Training Time for This Lesson: 35 Minutes (6 Videos). >>>


12 Different Real Estate Career Options

For those who aren’t in the real-estate career, the real-estate industry is MASSIVE. Besides sales there are plenty of paths that you can take and many different real-estate career paths. Real-estate offers many different careers and many ways to make money,

1. Real-estate Agency

This is by the far the most popular and most lucrative. At the same time, it can be very stressful and difficult to start. 90% of my income comes from real-estate brokering.

  • Sales atmosphere
  • Your income is determined by how hard you work
  • Work anywhere
  • Autonomy
  • Little to no income the first few months

2. Real-Estate Investing

Traditionally, real-estate investing is generating income through rents of properties that you own. The VAST majority of real-estate investors tend to not be real-estate agents. BUT being a real-estate agent allows you many opportunities to invest in real-estate.

  • Passive income through real-estate investments
  • Capital gains that you get thru investments
  • The vast majority of real-estate investor are part-time and don’t have real-estate licenses

3. Property Management

Property management is a person that charges 10% to oversee an investors rental property:

  • Property managers typically charge 10% to manage property
  • Collect payments, fix issues, and find new tenants
  • Can be done by anyone with a real-estate license
  • Considered a thank less job

4. Mortgage Origination

This is the person involved in helping people get loans:

  • Very similar to brokerage/agency industry in that it’s mostly sales and can be lucrative
  • You must have a license to originate loans for others
  • Unique because there are plenty of salaried jobs to choose from as opposed to realtors
  • You’re in the business of selling to realtors

5. Real-estate Development

Real-estate development is similar to investing but your are improving the land or property:

  • Find a way to improve a piece of property and add value to it
  • Requires NO education and is possibly one of the most high-risk/reward businesses EVER
  • Very difficult to break into and you will likely have to risk serious amounts of money

6. House Flipping

House flipping is very simple to understand:

  1. You buy a house
  2. Fix it up
  3. HOPEFULLY sell it for a profit

House flipping is not nearly as lucrative as many people thinks. The average profit on a flip is around $15,000.

  • Very high risk for beginners
  • Can be done with little to no money
  • Once you get good it, can be done consistently

7. Coaching, You-tubing, Blogs, Books

Real-estate is an industry where many people need to learn ways to make money. Real-estate provides fantastic ways to:

  • Teach people how to invest, broker, and/or lead generate
  • Sell info products. ads, and/or affiliate links
  • My content marketing produces around $1000 a month in passive income each month
  • Produces exposure marketing

8. Appraisal

Appraising is required when a individual purchases a home with a loan:

  • Perform a systemic way of valuing property
  • Great for people who are very analytical
  • Steady paycheck and relatively easy to get into
  • License required

9. Home inspection

A home inspection is very similar to the way it sounds. A licensed individual goes thru a house and makes a note of all noted issues with the house:

  • Typically you work for a salaried individual
  • Many people go off and start their own business
  • Going to be prospecting and being around realtors

10. Real-Estate Photography

Real-estate photography is it’s own sub-set or genre in the photography world and in great demand:

  • Real-Estate photos can make or break a listing
  • It requires a certain skill to take good real-estate pictures
  • If you can make a house look great in photos, you can charge extra

11. Lead generation, SEO, Social Media Consulting, Online Marketing Services

The business of real-estate is lead generation, so it makes sense that people will try to sell realtors lead generation services.

  • SEO and helping realtors, appraisers, etc get to the top of Google,
  • Social Media (especially Youtube) consulting for helping individreal estate career

Introduction to Economics and the Housing Market

Welcome to our new series on economic insights with’s chief economist Daniele Hale. In this series, we will talk about how factors in the economy can impact the housing market. From the job report, case schiller, new construction, sold homes, rent vs buy all the way to GDP.

Every one of these topics can impact your home’s value and Danielle Hale will help you understand them in a way that will allow you to make informed decisions.

2019 Housing Market Predictions

With 2019 almost here we had our chief economist Danielle Hale give her predictions of the 2019 housing market.

See all of Danielle’s housing market predictions here.

Are mortgage rates going up? How high are home prices going up this year? Is there a housing bubble this year? Should you buy a house this year? Will the Fed raise rates and will it impact the economy? Find out these and another housing market predictions for 2019.

Current State of the Housing Market – April 2019 Real Estate Market

In today’s video on Economic insights, Danielle Hale talks about the current state of the housing market in April 2019. Real estate is always changing, so keep up on the housing trends with our chief economist Danielle Hale.

Whether you just want to understand more about the housing market, or are looking to buy or sell a home this coming year, tune in to get a sense of where the market might be going.

Global Real Estate Market Trends: Our 2019 Predictions [JLL]

In this podcast, we answer some of our clients’ questions and share our perspectives on the key global real estate market trends and outlook for 2019.

  • Where are we in the real estate cycle? I Where are the real estate demand hotspots? (Jeremy Kelly, Director – Global Research)
  • What is happening with Global demand for flexspace? (Tom Carroll – Head of EMEA Corporate Research & Strategy)
  • Are there any new trends emerging in real estate investment markets, globally and in the US? I What are the key sources of foreign capital in the US? (Maggie Coleman – Managing Director, International Capital, Americas)
  • Where do you see proptech having the most significant impact? (Albert Ovidi – COO, Asia Pacific)

What Are Some Real Estate Related Jobs I Could Do While Waiting to Invest?

1. Get a Real Estate License (Become an Agent).

See above for some ideas of the responsibilities of a Real Estate Agent. We will cover this topic in much more detail in future training.

2. Become a Personal Assistant to a Real Estate Investor.

Find someone who is an established Real Estate Investor, and do the tasks for them that are low-level.

This is similar to what we do as a service here at REVAS: Provide Real Estate Investor Virtual Assistants.

3. Becoming a Contractor or Maintenance Person.

Lastly, if you’re handy, you can become a Contractor, to work on homes & other types of property.

This can be a great skill to have later on, when you’re a full-time Investor… since now you’ll know much more about the work on your own properties!


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