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Real Estate Investor Lead Generation Services

Local Exclusivity: ONLY 78 73 71 Locations Remaining.

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  • Instant Access to Private InvestorRabbit™ Sales Page. Over 3,500 words, including screenshots & diagrams, detailing our exact approach to guaranteed, done-for-you Real Estate Investor Lead Generation.
  • Email Follow Up & Behind-the-Scenes. Every few days, we’ll share an insider’s view of how InvestorRabbit™ works, to give proven Lead Generation ideas, and a chance to calculate your potential ROI with the service.
  • REVAS 180+ Page Service & Pricing Menu. While you consider InvestorRabbit™ Lead Generation, browse alternative options in our comprehensive Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services Menu.
  • OPTIONAL: Phone Strategy Session. Speak with a Manager at our office to discuss your overall Real Estate Investor Lead Generation strategies (including how InvestorRabbit™ might fit into your mix).

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‘Done For You’ Real Estate Investor Lead Generation Services

We Do All The Work. You Get All The Leads. Guaranteed.

Local Exclusivity: ONLY 78 74 71 Local Niches Remaining!

REVAS InvestorRabbit™ :: 'Done For You' Real Estate Investor Lead GenerationAre you a house flipper, landlord, commercial property owner, or Investor’s Agent, wondering about the best real estate investor lead generation options?

InvestorRabbit™ is your:

  • 100% ‘Done For You,’
  • locally exclusive,
  • guaranteed source for
  • inbound real estate investor leads.

We’re Already Generating Motivated Seller & Cash Buyer Leads in 78 Local Markets.

With InvestorRabbit You Get Exclusive Rights to Those Local Leads (Plus a Ton More…)

When you secure your local exclusive InvestorRabbit™ license, you’ll receive a minimum 4 exclusive leads per month, guaranteed, or we’ll refund half your monthly cost.

In the following chapters, we’ll reveal exactly how we are able to guarantee a set number of real estate investor leads, every single month, in 78 major metro markets.

Plus, REVAS CEO, Marshall Hatfield, will share how this unique offering arose from humble beginnings in a local “we buy houses” website, evolving into what is today a nationwide motivated seller & cash buyer lead funnel.

Finally you’ll discover exactly what’s included, should you choose to become an InvestorRabbit™ Local Exclusive Licensee for your own major metro area.

If you’re an active & serious real estate investor, continue reading to learn more about securing your own guaranteed 4 exclusive leads per month.

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See Below for a Complete List of All 78 InvestorRabbit™ Locations

New York, NY
Los Angeles, CA
SF Bay Area, CA
Washington DC
Boston, MA
New Jersey (NJ)
Seattle, WA
Orange County, CA
Chicago, IL
San Diego, CA
Miami, FL
Houston, TX
Inland Empire, CA
Dallas – Fort Worth, TX
Philadelphia, PA
Atlanta, GA
Phoenix, AZ
Denver, CO
Portland, OR
Minneapolis, MN
Santa Barbara, CA
Austin, TX
Sacramento, CA
Hawaii (HI)
San Antonio, TX
Tampa, FL
Connecticut (CT)
Las Vegas, NV
Charlotte, NC
Virginia Beach, VA
Nashville, TN
Orlando, FL
Raleigh – Durham, NC
Baltimore, MD
St. Louis, MO
Salt Lake City, UT
Pittsburgh, PA
Providence, RI
Charleston, SC
Jacksonville, FL
Indianapolis, IN
Cincinnati, OH
Columbus, OH
Kansas City, KS & MO
Richmond, VA
New Orleans, LA
Fresno, CA
Detroit, MI
Cleveland, OH
Madison, WI
Oklahoma City, OK
Tucson, AZ
Colorado Springs, CO
Reno, NV
Winston-Salem, NC
Milwaukee, WI
Albuquerque, NM
Louisville, KY
Buffalo, NY
Columbia, SC
Boise, ID
Omaha, NE
Modesto, CA
Baton Rouge, LA
Rochester, NY
Spokane, WA
Tulsa, OK
Memphis, TN
Anchorage, AK
El Paso, TX
Dayton, OH
Corpus Christi, TX
Lexington, KY
Wichita, KS
Des Moines, IA
Birmingham, AL
Lincoln, NE
Fort Wayne, IN

We Can Accept Only One Real Estate Investor Per Local Market!

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