Real Estate Software Setup & Optimization

Real Estate Software Setup & Optimization

Real Estate Software Process Development – Real Estate Software Integration

Real Estate Software Setup & OptimizationWhether you’re just getting started with that shiny new real estate software, or you’re trying to get better ROI & results out of the same old software you’ve been using for years, you probably don’t look forward to playing IT expert or tinkering with multiple system integrations.

At REVAS, where everything we do is Process-Based, Not People-Based™, setting up and optimizing real estate software systems is practically an everyday occurrence.

From helping Virtual Assistant clients improve & systematize their existing software workflows, to building better SOPs for companies just launching with a new CRM or Dialer, we’ve tinkered under the hood of practically every real estate software on the market.

If you’re seeking a ‘Done For You’ solution to get your real estate software up & running smoothly, or to improve your existing software’s day-to-day usage & integration, Real Estate Software Setup & Optimization is the perfect Process Development service for you.

The Two Primary Ways To Utilize REVAS Software Setup & Optimization

While all approaches to Real Estate Software Setup & Optimization follow a very similar step-by-step process, there are really only 2 primary ways to utilize the service.

Option 1: Software SETUP

The first & most popular reason real estate companies hire us for Software Setup & Optimization Services is to help setup and launch a new real estate software in your business.

Whether you’re adding or switching your CRM, setting up a new Transaction Management Software, or trying to get your team trained on that new Auto-Dialer, we can help with a ‘Done For You’ approach that will make your labor almost effortless.

Option 2: Software OPTIMIZATION

The second reason you might hire us for Software Setup & Optimization Services is to help you improve, streamline, systematize, and better integrate your existing real estate software tools.

It’s all too common for real estate companies to continuously pay high monthly recurring costs to keep up their CRM, Lead Data Service, Marketing Tools, or other Real Estate SaaS… all without getting much (if any) beneficial results.

Hire a REVAS tech guru who is familiar with nearly every real estate software on the market to analyze your current use of your chosen tool(s), and will help systematize & streamline your existing workflows with new step-by-step, clearly elucidated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

List Of Real Estate Software We Can Help With


  • Top Producer
  • Follow Up Boss
  • MarketLeader
  • RealtyJuggler
  • eEdge
  • Podio
  • REThink
  • Wise Agent
  • Many more…


  • Paperless Pipeline
  • EZ Coordinator
  • dotLoop
  • Reesio
  • BrokerMint


  • Mojo Dialer
  • ArchAgent
  • Vulcan7 Dialer
  • PhoneBurner
  • YTel
  • Storm Dialer (TheRedX)
  • Call Fire
  • And more…


  • Buildium
  • Propertyware
  • Propertybase
  • Appfolio
  • Rentec Direct
  • Rent Manager
  • InnQuest
  • Total Management
  • MRI Software
  • Yardi Systems
  • And more…


  • RealData
  • RealtyAnalytics
  • RealNex
  • ProAPOD
  • RealEstateTools
  • And many more…


  • Calyx
  • Floify
  • MortgageDashboard
  • Blueberry Relay
  • And more…

What Can You Expect From REVAS Software Setup & Optimization Services?

The most important expectation when hiring us for Software Setup & Optimization is that you will get a more streamlined process or improved software ROI, with very little effort on your part.

The way it works is pretty simple, and follows a predictable step-by-step sequence.

The outcome of your Software Setup & Optimization Service, as with all our Process Development solutions, will always include a detailed, step-by-step REVAS-style Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

Step One: Diagnostic Interview & Consultation.

The first step is a comprehensive diagnostic interview & consultation. When it comes to your Real Estate Software Setup & Optimization, this will primarily be a discussion about which software you’re using (or intend to use), and how it helps solve particular problems in your business.

Step Two: Getting To Know Your Existing Processes.

Chances are, unless you’re using something proprietary or very unusual, we already have experience using the exact same (or very similar) software to what you have in mind.

During Step Two, we’ll get to know your software, your existing workflows, and how your team currently uses & intends to use the tool. This hands-on investigative process will help us understand anything unusual you may be doing, and get a clear overview of how you’re already using the software in question.

Step Three: Q&A.

Nine times out of ten, this process will then yield some questions about the task, or areas that require further clarification. This time around will be quicker & simpler than Step One, but we’ll still most likely schedule one last call or group conference to finalize all the details.

An important component of Step Three for Software Setup & Optimization will be talking to different stakeholders in your business, to be sure we’re not ignoring any outlying use-case scenarios in our planning & systematization.

Step Four: Re-Approach to The Task Itself.

Wrapping up the SOP Development, we’ll go through the task one last time, taking into account all we’ve learned.

With your Real Estate Software SETUP, this will be the phase we’ll actually be deploying the live version of your software, and inviting & introducing your team to the basic processes.

With your Real Estate Software OPTIMIZATION, this will be when we’re actively engaging with your team to make adjustments & changes to your existing processes, to test potential improvement areas.

During this step in the service, we’ll also be meticulously recording, screenshotting, and mapping out every step in the process, to prepare for creating the final step-by-step Standard Operating Procedure document.

Step Five: Creating the SOP Document(s).

Lastly, we’ll take our notes & details from Step Four, and distill them down into an easily understood, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedure document. This is basically like an instruction manual for your particular Real Estate Software workflow, recorded in comprehensive detail.

The end goal is a comprehensive & straightforward SOP doc that anyone can follow to get to work with little or no additional training on your Software.

Hire a real estate tech guru for ‘Done for You’ set up of new software & optimization of existing tech.

Real Estate Software Setup & Optimization is not something most real estate professionals look forward to. While it might be easy to get online with some popular software, it’s not so easy integrate it with your day-to-day workflows. If you want to skip the learning curve & setup process, you can simply hire a REVAS techie to handle setting up your new software or optimizing software you’re already using.