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Is Your Real Estate Website Attracting Clients?

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Easy Ways to Enhance Your Visitors’ Experience Many a marketing strategy expert has given advice on how to set up and design your website. When you consider the vast number of options for actually creating a website, from low cost … Continue reading

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Real Estate Social Media Marketing Guide: PART 3

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Real Estate Social Media “Do’s” and “Don’ts”

With social media on the rise in so many real estate professionals’ marketing strategies, it’s important to keep a few essential things in mind. Here’s a short list of Do’s and Don’ts to help you stay on course as you navigate the social media landscape.


Narrow Your Focus:

Hundreds of social media platforms exist and it’s easy to get lost in the vast expanse. Social media is an opportunity to represent you brand and professional services. Focus in on a few sites that jive with your brand and make your presence consistent and of good quality.

Be Interactive:

Social media is about sharing. Participate in order to create a strong presence that attracts connections and referrals. If someone tweets something of yours, reply promptly. Leave a comment if you like someone’s post or, better yet, share it. You reap what you sow on social media. Reaching out to others and building a network encourages the same in return.

Keep Positive:

Remember how social media is all about sharing? No one wants a negative vibe hanging over his or her professional image. Keep it friendly and positive. Share good things and helpful information. Even posting or sharing an inspiring photo projects a positive image. And, never miss an opportunity to thank someone via social media.


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Why You Need A Regularly Updated Real Estate Blog

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Real Estate Blogging For Gold

It’s been said that good salespeople use their words, but great salespeople use their ears. Blogging offers the opportunity to show that you are in tune with the needs of your clients (both current and future) and that you’ve been listening. There’s no guarantee that having a blog will get you more business. It’s kind of like digging for gold – it’s out there, but persistence is key. Keeping a well-written blog with regular posts of insightful and helpful content is a time commitment, but the benefits are worth it. Here’s why: Continue reading

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Real Estate Social Media Marketing Guide: PART 2

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Getting To Know The Networks: Real Estate Social Media Marketing

It’s no secret that social media marketing can have a direct impact on your bottom line if leveraged properly. In this article we’ll examine six social media platforms for their real estate social media marketing advantages and offer suggestions on how to utilize them in your real estate business.


The world’s largest social network provides real estate agents with a vast resource for generating leads, networking with prospective customers, and connecting with other real estate professionals. Start by creating a business page separate from your personal profile, and share valuable content such as home-buying tips, remodeling tips, local news information, etc. on a regular basis. Don’t be afraid to pepper your listings in between your posts, but remember your goal with Facebook is establish yourself as the helpful, go-to authority on your local real estate market. You do not want to over do it with posting your listings, lest you be seen as one big advertisement. Build trust by being social, helpful and personable and the profits will follow.


Here is a unique example, because Continue reading

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Real Estate Social Media Marketing Guide: PART 1

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Introduction: Real Estate Social Media

Real estate social media marketing goes everywhere social media goes. It’s part of how we live and communicate. As an interactive medium for both personal & business interactions … social media marketing ultimately has a big influence on how, what and why we consume. Real estate social media marketing is no different. With the right approach, you can leverage the power of these mass audiences to your advantage.

The recent publication of the 2013 Social Media Industry Report, by Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner, reveals the trends and statistics based on a 3,000 marketer survey that studied social media platforms frequently used in real estate marketing. Social media has swiftly become a top marketing method used by real estate professionals, but the report’s findings indicate that many are confused and overwhelmed by not only the number of platforms, but also how to use each one. The report’s statistics offer insight about how real estate professionals approach social media: Continue reading

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