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Real Estate Facebook Marketing

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To manage your real estate Facebook marketing efforts, from individual accounts & company pages to Facebook ads, groups, and events, in a way that optimizes for greatest engagement & conversions for the lowest price.

How It Works:

It seems like Facebook (FB for short) has become one of the most integrated social media sites for the real estate industry, and it’s no secret you can use it to generate business. Whether you’re a brokerage, agent, or manager, your clients & potential alliances are using Facebook at least as much as email and phone these days: to post pictures, share properties, place ads, network, and manage company profiles.

We can help you with a variety of activities on Facebook, depending on your current situation, goals, and resources. Some of the most common include:

  • Drafting, scheduling, and monitoring daily posts
  • Managing your 3rd party social media management software
  • Sharing unique content, customized to your local market & specializations
  • Adding contacts from outside FB (by name, address, phone, email, etc)
  • Interacting with potential clients and alliances
  • Designing, placing, and managing Facebook ads campaigns
  • Providing customer support & assistance
  • Providing detailed reporting on your local competitors FB presences

Basically, if there’s something mundane, repetitive, and time-consuming that you currently are doing in-house on Facebook, or if you’re looking to conveniently expand your marketing efforts onto Facebook, a real estate virtual assistant can help to manage everything from start-to-finish. And if you need content written for status updates, blog posts, or anything else that you’ll be sharing on Facebook, remember that while all our back-office work is done overseas… all our copywriting is done by US-based, native English speaking, college graduate-level writers.