Real Estate Lead Management

Real Estate Lead Management

Real Estate Lead Nurturing & Follow-up – Lead Management Virtual Assistant

Real state Lead Management


To automate your processes for lead follow-up, lead database management, and lead conversion optimization so that you consistently convert a higher percentage of your quality leads with little to no manual effort on your part.

How It Works:

In your real estate lead generation process, capturing a lead via an inbound call, website opt-in, social media interaction, email, or direct mail is only the beginning. For brokers & agents, you will often be looking at up to 24 months before that lead becomes a paying client. If your processes can’t endure that long-term follow-up, you’ll lose track of these leads and likely lose them to competition.

Our real estate lead management virtual assistants will help you to be sure that you can stay in touch, and stay engaged with your new leads in as efficient & automated a fashion as possible. Some of the tasks your lead management virtual assistant might help with include things like:

  • Entering leads into your CRM.
  • Creating lead follow-up schedules.
  • Manually staying in touch with leads via email and/or phone.
  • Integrating lead generation platforms & services (like Zillow, Trulia, MarketLeader, RealGeeks, BoomTown, and more).
  • Lead qualification & appointment setting
  • Lead list segmentation, data appending, and cleaning

Your lead management virtual assistant is dedicated to assisting in your lead capture & lead nurturing / lead follow-up procedures to ensure everything is running smoothly, and in as automated a fashion as is possible. They are available for any tasks necessary to ensure you convert more leads without more effort.

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