Real Estate Social Media Marketing Guide: PART 3

Real Estate Social Media Icons

Real Estate Social Media “Do’s” and “Don’ts”

With social media on the rise in so many real estate professionals’ marketing strategies, it’s important to keep a few essential things in mind. Here’s a short list of Do’s and Don’ts to help you stay on course as you navigate the social media landscape.


Narrow Your Focus:

Hundreds of social media platforms exist and it’s easy to get lost in the vast expanse. Social media is an opportunity to represent you brand and professional services. Focus in on a few sites that jive with your brand and make your presence consistent and of good quality.

Be Interactive:

Social media is about sharing. Participate in order to create a strong presence that attracts connections and referrals. If someone tweets something of yours, reply promptly. Leave a comment if you like someone’s post or, better yet, share it. You reap what you sow on social media. Reaching out to others and building a network encourages the same in return.

Keep Positive:

Remember how social media is all about sharing? No one wants a negative vibe hanging over his or her professional image. Keep it friendly and positive. Share good things and helpful information. Even posting or sharing an inspiring photo projects a positive image. And, never miss an opportunity to thank someone via social media.


Solely Post Listings:

If you only post listings, you’re not being social, you’re being a salesman, or worse, a billboard. This kind of obvious advertising gets tuned out. Don’t take this approach. Stay focused on the bigger picture – social media is a place to share exciting information. Stay varied with what you share and the occasional sharing of a listing is not seen as such a turn off.


TMI (too much information) is a real thing, and most people don’t like it on social media. You need not detail each and every moment of your day. Remind yourself that you are communicating with potential clients when you feel the urge to tweet something about your breakfast cereal. The subject matter and language you use should be no different than what is appropriate for the workplace.

Give Up:

It takes time to build a loyal network. Follow all of these strategies and let your charming personality grow your followers. Keep in mind the mantra “slow and steady” as you stay current with what’s working for you and what’s not. Check your stats to see which social media platforms are the best tools for your business, what topics created the most engagement, and correct course as needed.

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