Real Estate Marketing Consulting

Real Estate Marketing Consulting

Real Estate Lead Generation Consulting – Real Estate Conversion Optimization

Real Estate Marketing ConsultingAt REVAS, our Marketing & Lead Generation Virtual Assistant Services are by far our most popular offerings.

Every day, we’re helping manage & systematize all aspects of the back-office sales funnel for real estate companies around the world.

From outbound direct marketing, to inbound call receiving, to lead research, list building, ad posting, and CRM management, we’ve had a chance to see “under the hood” of some of the most successful, consistent real estate marketing funnels ranging from big budget national brands to nimble entrepreneurs earning big income with practically no staff.

The Two Most Important Real Estate Marketing Success Factors

A REVAS Marketing Consulting Session can address almost any aspect of your sales funnel, from micro-focused examinations of specific campaigns or materials, to macro-focused strategies that apply across all your marketing & sales.

Regardless of the marketing focus, two simple success factors apply across the board. These apply from broad branding strategies down to every single piece of marketing collateral: every single script, flyer, sign, letter, email, video, podcast, or social media post… everything will always need to address these two simple criteria:

  1. Consistency. Real estate is a slow moving business with a long sales cycle. You absolutely need to stay in front of your target market consistently, all the time, forever, as long as you plan to remain successful.
  2. Accessibility. How easy is it for people to do business with you? This comes down to factors like:
    • Persuasiveness of your branding & marketing materials.
    • User-friendly offers to make closing with you easy.
    • Unique selling propositions to fix your market’s problems.

Just reading those, you already know where you’re strong and where you’re possibly lacking.

And you already know they aren’t so simple as just staying in front of people with your phone number.

You need to tap into your target market’s demand in a way that puts you above & beyond competition. You need to not only be consistent & accessible… you need to be unique & valuable. And you need to be sure your target audience knows it.

Content is king. Getting that content seen is easier than ever but still takes consistent work.

By working with a Real Estate Marketing Consultant, you will be able to identify & fix problems with these two critical success factors, while adding new ways to delegate, automate, or outsource whatever you’re missing.

More importantly, you’ll get expert insights into potentially multiplying ROI on the marketing methods that are already successful for you.

Hidden Marketing Assets & Untapped Revenue Streams

At REVAS, our approach to Real Estate Marketing Consulting will focus first & foremost on what’s already working for you!

You’ve made it this far in business (unless you’re a startup, in which case consider Real Estate Startup Consulting first).

Your current and past customers came from somewhere.

You already have connections in the local market, regardless of who or how many.

You already have some basic marketing materials and sales funnel concepts you’re following, whether or not they are systematized.

You already have a story of what makes you, you.

In a typical Real Estate Marketing Consulting Session, we’ll be able to leverage these hidden marketing assets to start building on the following REVAS 8 Marketing Pillars.

The REVAS 8 Marketing Pillars

In Prioritized Order Based On Years Of Testing In Dozens Of Businesses.

Pillar 1: Unique Selling Proposition(s).

The first & most important pillar is your Unique Selling Proposition(s) or USP(s).

This is what sets you apart from the competition.

In real estate, these are crucial, and easy to mess up. Most real estate companies blend in to the crowd.

If you want to stand out & attract the right type of clients, the keys are being authentic, finding something that adds unique extra value in your own business, and building a “moat” of protection to make it more difficult for competitor’s to copy & steal your USP.

On a more granular level, for example applied to specific offers (not your whole business), we might also refer to a miniature version of a USP as an EVP or Extra Value Proposition.

In only 1 or 2 Real Estate Marketing Consulting Sessions, your Consultant will be able to help you significantly improve your USPs & EVPs to ensure your business is standing out from competitors and attracting the right type of clients.

Pillar 2: Marketing & Sales Integration.

The second most important pillar, which is another pre-requisite for any scalable & sustainable real estate business, is Marketing & Sales Integration.

The key here is to organize, analyze, and systematize your entire marketing & sales funnel, from first contact via ad or direct marketing, to long-term client retention.

Whatever you’re already doing, we want to understand everything from big picture down to nitty gritty details.

Then, your Real Estate Marketing Consultant will help you implement systems to track and prioritize where you’re investing your marketing budget, as well as ways to better integrate and streamline your overall sales funnel.

The reason Pillar 2 is so important is that it is necessary to ensure you’re getting the most ROI on your marketing dollars!

Until & unless you’ve completed this rigorous self-analysis in your own company, you are definitely leaving cash on the table and wasting money on less effective methods.

Pillar 3: Conversion Optimization.

Similar to Sales & Marketing Integration, Conversion Optimization is crucial because it’s the only way to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck on every marketing dollar you invest.

Conversion Optimization is self-explanatory:

Your Real Estate Marketing Consultant will specifically focus on your sales conversion process, from capturing leads on your website, to your current follow up methods & processes, to the final closing process & collection of payment.

The goal of Conversion Optimization is to convert more potential sales into paying clients.

During your Consulting Session, we’ll examine what you already have, what’s working, where sales are being lost, and what can be improved.

Plus, we’ll help prioritize the “low hanging fruit” items you can improve simply & rapidly to immediately start seeing better results from your marketing efforts.

Pillar 4: Automated Follow Up Systems.

If you’ve already built a solid foundation of Pillars 1 – 3, your business is becoming more scalable, and you’re developing a niche you can dominate better than any competitor.

However, before you start really investing into getting your business in front of that niche much more, you’ll save yourself a fortune by first implementing proper Automated Follow Up Systems.

This includes everything from drip emails, to social media content & posts, to physical mailings & newsletters, to automated SMS text messages & voicemails, to task workflows assigned to your sales people automatically via your CRM.

The goal of Automated Follow Up Systems is to convert more leads to paying customers, with less effort. It’s a natural pairing to Conversion Optimization (and ultimately your Conversion Optimization workflows should feed into your Automated Follow Up Systems).

Remember, the typical sale will take at least 7 “touches” or distinct communications with a prospect before closing. In some niches it’s many more than that.

This is the best part about well implemented Automated Follow Up Systems: they’re orders of magnitude more scalable than using your sales people to follow up, since something like a drip email or newsletter is about the same amount of work & cost (other than postage) whether it’s going out to 10 people or 10,000.

Imagine the time, energy, chaos, and cost to manually follow up 7 times with 10,000 leads!

Your Real Estate Marketing Consultant will help ensure you’re automating this process as much as you can.

Pillar 5: Retention + Reactivation + Referral Marketing.

Now that you have your marketing foundation & automated follow up systems in place, it’s time to start focus on filling the pipeline.

Pillar 5, the “3 R’s,” is focused on the cheapest ways to get more business.

The cheapest new customer is an old customer.

If you’ve been in business for at least a few years, getting new sales from past clients is by far the cheapest way to stir up quick revenue.

Working again with someone who you’ve worked with in the past is typically about 1/5 (20%) of the cost to get a new client from scratch.

That’s 5x cheaper than cold advertising.

The second cheapest customer you can get is a referral customer.

Referrals come in warm and have already been convinced of your value by a “neutral” 3rd party.

You don’t even have to pitch them (as much), they already want what you’re selling before you ever speak to them.

Pillar 5 is all about identifying ways you can systematically Retain your current customers, Reactivate past customers, and build Referral systems to ensure all your past, present, and future clients are well educated & motivated to refer you more business.

This will make sure you have these cheapest sources of new business already integrated into your sales funnel before investing into these next more expensive forms of new customer acquisition.

Pillar 6: Strategic Alliance Marketing.

In the real estate business, Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures are well understood & common place.

However, most investors, agents, property managers, and even lenders, neglect some of their best potential revenue streams by ignoring Strategic Alliance & Joint Venture opportunities for your marketing & sales funnel.

All of us as real estate professionals are aware of Joint Ventures to own properties, create funds, and other ways to pool our assets on deals.

Strategic Alliance Marketing Consulting Sessions will help identify opportunities to:

  • Turn your competitors into cooperators who are helping pay for your ads.
  • Leverage your unique story to attract press & local celebrity recognition.
  • Partner with complementary service providers for more referrals & commissions.
  • Get tons of non-monetary perks & be treated like a VIP around town.
  • Find off-market deals, motivated sellers, and/or steeply discounted ad space.

The goal of Pillar 6 is building alliances & drafting off existing goodwill in your target market to boost your exposure faster & cheaper than any paid advertising.

The only problem is Pillar 6 is that implementing these Alliances can be tricky, and their results are not always predictable. At their peaks, they are the single best revenue source to attract new business, but they tend to be cyclical & inconsistent.

Pillar 7: Direct Marketing.

Now that you’ve exhausted all 6 previous Pillars, and have built a unique, systematic, and mostly automated sales funnel, taking advantage of the cheapest forms of customer acquisition before taking on the more costly & risky alternatives, it’s time to move on to the two best known & most difficult, risky marketing options:

Direct Marketing (Pillar 7) and Online & Offline Advertising (Pillar 8).

Both can be considered complementary & simultaneous, since they both will feed your well built lead capture & conversion funnel.

The question, then, will be which exact Direct Marketing and On-/Off-Line Advertising choices will yield the best ROI?

Answering this incredibly different question, which is a moving target, will always be the goal of Direct Marketing & On-/Off-Line Advertising Consulting Sessions.

First, to define Direct Marketing:

This includes any type of marketing where you are targeting & communicating directly with your prospect. It includes things like:

  • Telemarketing.
  • Direct Mail.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Social Media Direct Messages.
  • In-Person Sales.
  • Event Sales (including “Selling from the Stage”).

Direct Marketing has some specific strengths, as well as some specific weaknesses when compared to the type of Inbound Advertising discussed under Pillar 8.

The best part about Direct Marketing is that it allows you to target & communicate “privately” directly to your prospect or client. Done right, Direct Marketing is practically as intimate as a one-on-one conversation, even when you’re sending 100,000’s of direct mail pieces.

The biggest problems with Direct Marketing are:

  1. You need to be able to target your prospect or client with the right contact information. This is not always easy, or even possible.
  2. It can be prohibitively expensive (think Customer Acquisition Costs or CACs in the $1,000 – $3,000+ range).

Pillar 8: Online & Offline Advertising.

As the complementary, sometimes contrasting support to Pillar 7, we round out the 8 Marketing Pillars with the final & broadest category, Pillar 8: Online & Offline Advertising.

The key feature that sets this type of Marketing apart from the rest is the fact that it is 100% Inbound, Multi-Step Marketing.

The goal here isn’t to get the sale. Rather, the primary, if not only, true objective of Pillar 8 is to generate new leads to fill your pipeline especially created during Pillars 1 – 4.

It will be the responsibility of your conversion, follow up, and sales systems to ensure your advertising investment here doesn’t go to waste.

Similar to Direct Marketing, you can anticipate a $1,500 – $3,000+ CAC for customers who come originally from Inbound Marketing & Advertising. However, you can also typically expect a longer sales cycle, or slower turn-around time, since people who respond to ads in the real estate industry sometimes aren’t ready to actually buy for up to 2+ years!

That’s why before even considering this Pillar, you absolutely need a well oiled machine running your conversion funnel & automated follow up processes. You need to be ready for the marathon of follow up, not the sprint of a quick sale.

Once you’re ready, our consultants can help you evaluate, implement, and optimize some of the best possible Online & Offline Advertising tactics & strategies like:

  • SEO (organic Search Engine Optimization).
  • SEM & PPC (Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing).
  • Online display ads (Google content network, CPM ad networks, and site-specific ads).
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Magazine & newspaper ads (can be on- and off-line).
  • Billboards, signs, and outdoor media.

The key is making sure your Message, Market, and Medium are matched, measuring results meticulously, and constantly optimizing & improving your overall ad campaign performance. Our Real Estate Marketing Consultants can help.

Getting Started With A Real Estate Marketing Consultant.

We’ve helped manage & systematize every type of real estate marketing activity imaginable, from direct mail & postcards to YouTube & Facebook to cold calls & drip campaigns. Our Marketing Consultants know the terrain, and are here to help plan & guide your next campaign, or to improve & optimize your current ones.

When you’re ready to tackle the challenge of your overall customer acquisition funnel, improving your lead generation, conversion, and retention, book at least one Marketing Consulting Session, or up to 8+ if you want to cover every single Pillar with a Consultant helping you build a nearly unstoppable flow of new & repeat business every step of the way.