Real Estate Technology Consulting

Real Estate Technology Consulting

Real Estate Software Consulting – Real Estate Software & Technology Training

Real Estate Technology ConsultingIf you’re planning on buying some expensive new real estate software, or you’re looking to get a better ROI on the software & technology tools you’re already using, Real Estate Technology Consulting will help you reach your goals.

Real Estate is becoming more & more technical as new software & hardware tools are built to automate the business.

You need to stay up to date to be competitive, and at REVAS, we are always learning. By working in a back-office role for hundreds of real estate companies, we’ve seen ‘under the hood’ of most every software. We definitely know what works, what doesn’t, and what combination of software tools are getting the best results, right now, in companies just like yours.

Popular Types Of Real Estate Technology Consulting

While there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of real estate software tools on the market, there are several options that are much more popular & widely used than everything else. Thanks to these common technologies’ popularity, we also get a chance to work with these much more often under a wider variety of deployments & circumstances.

Here are some of the most common options & requests we get for specific types of Real Estate Technology Consulting:

  • TopProducer Consulting & Training.
  • Appfolio Consulting & Training.
  • Salesforce Consulting & Training.
  • Paperless Pipeline Consulting & Training.
  • Follow Up Boss Consulting & Training.
  • Propertyware Consulting & Training.
  • dotLoop Consulting & Training.
  • Buildium Consulting & Training.
  • Podio Consulting & Training.
  • So much more… like:
    • Investor Carrot, PropertyMetrics, Point2 Property Manager, Proquest Technologies, Rethink CRM, EZ Coordinator, and more…

Long story short: we’ve worked with a ton of real estate software, and can help you wade through the murky waters to find the ideal combination of tools & processes for your exact scenario.

Understanding The Goals Of Real Estate Technology Consulting

Our Real Estate Technology Consulting services will help you solve the 3 main puzzles that lead to the success or failure of your software & hardware tools:

  1. Picking the right Real Estate Technologies.
  2. Creating efficient processes for using your Technologies.*
  3. Making sure your Technologies are fully integrated & optimized.

Below, we’ll examine how you can use Real Estate Technology Consulting Sessions to solve both #1 and #3: picking the right technologies, and making sure they’re well integrated & optimized.

* #2. falls under our Software Setup Process Development Service, so is not addressed under any Consulting Service.

Real Estate Technology Consulting To Pick The Right Technologies

The best time to hire a Real Estate Technology Consultant is before you’ve selected or purchased the technology in question.

This would be the first stage above, Picking the right Real Estate Technologies.

Before you buy that software company’s fancy sales pitch, and before you commit to that high monthly (or annual!) fee, book a Consulting Session.

Work one-on-one with a real estate tech guru who has hands on experience using hundreds of software tools to help pick the right software & configuration that’s best to achieve your specific goals.

A simple Real Estate Technology Consulting Session can help you save thousands of dollars per year by avoiding some over-priced, over-hyped software when a less well known, yet equal (or better) quality alternative can get the job done for a fraction of the cost.

Real Estate Technology Consulting To Integrate & Optimize Your Technologies

If you’ve already picked your real estate technologies and are happy with what you got (or it’s too late to turn back), now you need to be sure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

Whether it’s a CRM that your team isn’t using to its fullest potential, a lead generation tool that’s getting sub-par results, or some research & automation tech that is barely getting used (if at all), you are wasting your money till you get that software integrated & optimized.

It might not be obvious what you can do to solve this problem, and it would be more trouble than it’s worth for you to reinvent the wheel and try to wade through the tech learning curve to hopefully, eventually find a solution via guess & check.

Even if you know exactly what’s needed, or at least have a pretty clear idea, you might find yourself too close to the problem or too busy working in the business, to take time working on the business & your software integrations.

Our real estate technology consultants will help identify low hanging fruit & best practices that other companies like yours are using right now to streamline, automate, and grow their businesses.

Plus, a consulting session will help pull you out of the day-to-day routine, identify problems & opportunities with fresh eyes, bring your team all on the same page, and outline a step-by-step plan of action for what to do next.