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Send Targeted Text Messages to Your Real Estate Leads: Great for Sign Leads, Internet Leads, and SOI


Real Estate SMS Text Marketing Services fill an interesting & important role in your sales funnel.

That’s because — in some ways similar to email marketing— SMS Text Marketing might not always be appropriate as a first method of communication.

However, Real Estate Text Marketing is a very powerful method of communication for Follow Up and Lead Nurturing.

One of the greatest and most important goals of SMS text marketing is to get in front of your inbound leads and your sphere of influence with text messages, ideally in an automated, way to get conversations started & engagement happening (with little to no manual effort from your side of the table).

How It Works:

One of the best aspects of Real Estate SMS Text Message Marketing is that texts have one of the highest open rate and response rate of any communication channel!

Text Messages might actually have the single highest response rate of any communication medium right now; higher than Email and Direct Mail for sure, and likely higher than Phone Calls and Voicemails too (for most markets and in most scenarios).

That’s not to say any of those other options should be neglected… rather it should prove the point that:

Your Real Estate business NEEDS to be using SMS Text Message Marketing these days!

More people are going to definitely see, and most likely reply, to your SMS text messages than any other method of communication.

With that in mind, getting your Real Estate Text Message Marketing campaign implemented has a few important variables because:

  • Sometimes you can actually use SMS Text Messages successfully for a cold approach.
  • Usually you will be using SMS Text Message Marketing for Lead Nurturing & Follow Up interactions.

In some instances, you can replace Cold Call Telemarketing with Real Estate SMS Text Marketing, but it’s a very nuanced approach (since there are regulations with which you’ll need to be certain you’re compliant).

If you’re thinking about Cold SMS Text Message Marketing for your Real Estate Business, please click here to schedule a no-cost Opportunity Analysis Consultation (where you’ll be able to discuss your plans in more detail with one of our Real Estate Marketing experts).

Now, the easy way to use REVAS SMS Text Marketing Services is as a component of your lead nurturing campaigns that can be either as a standalone series of text messages that just follow action items or tasks from your CRM: on day 7, send a followup text with this template, on Day 14, send a text like this on day 21, send a text like this, and then maybe every 2 -3 weeks just to keep in touch with your Sphere Of Influence and past leads with a series of template SMS text messages.

On a more advanced level, we can actually integrate that text auto-response with your existing drip emails or other autoresponder sequences so that the texts can coordinate with whenever you’re also sending emails, direct mail pieces, voicemails, or physical calls from one of your in-house Agents so that your prospects are also receiving texts as part of your overall marketing and nurturing mix.


The obvious pro of  REVAS Text Marketing, as mentioned above, is that it has one of the highest response rates of any type of communication you can use.

If you really want someone to reply, if you really want to be sure your prospect or past client is reading and engaging with your message, send it via text. Another huge advantage of text is it’s very inexpensive. It’s practically free for how cheap it is to send texts, even in large volume.

So text messages are really something that every real estate business should have integrated into their overall marketing and nurturing mix just because it’s one of the cheapest communication channels with one of the highest possible response rates.

How can you go wrong with that?


There are a couple of big issues with text messaging.

First of all, can you use it as a cold approach? This is a legal gray area and it really depends on how you’re approaching it. If you do it wrong, you can actually get in some trouble with your phone service provider and if you do it extremely wrong, you can actually get in trouble with the FTC.

Obviously, there’s some nuance there, especially if you’re cold approaching people via text.

The other big downside of text messaging is that it can take some practice to really do it in a way that’s effective, to not come across as too pushy or too spammy or too generic.

So there is a bit of nuance to how you implement your SMS Text Marketing campaigns and how they integrate with your other marketing messaging to make sure that you’re going to get the results you are looking for.

Work Estimate:

The best thing about text marketing is that the actual crafting of the messages is pretty simple since the average text message is only a few dozen words at most. So writing text messages in the first place will only take several hours of strategizing and then actual writing. Getting them delivered will depend largely on the method you’re using.

We have clients doing things as simple as having an Overseas Virtual Assistant manually sending personalized text messages through a service like CallRail or Google Voice. On a more broad level, it might require some technological solutions from third parties to make sure that you can deliver all your text messages if you’re sending to a database of prospects or Sphere Of Influence that exceeds more than 500 – 1000 contacts.

The good news is it’s still very inexpensive to reach that many contexts. The bad news is it will require a little bit more setup & knowledge either on our end or your end, in terms of what technical solution is the best fit for your needs and what will integrate best with your existing marketing tools and software.

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