Real Estate Outsourcing Consulting

Real Estate Outsourcing Consulting

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Consulting – Real Estate Outsourcing Experts

Real Estate Outsourcing ConsultingREVAS was founded, first and foremost, to offer Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services.

We’ve been helping real estate companies manage their back-offices & delegate tasks to off-site remote workers for nearly a decade.

Our Real Estate Outsourcing Consulting services will put that experience working with hundreds of real estate companies and thousands of Virtual Assistants all to work for your business.

Whether you’re hiring us as consultants to plan your future use of our Virtual Assistant & Recruiting Services, or whether you need a consultant to help you set up your own remote back-office, our Real Estate Outsourcing Consulting Services can help.

Reasons To Work With A Real Estate Outsourcing Consultant

If you have any doubts whatsoever about the best approach to Real Estate Outsourcing and using Real Estate Virtual Assistants, the best first step is to consult an expert.

We’ve seen dozens of real estate professionals & companies who came to us after failing with other Virtual Assistants.

The 3 Reasons People Fail Using Virtual Assistants

There are basically only 3 reasons anyone would ever “fail” using Virtual Assistants:

  1. Choosing the wrong TASKS to outsource.
  2. Inadequate PROCESSES for Virtual Assistants to follow.
  3. Hiring the wrong PERSON for the job.

Real Estate Outsourcing Consulting Services are the solution to #1.

(We have a variety of Real Estate Process Development Services to help solve #2, as well as several Real Estate Recruiting Services for #3.)

How To Use Real Estate Outsourcing Consulting

The Two Main Reasons To Book Real Estate Outsourcing Consulting Sessions

#1.) Planning The Right Tasks To Outsource

Choosing the right tasks & activities to delegate to your back-office Virtual Team is the single most important factor to determine your campaign’s success or failure.

Outsource the wrong tasks, and you will fail. Period. Full stop.

There are simply some tasks & activities in the real estate business that need to be handled in-house, in person, by your local team… and these aren’t just the obvious ones (like showing properties or conducting inspections).

Indeed, the tasks that can and cannot be effectively outsourced vary on a case by case basis, depending on several factors like:

  • Your local market. Some local markets are more hostile than others to certain types of outsourcing.
  • Your company / personal brand. You need to be congruent. Luxury properties + cheap overseas cold callers don’t mix.
  • The repetitive / variable nature of your task. Everyone’s business is different. The same simple repetitive task in one company might require a college education & industry experience to be handled in a different one.
  • The mix of tasks you intend to outsource. Will you be using a US-based Virtual Assistant, or Overseas? Who gets assigned what?
  • And more Determining the right tasks to outsource is not a simple “fill in the blanks” process.

Our Real Estate Outsourcing Consultants are absolutely prepared to help you choose the best tasks to outsource, and to develop a prioritized task list to help you get started.

#2.) Setting Up & Optimizing Your Virtual Assistant Back-Office

One of the best value propositions we can offer as Real Estate Outsourcing Consultants is as a guide to setup a new Virtual Assistant back-office, or optimize the existing VA team you already employ. We are more than happy to help, even if you’re hiring your Virtual Assistants elsewhere.

At REVAS, we maintain a high standard for our Virtual Assistants, and have relatively strict recruitment guidelines that increase price.

If you’d rather go it on your own, or already have your existing Virtual Back-office, you can still hire a Real Estate Outsourcing Consultant to help improve your outsourcing results.

Managing your own Outsourced Back-Office will have a much higher burden in both time & energy than just using a Virtual Assistant Service like REVAS, but it might also save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars per month if your team is large enough.

We can help you find the best ways to hire VAs, from using freelancer sites like Upwork &, to recruiting directly in countries like Philippines, India, and Pakistan. We can even help you with the recruitment process through one of our Real Estate Recruiting Services.

Ultimately, if you need help guiding your use of Virtual Assistants & Outsourcing in your Real Estate Business, working with a REVAS Real Estate Outsourcing Consultant is the ideal solution.

Getting Started With A REVAS Outsourcing Consultant

Our Real Estate Outsourcing Consultants have seen the outsourcing & Virtual Assistant business processes inside & out.

We’ve handled every aspect of Outsourcing workflows, from recruiting and hiring all over the globe, managing a distributed, remote workforce, integrating outsourced workers with local processes, and helping guide successful outsourced campaigns using US-based and Overseas Virtual Assistants.

Whether you are a current or future user of REVAS Virtual Assistant Services, or whether you’re planning to hire your Virtual Assistants elsewhere, our Real Estate Outsourcing Consultants will be able to help guide you along the way.