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Done-For-You Self Storage Virtual Assistant Bundle for Investors

Generate Exclusive Self Storage Seller Leads on Auto-Pilot

Experienced Investors Only. Must have a proven track record of Real Estate Investing (in Self Storage or other Asset Classes).

Local Exclusivity. Only ONE Self Storage Investor per Region!

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1. PROBLEM: Filling Your Self Storage Pipeline Is Tough!

2. LOCAL EXCLUSIVITY: Why We Accept Only ONE Investor Per Region.

3. QUICK OVERVIEW: From Raw Data to Exclusive Seller Leads.

4. DETAILED BREAKDOWN: Everything Included in This Bundle.

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Filling Your Self Storage Pipeline Is Tough!

From Building a List, to Scrubbing It, to Cold Calling… Finding New Investment Opportunities Takes WORK.

From The Desk of
Marshall Hatfield
REVAS CEO & Founder
Cincinnati, OH
November, 2019

Welcome, fellow Real Estate Investor!

If you’re serious about building your Self Storage Investment Portfolio, you’re most likely familiar with questions like:

  • Where can I find the best possible List of Self Storage Facility Owners?
  • What’s the best way to Scrub that List so I can zero in on only properties that fit my Investment Criteria?
  • How do I contact those Self Storage Owners in a compelling way, to identify Motivated Sellers and other potential opportunities?
  • Who will be responsible for that outreach, Cold Calling & Texting, as well as handling ongoing Follow Up communications?
  • What unique strategies can I employ, to ensure we beat the competition to the hottest deals?

These are the very same questions we were forced to ask ourselves to ensure our Self Storage Investor Clients were getting the best possible ROI with REVAS.

It is from first-hand experience that we know: answering them is never easy!

Even with:

  • Guidance from top experts in the Self Storage field…
  • Attendance at the top Self Storage Masterminds, and…
  • Access to all the best Self Storage Training Materials…

… You still have to actually get out there and make it happen.

You have to take action & get deals done.

You have to do your homework, test different alternatives, and ultimately invest significant time, money, and energy to fill your pipeline with hot Self Storage Investment Opportunities.

While there are great resources available for the savvy Self Storage Investor, ultimately there are no short-cuts!

That’s why we’ve worked closely with our partners — successful & well established Self Storage Investors — to build this Done-For-You Self Storage Virtual Assistant Solution, for Investors by Investors, to make it easy to outsource the leg-work & focus on actually doing deals!

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LOCAL EXCLUSIVITY: Why We Only Accept ONE Investor Per Region

To Maximize Results, Capacity is Strictly Limited on This Self Storage Virtual Assistant Bundle.

The universe of Self Storage Investment Opportunities is smaller than most.

Compared to the number of Single Family Homes you could buy, Self Storage Facilities are a drop in the ocean.

Compared to Apartment Buildings, the number of viable Self Storage Investments is still severely limited.

Even taking into account potential Self Storage Development (i.e. Raw Land) and Re-Development Opportunities, we’re talking a highly targeted niche.

Plus, once you’re up & running:

This Done-For-You Self Storage Investor Bundle will practically saturate your target investing locations!

After a few months:

Everyone in your local market(s) will know you (and your Investing Criteria), because we will systematically be reaching out to them directly, one-by-one.

That is by design, to ensure that — as a Client of this service — you will get results.

The downside, of course, is that with Local Exclusivity comes limited supply:

If another Investor is already active in your market…

… You won’t be able to sign-up (until they quit or retire).

By selling the same solution to multiple Self Storage Investors in the same markets, we’d cannibalize our potential results, harming you & ourselves in the process.

We’d never do that.

On the other hand, there is at least one big upside to Local Exclusivity:

So long as you beat your competitors to the punch, everyone else in your market is blocked out (for as long as you’re active with the service)!

That means by purchasing this Self Storage VA Bundle here today, you’re getting both:

1. A Done-For-You pipeline of exclusive Self Storage Seller Leads,


2. Local exclusivity to block your competitors from doing the same.

That also means — if you’re serious about building your Self Storage Investment pipeline — you need to act fast, before someone else beats you to the punch (and secures local exclusivity before you get a chance).

Check the Full List of Self Storage Investing Locations Here.

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QUICK OVERVIEW: From Raw Data to Self Storage Seller Leads on 90% Auto-Pilot.

The Only Done-For-You Self Storage VA Solution That’s Built, Tested, and Proven by Active Investors

The goal of this Done-For-You Self Storage Virtual Assistant Bundle is simple:

Provide a steady flow of hot Self Storage Investment Opportunities … on 90% auto-pilot.

What Exactly Is Included In This Bundle?

In the next section, the DETAILED BREAKDOWN, we’ll be diving deep into each of the 4 Key Tasks included in this Done-For-You Bundle.

Briefly, these 4 Key Tasks in the Bundle include:

#1. RAW DATA: Building your List with Owner Contact Info.

#2. DATA SCRUBBING: Manually narrowing down the List.

#3. COLD CALLING: Outbound Telemarketing to Owners.

#4. AGENT ENGAGEMENT: Collaborating with Agents & Brokers.

Before we delve into the full DETAILED BREAKDOWNS for each of those 4 Key Tasks, here’s a quick overview of all that you’re getting with this Self Storage VA Bundle:

  • Done-For-You Virtual Assistant Bundle, proven on the front-lines, successfully generating hot deals for active Investors.
  • Direct first-hand experience — working closely with industry leaders — generating leads that turn into profitable deals.
  • Local Exclusivity: so long as you’re active on the service, your competitors are blocked.
  • Top industry expertise on every Self Storage Owner Data source, and a special partnership with the top data provider.
  • Continuously replenished & scrubbed List of Self Storage Owners to keep your campaign running smoothly.
  • VIP white-glove treatment during the setup, to clearly define exactly what does (and does NOT) fit your Investing Criteria.
  • US-based Telemarketers, trained specifically for Self Storage, on how to engage & identify Motivated Sellers and hot deals.
  • Proprietary Agent Engagement System to cultivate relationships with targeted Agents & bring even more Off-Market & Pre-Market deals.
  • Fully Managed VA Solution, meaning that we do all the recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, and day-to-day management for you.
  • A Real Estate back-office partner whose #1 Core Value is “Obsess over Client success.”

Long story short:

We can take you from start to finish, from Raw Data to Motivated Seller Leads, building your Self Storage Investment Pipeline on autopilot.

But don’t wait too long! With only one exclusive Client allowed per local market, if a competitor beats you to it, you’ll be blocked from the service.

Take action via either of the below options to get started immediately.

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DETAILED BREAKDOWN: Everything Included in The Self Storage VA Bundle

The 4 Key Done-For-You Virtual Assistant Tasks That Will Keep Your Deal Pipeline Full & Profitable


Task 1: RAW DATA.




Task 1: RAW DATA.

The first step toward filling up your deal pipeline with profitable Self Storage Investment opportunities is building the List.

The List is your RAW DATA:

  1. Property Addresses,
  2. Owner Names,
  3. Contact Info, and
  4. Key Stats on Each Property.

Without the Raw Data, we have nothing.

The Raw Data forms the foundation of your entire Direct Marketing Campaign. The quality & accuracy of this data will make or break every other Task you do.

By including this as Task 1 of the Done-For-You VA Bundle, we help you avoid the pitfalls of bad data by providing a ready-made, proven solution on total auto-pilot.

We know exactly what data to pull, how to set the criteria when searching, and how to find the highest quality Owner Contact Info.

Plus, by partnering with the industry leading data providers, we’ll be able to pull just the right amount of data to keep your campaign running smoothly (without breaking the bank).


It is at this stage where the Done-For-You Self Storage VA Bundle becomes highly customized & uniquely tailored to your exact Investing Criteria.

Our trained Quality Managers will work with you closely, to define a detailed set of Investing Criteria we’ll then use to sort & screen your List before calling anyone.

By employing careful, manual Data Scrubbing before investing into other Direct Marketing activities, we can:

a.) Save you wasted time, energy, and money spent chasing Properties that could never possibly be a real deal,


b.) Boost ROI on every marketing dollar, by only targeting Properties & Owners who match your Investing Criteria.

This will maximize the efficiency of your campaign, yielding better results on every step moving forward.


The backbone of this Done-For-You VA Bundle is our experienced team of US-based Telemarketers, specifically trained for Self Storage Campaigns.

Our proven Self Storage Scripts and Telemarketer Training Systems ensure your Assistant knows how to engage & identify Motivated Sellers and hot deals.

By using pre-vetted & specially trained US-based Telemarketers, you’ll get the best “bang for your buck” while generating a steady stream of Motivated Seller Leads and hot Off-Market Investment Opportunities.

Plus, by reaching out to the Owners directly, you’ll be staying ahead of all your competitors, as well as any Agents or Brokers, keeping these deals exclusively for yourself.


While reaching out to the Owners directly is the best solution, we’ve also built the ultimate Agent Engagement System to stay in front of relevant Agents & Brokers:

  • Consistently,
  • Compellingly, and
  • Cheaply.

By targeting a broad list of Agents who have recently Listed and Sold similar properties, we can help you stay top-of-mind whenever they come across a deal that fits your criteria.

By using a combination of Text Messages and Drip Emails, we can continuously engage these Agents & Brokers for the lowest possible cost, and at the highest possible scale:

It costs very little, and we can keep open channels of communication with literally thousands of Agents.

This combination of targeting, automation, and manual outreach will help generate another steady flow of Off-Market and Pre-Market Self Storage Investment Opportunities… all without you lifting a finger!

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PRICING PACKAGES & Secure Checkout

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Steady Flow of RAW DATA to

Keep Generating New Leads
Work Hours / Month (Overseas)
Work Hours / Month (US-based)
Work Hours / Month (US-based)
Regional Exclusivity Up To
Target Investing Regions
Steady Flow of RAW DATA to

Keep Generating New Leads
Work Hours / Month (Overseas)
Work Hours / Month (US-based)
Work Hours / Month (US-based)
Regional Exclusivity Up To
Target Investing Regions


Complete List of Each Self Storage Investing Target Location / Region:

Check Below to See If Your Target Locations Are Still Available (or Already Sold Out)

ATTENTION: Locations Listed in Descending Order by Population.

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We Accept Only One Investor Per Local Market!

New York, NY
Los Angeles, CA
SF Bay Area, CA
Washington DC [SOLD]
Boston, MA
New Jersey (NJ)
Seattle, WA
Orange County, CA
Chicago, IL
San Diego, CA
Miami, FL
Houston, TX
Inland Empire, CA
Dallas – Fort Worth, TX
Philadelphia, PA
Atlanta, GA
Phoenix, AZ
Denver, CO
Portland, OR
Minneapolis, MN
Santa Barbara, CA
Austin, TX
Sacramento, CA
Hawaii (HI)
San Antonio, TX
Tampa, FL
Connecticut (CT)
Las Vegas, NV
Charlotte, NC [SOLD]
Virginia Beach, VA [SOLD]
Nashville, TN [SOLD]
Orlando, FL
Raleigh – Durham, NC [SOLD]
Baltimore, MD [SOLD]
St. Louis, MO
Salt Lake City, UT
Pittsburgh, PA
Providence, RI
Charleston, SC [SOLD]
Jacksonville, FL
Indianapolis, IN
Cincinnati, OH
Columbus, OH
Kansas City, KS & MO
Richmond, VA [SOLD]
New Orleans, LA
Fresno, CA
Detroit, MI
Cleveland, OH
Madison, WI
Oklahoma City, OK
Tucson, AZ
Colorado Springs, CO
Reno, NV
Winston-Salem, NC [SOLD]
Milwaukee, WI
Albuquerque, NM
Louisville, KY
Buffalo, NY
Columbia, SC [SOLD]
Boise, ID
Omaha, NE
Modesto, CA
Baton Rouge, LA
Rochester, NY
Spokane, WA
Tulsa, OK
Memphis, TN [SOLD]
Anchorage, AK
El Paso, TX
Dayton, OH
Corpus Christi, TX
Lexington, KY
Wichita, KS
Des Moines, IA
Birmingham, AL
Lincoln, NE
Fort Wayne, IN

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