Real Estate Social Media Marketing Guide: PART 1

Real Estate Social Media Icons

Introduction: Real Estate Social Media

Real estate social media marketing goes everywhere social media goes. It’s part of how we live and communicate. As an interactive medium for both personal & business interactions … social media marketing ultimately has a big influence on how, what and why we consume. Real estate social media marketing is no different. With the right approach, you can leverage the power of these mass audiences to your advantage.

2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

The recent publication of the 2013 Social Media Industry Report, by Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner, reveals the trends and statistics based on a 3,000 marketer survey that studied social media platforms frequently used in real estate marketing. Social media has swiftly become a top marketing method used by real estate professionals, but the report’s findings indicate that many are confused and overwhelmed by not only the number of platforms, but also how to use each one. The report’s statistics offer insight about how real estate professionals approach social media:

  • 83% of marketers are thinking about how social media fits under the larger umbrella of marketing and creating a social media specific strategy.
  • A mere 26% of marketers actually measure their social media activities.
  • Only 37% think Facebook is effective in their marketing, yet it is by far the number one platform of choice.
  • Only 26% of marketers are optimized for mobile devices.
  • Google Plus is gaining in popularity among marketers.

These numbers are just a few highlights, but they indicate the confusion bought on by newness and constant change in the social media landscape. Here are a few points to keep in mind when defining your real estate social media marketing strategy for your business.

Real Estate Social Media Marketing 101

Know Your Goals

Whether you are a marketing veteran or newbie, outline what it is that want to get out of social media. It’s extremely important to make the distinction between your personal social time and business social time. It’s easy to get distracted and then realize an hour has frittered away as you get pulled into looking at someone’s brand new baby pictures. It might be a nice diversion, but that’s not staying on task. Block out time to spend on “business only” social media activities. That way you can track what tactics work and what’s just a waste of time.

Build Where Your Brand Shines

Since social media platforms vary in popularity with different audiences, think about which is most appropriate for your brand. Understand your values as a brand and consider your customers. Narrow it down to a manageable number of social media platforms (three is a good start) and devise a budget of time and money you can spend showcasing you brand on these sites. Consistency is key here – there’s a lot of competition and you want your presence to shine, not shrink into a dark corner of cyberspace! Seek out advice, read articles, discuss the topic with colleagues… get as much information as possible on how to use the platforms you’ve chosen to represent yourself on so that you may do it well and with consistency.

Stay Fresh

Social media is always changing and it’s necessary for you to keep up with how your clients trend. Real estate consumers are always looking for information and have many places to find it. Keep your eye on the trends of where potential clients consume real estate information and be there to greet them.

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