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Property Maintenance Virtual Assistant

Never Take Another Maintenance Call Again…

✔ Stop interrupting your personal time over a broken toilet or leaky roof.

✔ Deliver rapid repair turnaround & top-notch customer service for your tenants.

✔ Take a permanent vacation from back-and-forth phone tag with contractors & renters.

✔ Get peace of mind knowing your repair requests are answered without lifting a finger.

✔ Track every detail online in a secure cloud-based software 100% on auto-pilot.

✔ Outsource your maintenance calls once and for all.

All for just $10 per Unit per Month!*

*Or less (on larger portfolios).

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How It Works: Property Maintenance Virtual Assistant

Dear fellow Real Estate Professional,

My name is Marshall Hatfield, and I’m the founder & owner of Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services.

Of all our services, our Property Maintenance VAs are one of my favorites.

Born on a gamble, this specialty offering is fast becoming our most popular service. Here’s why:

Before, if you needed a VA to be available for handling maintenance calls, you needed to pay for their time whether they were busy (or just sitting there). If you wanted 24×7 coverage, you’d be paying for 3 full-time VAs (or >700 work hours per month!). We’re talking tens of thousands annually.


Hiring a Property Maintenance VA means removing your maintenance headaches once & for all.

We already have the established back office (with an option to use Overseas or US-based VAs) and the most efficient system for handling maintenance calls in the industry.

You have your own proven approach, including your own unique set of technology, vendors, and maintenance staff.

By combining your proven approach with our efficient back-office staff, wasting time & energy on maintenance calls can be a thing of your past (for just $10 / unit / month).

Here’s the overview of how it works:

  1. We provide dedicated local phone numbers & email IDs for you to route all maintenance requests.
  2. We answer all your maintenance requests promptly & professionally (via email, phone, or live chat).
  3. We schedule the repair with your preferred vendors.
  4. We follow up with the tenant to make sure work is done right.
  5. We help with collecting invoices & clearing payments.
  6. We track every detail online in your secure property management software.

Essentially, we’ve mastered the art of answering, resolving, tracking, and managing maintenance calls for rental properties.

Our expert back office team is here to rescue you from wasting any more time, energy, or stress over maintenance demands from your tenants. Never again will you be interrupted about a leaky roof or broken toilet. Never again will you chase contractors, schedule repairs, or play phone tag with renters.

Get started today, and you’ll be routing all maintenance requests to us (via phone, email, and online) in as little as 48 hours … for just $10 per unit per month.

We’ll handle the rest from start-to-finish, all without you lifting a finger.

We have a dedicated team following a proven system for managing maintenance requests professionally, courteously, and promptly. From the moment a tenant makes a request, to dispatching the appropriate repair person(s), to work completion & payment confirmation, our VAs can take over the entire maintenance support process with ease.

You’re welcome to be involved as much (or as little) as you want. We’ll make sure your tenants get top notch service & rapid repairs … whether you’re across town or around the world!

What Happens When A Maintenance Request Comes In?

Once everything is setup, the process of outsourcing your maintenance calls to us is very simple.

Here is a step-by-step outline of what happens from start-to-finish:

Step One: Tenant Submits a Maintenance Request.

Whether they call, email, or submit a webform, that maintenance request goes directly into our office of VAs. Day or night, if someone is around, we’ll answer the call live or respond to the email almost immediately.

Our service is prompt & customer-centric. We’ve proven it time & again that the tenants will appreciate it.

Step Two: Virtual Assistant Schedules the Repairs.

Using a pre-screened list of your preferred contractors, vendors, and/or maintenance staff, the VA is ready to:

  • Select the right repair person for the job (based on your pre-defined criteria).
  • Collect multiple quotes (if you want, maybe only on certain types of work).
  • Confirm with you before work begins (if the price is above a certain threshold).
  • Dispatch the repair person to do the work & get the unit back in order.
  • Request & upload the invoice for the completed work.

Step Three: Virtual Assistant Follows Up With the Tenant.

After the work has been completed, the Virtual Assistant will followup with your tenant to make sure everything is better. Our customer-centric business model & mentality means that we’ll go to great lengths ensuring your tenants’ satisfaction.

Step Four: Virtual Assistant Follows Up With You & Repair Person.

Just to make sure everything is resolved cleanly, we’ll followup lastly with you & whoever did the work. This will give us a chance to ensure that you have the proper documentation and receipts, that payment has been issued in kind, and that the whole transaction was a positive experience for both parties.

What We Need To Be Up & Running In As Little As 48 Hours

  • Your current property management software(s). This means things like Buildium, PropertyWare, etc. This is a crucial component in outsourcing your property maintenance calls; if you aren’t using one, we can set it up for you.
  • Your preferred vendors list. This includes contacts like maintenance staff,  contractors, and 3rd party service providers. We want to match what already works for you, including your pre-approved team. This is necessary for us to get started.
  • Your current maintenance request process. How do you currently handle repair requests? We need to be sure every inbound communication channel is properly routed to our Virtual Assistants via phone, email, and/or online.

Obviously, we’re happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before getting too in-depth. Once we map out all these details about your business, we can be up & running, handling all your maintenance requests, within as little as 48 hours.

We’ll even provide dedicated local phone numbers & email IDs at no added cost.

It’s literally that easy. Once everything’s set up, and you start routing calls to us… you can rest assured your tenants will be receiving rapid repair turnarounds & top-notch customer service.

You’re welcome to be involved as much (or as little) as you like. We’ll handle the rest.

For only $10 per unit per month, you’ll never have to deal with another maintenance call headache again.

Never take another maintenance call for just $10 / unit / month.

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Our 10 Step Process: Getting Started With A Maintenance Virtual Assistant

When you hire your property maintenance virtual assistant, we’ll be following a proven, step-by-step process to make the whole setup as quick, easy, and effortless as possible.

Whether you have 2 units or 2,000, here’s our systematic 10 Step Process to get your maintenance calls & repair requests completely outsourced:

  1. We provide dedicated local phone numbers & email IDs.
  2. You provide access to your property management software.
  3. We help build your preferred repair team & vendors list.
  4. You begin routing all inbound maintenance requests to us.
  5. We promptly respond to all repair requests (by phone, email, and online).
  6. We dispatch the right repair person, as defined by you.
  7. We make sure the repair gets done (getting your approval if necessary).
  8. We confirm with the tenant when the work is done.
  9. We collect the invoice and help securely handle vendor payments.
  10. We track every detail in your preferred property management software.

… All for $10 / unit / month. Easy!

We have it down to a science, and we love the work.

That’s why we’re more than happy to let you try it out 100% risk free (1 month = you satisfied … or your money back). Click here to get started.

The Importance Of Using A Property Management Software

One of the unique aspects of this service is that we actually require you to be using a real estate property management software to get started.

We’ll help you select the right software, and get everything setup. But one way or another, you need to be using a cloud-based, secured, dependable, fast, and purpose-designed property management software to track your business.

That’s not to say you can’t manage your property management business or real estate investments without this type of software. However, to work with us, we will require it.

Here’s why real estate property management software is important:

  • Track your important tenant data all in one place (rents, repairs, lease expiration, deposits, and more).
  • At-a-glance access to important contact info for all your vendors, contractors, and repair people.
  • Central collection of all invoices, rent checks, receipts, and other documents.
  • Everything stored securely on the company’s SSL encrypted connections & co-located servers.
  • Depending on your situation, it may even be possible to pay all your contractors & vendors online through the same software (using EFT or credit card)!

For us, obviously the importance includes all of the above, as well as one key difference:

The Virtual Assistant will also be used to working in any of the property management softwares. This means once we have your important login info and basic rent roll, tenants, and vendors understood… we can take over the entire process almost exclusively by using the property management software!

This is what makes the process safe, secure, and simple to set and forget. Using the property management software as our foundation, and our proven Property Maintenance Assistant processes as the frame, we can build your back-office so you never have to think about another maintenance call again.

The property management software is crucial in this equation.

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Our No Risk, “No Questions Asked” 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied after the first month, we’ll refund every dollar you spent.

Try it out for 30 days. Cancel before your second Invoice due to dissatisfaction, and get your money back, “no questions asked.”

We want you to be ecstatic about this service. We want to work with people who wonder how they ever got by before getting a Maintenance Call Assistant.

We don’t want to work with people who are dissatisfied, who feel buyer’s remorse, or who otherwise just aren’t happy with us.

That’s why we give you the first month to request a 100% refund.

This is “No Questions Asked.” You can cancel for any reason, and while we will ask you why you decided to cancel, you don’t have to answer. We’ll still refund you 100%.

There is literally no risk to try the service. If you aren’t completely satisfied after the first month, we’ll refund every penny you spent.

Ready To Outsource Your Maintenance Calls For $10 / Unit / Month?

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Property Maintenance Virtual Assistant Frequently Asked Questions

How can you provide this service so cheap?

This service is all about the power of shared resources.

Think about it: if you have a full-time person handling maintenance calls (and nothing else)… how does their day look? Even if they’re handling calls for 1,000+ units, most likely there are highly busy peak hours, then other hours when basically nothing is happening.

Well, we have a centralized back-office team, working practically around the clock to help property managers & investors deal with maintenance calls all over the world! By distributing the load, we can achieve much less overall down-time.

Plus, our overall procedures are extremely systematized, allowing us to handle your maintenance calls in a highly efficient, routine way.


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