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This Consulting Session Is The First Step For All New REVAS Clients.

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What Is An Opportunity Analysis Consultation?

As you may recall from reading about How It Works:

This Opportunity Analysis Consultation (OAC) is the first step for all new REVAS Clients.

  1. >> Opportunity Analysis Consultation. << We are here.
  2. Pick 1 task to start.
  3. Clear your 1st Invoice.
  4. Get your SOPs approved.
  5. Training & Incubation.
  6. Work finds its flow.
  7. Repeat.

Goals Of This Analysis Session…

• Choosing The Right Tasks For Your VA(s)

Your Outsourcing Consultant will help determine the best tasks to accomplish your goals.

• Help Preparing SOPs & Staff Training Documents

We’ll work with you to gather documents & procedures to be sure your VA knows how to get the job done.

• A No BS Assessment Of If This Is Right For You

We’d rather turn clients away than give a bad experience! We’ll be up-front & honest whether or not working with VAs is a good fit for your business.

Getting Started: How It Works…

Once you fill out the “Outsourcing Consultation” form, a consultant will get in touch to go over your current situation & requirements. We’ll discuss potential courses of action, help get everything ready, gather documents, and make sure your VA is ready to meet your needs … absolutely free!

We don’t even require any Agreements or Payment Information to get started. This whole consultative process is without any commitment or risk on your end whatsoever.

After the consultation, if (and only if) you choose to continue, we’ll send your first invoice. Then we bill monthly based on an agreed upon budget & work requirement.