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A Real Estate Unique Selling Proposition (or USP) is an offer, process, or guarantee that sets your business apart from all competition. Your USP can apply to your whole company, or to a specific offering or campaign.

Your well-defined, properly articulated Unique Selling Propositions should instantly convey unique competitive advantages in a way that absolutely no one else can claim.

A great USP is truly unique!


The Goal of Your Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)

A well-articulated USP should explain, in just a few words:

  • What urgent problem can you solve better than anyone else?
  • What unique promise can you offer above & beyond the competition?
  • What extreme benefit will be received by your ideal Client?

By being so clear & succinct, your Unique Selling Propositions can guide all other Sales & Marketing efforts.

Think about it: by clearly defining this USP, targeted precisely at an Ideal Customer Avatar, all your other marketing materials can simply repeat the same messaging! No, guess & check needed, because you’ve defined it right from the start.

Imagine your USP as a powerful mantra, a standardized 10-second “elevator pitch” that instantly defines what makes you unique & why anyone should care. This is following the old “sales radio station” of:


What’s In It For Me?

Your Unique Selling Proposition makes it easy & clear for someone to instantly understand:

“Why should I care?”

“How does this benefit me?”

“Why is that important?”

By answering these questions instantly, in the systematic framework of a Unique Selling Proposition — and letting this USP inform all the rest of your marketing materials — you will be building a much more integrated, seamless sales funnel precisely targeted at your Ideal Clients.

When & How to Use USPs in Your Real Estate Business

Applying Unique Selling Propositions to Maximize Leverage & Boost Marketing ROI

It’s important to remember that you can apply a USP to the big picture, as well as much more targeted offerings.

In fact, we recommend that you define clear & compelling USPs for everything ranging from:

  1. Your entire Business,
  2. Any major Division or Team in your Business,
  3. Each specific Product or Service you offer, and even
  4. Any specific Campaigns or Promotions.

The important factor is each USP is targeted, concise, and conveys value.

That last part is so important that some marketing & sales experts actually refer to this concept as a “Unique Value Proposition” instead of a Unique Selling Proposition, because, well, that’s what it is:

A well-defined value proposition to instantly convey unique, compelling benefits to your target Prospect or Client.


It is appropriate & useful to integrate a Unique Selling Proposition for any interaction where your business is delivering value.

That is not just about delivering value to your Clients … but also to your Team and Employees! Strong USPs can drive leads to the next level when everyone understands & focuses on the value you’re delivering together.

However, you also don’t want to muddy the waters. Too many USPs is as much a problem as too few or none at all.

Your Unique Selling Propositions need to be targeted, simple, and concise.

The more different value propositions you try to pack into a single USP or campaign, the weaker each individual value proposition contained therein will most likely appear.

Let’s look at a few examples to illustrate the point.

Examining USP Examples:

Classic Example. Dominos Pizza

Sometimes a whole business can be built around one strong Unique Selling Proposition. A classic example of that is Dominos Pizza.

Dominos arrived at a time when Pizza Delivery was already massively expanding & competitive.

How could they differentiate something as generic as Pizza Delivery… when everyone else was already doing it?

Did Dominos focus on their fresher ingredients? Or friendlier delivery drivers? Or cheaper prices?

All of these would fail the USP test since any competitor can come along and say the exact same thing (while changing nothing)!

Dominos was smart, and they created a USP that was concrete, specific, and Risk Reversing:

The first Pizza Delivery service to offer a strong guarantee: “Hot, fresh pizza in 30 minutes or less … or it’s free!”

That is a tangible, clear benefit that helped Dominos Pizza build a billion-dollar pizza empire … by focusing their whole business (in the early days) around a single, simple USP.

Your Signature Strengths Are the Foundation of Strong USPs

Having a Unique Selling Proposition is the only way to find a true competitive advantage in a saturated market.

You’ve got two choices: Stand out. Or Blend In.

I mean, look around you. There are probably 2 or 3 other Real Estate offices within a stone’s throw from yours.

Everybody and their brother has a Real Estate license these days, so what makes you stand out?

Here’s the deal: It comes down to being able to look at your business and determine what your signature strengths are.

Well, how do you know what those are?

If you’re wondering about your personal signature strengths, then ask those closest to you:

  • parents
  • spouse
  • friends
  • coworkers

Also- people who have known you a long time will be great at telling you what exactly sets you apart from others. What do people come to you for that they can’t get anywhere else?

Now, if you’re trying to find the signature strengths of an entire corporation, it’s obviously a little different.

In this case, you may be able to bring in some of the accolades and performance history that the senior leadership of the company brings to the table.

(At REVAS, we like to call this the Signature Strength Approach, naturally).

The strengths of the founders/senior leadership/management of a company are the strengths of the company itself, in many instances.

But the REAL key for the USP of an entire company is understanding what its customers care about.

USP For an Entire Company: A Direct Result of What its Ideal Clients Like the Most

What a company’s Ideal Clients like most about it is usually a great starting point for a USP. 

Think about it…Why do big companies have so many customers? Why do they love these companies over others?

A proper USP can be developed from what a previous client says about your business…

But BE CAREFUL: If you base your USP on the wrong customer feedback, then you might lead your company in a direction where you don’t want it to go.

So THE KEY is:

Look at your ideal clients and then, based on what they say about you, do more of what they like.

For those of you wondering what an ideal client would be for your business, that would be a dynamite place to start.

Ideal clients= are the types of customers that rely the most on the service or product that is your most lucrative/most easily-made/most unique. Basically, they’re buying the stuff you want to sell.

Ask yourself (and your employees because, well let’s face it, they might know more about this than you):

  1. Who are your most ideal clients already?
  2. Why do you find them to be your best customers?
  3. What do they like about YOU?

These three questions can actually create a USP that will lead to stand-out marketing campaigns, products, or business directives that gain a true competitive advantage over other Real Estate companies…

…and we all know what true competitive advantage leads to.

You see, customers have a choice. So figure out why they chose you, and repeat it!

Seems simple right?

Well here’s the problem: 

Figuring this out is a long, detailed, and very important process.

REVAS USP Development: A Better Way to Make Your Business Stand Out

The only way to develop a proper USP takes time, like A LOT of time, and experience, not to mention intense attention to detail…

…A USP developer must go through a tedious process to discover exactly what makes a business different than any other.

You can’t just say “oh, my business is really great with customer service, so customer service must be my USP!”

That’s not really how it works.

You see, anyone can claim to be good at customer service. So it’s not unique.

You need something special. Something unique.

Shocking, right? You need something “unique” to have a “unique selling proposition”…

Now if you were to say “We never let a call go to voicemail” or “you will always get a call back in 24 hours or less” then that can be a USP…

A concrete, quantifiable difference between you and other companies that you can prove cannot be replicated.

Woah, I know. You see the word “quantifiable” and start realizing that this is getting a little deep.

Well, that’s why REVAS USP Development is here to help.

Our job is to find something unique, quantifiable, non-replicate-able, for you.

Let’s go ahead and dive into the exact process so that you can understand why you do not want to try to do this on your own.

The REVAS USP Development Method: The Result of Decades of Experience and Expertise

For over a decade, the founder of REVAS has been developing techniques to create USPs.

That’s not an exaggeration. Literally more than ten years.

That’s why you do not want to do this on your own.

You see, we have developed a system to boil down any business into what gives it value and what makes it unique.

This is the only way to do this because, today, nearly everything can be replicated and repeated.

Now you might think, “Well, no one knows my company better than I do, so I can just do this myself.”

All due respect, but seriously: You don’t know how to do this.

The process that we have developed has been done 1) for years, 2) for hundreds of businesses, and, 3) most importantly, it requires time outside of day-to-day activities.

If you tried to get to the core of the USP for your company, ask yourself this:

WHOSE JOB would it be to:

  • make a list of questions
  • interview senior leaders
  • collect all data
  • collect the customer’s opinions
  • get your competitors USP’s as well

The REVAS USP Development process requires 25-30 very open-ended questions, many of them acquired from top marketing experts and USPs that led to the best competitive advantages. 

These questions are pulled from the REVAS personal stash, and the process goes into so much depth that it is an irreplaceable amount of work.

A properly done USP just takes too much time and too much expertise.

You could maybe get by if you hired someone in your company from a senior leadership spot to use a full month of his or her time on creating a USP…but then again, an employee like that focusing on anything other than their existing duties to the company is probably going to cost about $10K in that month lost-not counting the opportunity cost.

Marshall Hatfield, REVAS Founder

The Unrivaled REVAS Difference: Attention to Detail, Professional Understanding of USP, and a Proven Process

The REVAS USP Development stands out from the competition in its detailed process that has been developed over years and hundreds of companies. 

Another reason it stands out from the competition is that, well, the competition doesn’t exactly exist.

You see, other companies don’t even really do this:

  • Less than 5% of our clients have a USP now
  • other marketing companies may do this, but these are marketing companies (meaning they are not Real Estate experts like us)
  • Also, if they are marketing companies, but not real estate experts, USP Development will come in a package (and cost you way too much)

Now, along with a lack of competition, the REVAS USP Development Process is insanely detailed and has a proven track record.

REVAS Founder, Marshall Hatfield, will be hands-on with each USP Development and will implement the following plan of action for your company:

  1. Preliminary research on your company and your competition
  2. Interview the senior leadership of your company and the senior sales managers
  3. Interview their top 2-5 clients to get all of the info, even going as far as to find similarities in all the positive customer reviews online
  4. Most of the similarities will wind up as obvious paths for USP development
  5. Using customer testimonies, we can paint an even clearer picture about that specific trend that may lead to a USP
  6. We then create a number of USP concepts and samples ( a list of the customer service USP, the hot off-market deals USP, categories of USP examples for the customers to look over and choose from
  7. The company will then give us final pointers, and then we come up with 1 or 2 USP’s for them

“Wow! What a process! But…how would my company use these USPs, exactly?”

Thanks for asking!

A company can use this as either:

  1. a slogan
  2. a marketing technique (print ads, social media, etc.)
  3. a direction for where the company can go


If you really want to know why this process has worked so well, for so many years, and for so many companies, go ahead and ask the boss:

The difference is in the questions. The questions we use during the process come from some of the most highly regarded advertising and marketing experts dating back to 70 years old. These questions allow for successful development of USPs for all of the companies we’ve worked with: from the small startups all the way to the multi-million dollar corporations.

Marshall Hatfield

These questions will lead us to one of three things:

  1. a unique offer (something no other company can give you),
  2. a unique process (fulfilling the customer’s needs in a different way), or
  3. discovery of a unique risk reversal (some sort of guarantee like “100% money-back guarantee” or “7-day free trial”)

Payment Methods: A One Time Fee for An Irreplaceable Service

The USP Development Process simply requires a one-time payment.

Very straight forward-no package deals, no extras you have to pay for, no monthly fees.

This project-based expense is a flat-rate based on the size of your company.

All you’ve gotta do is fill this form out with some info on your company and get a free quote.

Now, what are you actually paying for?

You’re paying to stand out in a Saturated Market.

You’re paying to let customers know exactly why your customers love your company.

Most marketing meetings involve racking your collective brains on one simple question:


The USP Development Program you’re paying for is the answer to that question.

You could be paying for a new department or a new direction, a marketing campaign, a new seasonal deal, or even a whole new product. That’s what USP Development can lead to.