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Real Estate SMS Text Marketing Services

Send Targeted Text Messages to Your Real Estate Leads: Great for Sign Leads, Internet Leads, and SOI

ATTENTION: Outbound Cold Texting for Real Estate Agents (or for any type of cold “solicitation”) is not legal in the USA!

This page is about using SMS Text Marketing to nurture relationships with people you already know — NOT about sending outbound cold texts to strangers.

However, if you’re looking for Outbound Cold Text Lead Generation for Real Estate Investors (on the buy-side), check out our Done-For-You Lead Sherpa VA Bundle here.

SMS Text Marketing Services


Real Estate SMS Text Marketing Services fills a unique and important role in your sales funnel.

While SMS Text Marketing is almost never appropriate as the first method of communication…

Real Estate Text Marketing IS one of the most powerful methods of communication for Real Estate Lead Follow Up and Lead Nurturing.

One of the greatest and most important goals of SMS Text Marketing is to get in front of and STAY in front of your Inbound Leads and your Sphere Of Influence (SOI), ideally in an automated way that gets conversations started and creates engagement — all with you barely lifting a finger!

How It Works:

Perhaps the greatest perks of Real Estate SMS Text Message Marketing are that texts have one of the highest open rates and highest response rates of any communication channel!

As our friend Jason Nickel at Lead Sherpa often says:

How many ‘Unread’ texts do you have in your phone right now?

Text Messages might have the single highest response rate of any communication medium right now:

  • Definitely higher than Email and Direct Mail, and
  • Likely higher than Phone Calls and Voicemails too (for most markets and in most scenarios).

That’s not to say any of those other options should be neglected… rather it should prove the point that:

Your Real Estate business NEEDS to include SMS Text Marketing in your overall Marketing Mix.

More people are going to see (and, according to the stats, reply) to your SMS text messages than any other method of communication.

With that in mind, getting your Real Estate Text Message Marketing campaign implemented has a few important variables because:

  1. Sometimes, you can actually use SMS Text Messages successfully with a cold approach (see the Done-For-You Lead Sherpa VA Bundle for an example).
  2. But the vast majority of the time, you will be using SMS Text Message Marketing for Lead Nurturing and Follow Up interactions.

In some instances, you can replace (or augment) Cold Call Telemarketing with Real Estate SMS Text Marketing, but it’s a very nuanced approach (since there are both Federal and Local Regulations with which you’ll need to be certain you’re compliant).

If you’re thinking about Cold SMS Text Message Marketing for your Real Estate Business, please click here to schedule a no-cost Opportunity Analysis Consultation (where you’ll be able to discuss your plans in more detail with one of our Real Estate Marketing experts).

Now, the easy way to use REVAS Real Estate SMS Text Marketing Services is as a component of your Real Estate Lead Nurturing Campaigns.

In the simplest sense, your Text Marketing Messages can be a stand-alone series of very simple templates that follow action items or tasks from your CRM:

For instance:

  • on Day 7, send a follow-up text with this template,
  • on Day 14, send a text like this,
  • on Day 21, send a text like this,
  • and then maybe every 2 -3 weeks just to keep in touch with your Sphere of Influence and past leads with a series of template SMS text messages.

If you want to get more sophisticated with your Real Estate Text Marketing:

We can also integrate Text Message Drip Sequences with your existing Drip Emails or other Autoresponder sequences!

This way, the texts can coordinate with whenever you’re ALSO sending Emails, Direct Mail, Voicemails, or making manual Follow Up Calls.

With this coordinated Real Estate Marketing and Lead Nurturing mix, you can make sure you consistently stay in front of your prospects wherever they are.


The obvious pro of Real Estate SMS Text Marketing (as mentioned above) is that it has one of the highest response rates of any type of communication you can use.

A text message can be absolutely ideal for your marketing mix if:

  • You really want someone to reply,
  • You really want to be sure your prospect or past client is reading and engaging with your message,
  • AND you don’t want to spend a ton of money.

In addition to its high response rate:

Compared to most other channels, SMS Text Marketing is very affordable.

In large volume, it feels practically free when compared to the cost of something like Direct Mail.

When you combine their extremely LOW cost with their exceptionally HIGH response rate, it’s clear that Real Estate Text Marketing is one of the best opportunities to integrate into all your Real Estate Lead Follow Up Campaigns.

To put it simply: texting is one of the cheapest communication channels with one of the highest possible response rates.

How can you go wrong with that!?


However, there are a couple of big issues with text messaging.

First of all, in most cases, you simply can’t use it as a cold approach for Lead Generation.

While it is possible to use Cold Text Lead Generation on the buy-side as a Real Estate Investor — even this is a gray area, and you should check with a qualified attorney & relevant local regulations before even considering it!

If you do it wrong, you can get in trouble with your phone service provider…

… and if you do it extremely wrong, you can get in big trouble with the FTC and FCC.

Even when it comes to sending Warm Texts to people you already know, some states have different Text Marketing Regulations than others. It’s always best to check with the relevant local authorities and qualified experts before taking the risk!

The other big downside of text messaging:

It can take some practice to really do it in a way that’s effective — and in a way that doesn’t come across as too pushy, too spammy, or too generic.

One of the most common complaints we’ve heard from Real Estate Professionals implementing automated texts is that it sometimes comes across as too robotic.

What if your Prospect:

  • receives an automated text from you,
  • replies instantly,
  • then doesn’t receive a real human response back for 3 hours (because you were in another meeting)?

It’s important to consider these types of scenarios when implementing your Real Estate SMS Text Marketing Campaigns.

Work Estimate:

When it comes to the actual implementation of your Real Estate SMS Text Marketing, the initial crafting of your Text Messages Templates is fortunately very simple.

Since the average text message is only a few dozen words at most, writing text messages templates from scratch will only take 20 – 40 hours of strategic planning and actual writing.

The amount of work it takes to get your texts actually delivered to the Prospects, on the other hand, will depend largely on the method you’re using.

Here are the 2 main options:

  1. We have clients doing things as simple as having an Overseas Virtual Assistant manually sending personalized text messages through a service like CallRail or Google Voice.
  2. On a more broad level, it might require some technological solutions from third parties to make sure that you can deliver all your text messages if you’re sending to a large database of prospects or Sphere Of Influence that exceeds more than 500 – 1000 contacts.

The good news is it’s still very inexpensive to reach that many prospects. Using tools like Twilio, Lead Sherpa,, LaunchControl, Follow Up Boss, Firepoint, and more… Real Estate Text Marketing is only getting easier.

The bad news is that your Real Estate Text Marketing Campaign is going to take some serious thought, and even potentially some technical know-how to get everything properly implemented.

While you can outsource much of the setup & behind-the-scenes “heavy lifting” to us at REVAS…

… ultimately the deeper underlying strategies for your Real Estate Text Marketing will be the largest challenge on your end to get this up & running.