Real Estate Process Creation for Startups

Real Estate Process Creation for Startups

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Development For New Real Estate Businesses

Real Estate Process Creation for StartupsStarting a new real estate business is a risky & expensive undertaking.

More than 80% of new real estate businesses fail within the first few years, but not before losing their founders 5 – 6+ figures and/or wrecking their credit.

Don’t play guess-and-check when your financial future is on the line. Start your real estate startup on the right foot & keep in mind our motto:

Process-Based, Not People-Based™

People are great, but without adequate, effective Processes to follow, even your stellar startup team will be spinning its wheels until & unless you actually start building a sustainable, profitable system.

What You Need Before You Start Any Process Creation

Process Creation for your Real Estate Startup is definitely not the first step when launching your new business.

There are several prerequisites necessary before we can be of any assistance in helping you create systematic, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedures for your new real estate business.

Here are the 3 Necessary Prerequisites before you begin any Startup Process Creation:

Prerequisite #1: Which specific Standard Operating Procedures will you require?

We can’t build clear, concise, step-by-step SOPs for an unknown task.

You will need to be clear as to exactly which Processes are necessary for your business, and have at least some idea of how many distinct workflows they will entail.

For example, imagine you need someone to do all of the following:

  1. Post & share your blog articles on all your social media profiles.
  2. Write new blog articles for you, on specific topics relevant to your market.
  3. Add new leads to your CRM when they come in.
  4. Make outbound calls to specific target prospects.

Depending on the complexity of 1 and 2 above, you will definitely need at least 4 distinct SOPs, corresponding to each distinct workflow or set of tasks.

If you don’t already know which specific Standard Operating Procedures you’ll require, start with a Business Process Consulting and/or Outsourcing Consulting session first. We’ll walk you through the steps, and build a custom tailored plan of action based on your unique situation & criteria.

Prerequisite #2: How exactly do we do the task?

While our Process Development experts are highly knowledgeable about a wide variety of real estate activities & procedures, every business is different, as is every unique professional & brand.

You can’t delegate a task to a low-level Virtual Assistant that you don’t have at least a working understanding of yourself.

We have two sayings at REVAS related to this issue:

  • A Person is not a solution to a Problem without the right Process, and
  • Never ask people to do for you what you won’t do for yourself.

Even if it means you have to do some unpleasant, menial duties yourself for a few days, or even weeks, to wrap your head around it in a way that you could explain it, step-by-step, to someone else, you’ll be happy you did if you want to successfully delegate it to someone else.

Indeed, to hire us for Startup Process Creation, you will need to have done so, and be able to explain in reasonable detail exactly how we do the task.

Prerequisite #3: What tools will we be using for the task?

In today’s real estate market, almost every major Process in your business will be using at least some software or website(s). More often than not, those will require login information, accounts to be set up, and often payments to be made.

Before we can start building detailed, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedures for critical workflows in your real estate startup, your tools, and their key details (like login info) will already need to be set up and ready to go.

We can’t build a Process for an activity that is using tools to which we don’t have access.

If you’re not sure which technology & tools your startup needs, check out our Real Estate Technology Consulting services to get personally tailored advice from a real estate tech guru. If you’d like ‘Done for You’ help getting a software setup, you can also look into Real Estate Software Setup & Optimization (another type of Process Development).

Benefits Of Process Creation For Your Startup

If you’ve learned anything about REVAS, hopefully you’re well aware of our focus on Process.

So, by now it goes without saying that we think systematic, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedures are a good idea. In fact, we require them to use our Virtual Assistants!

What’s in it for you?

What will you get by systematically creating SOPs for your startup from its early infancy?

This is probably one of the best possible investments into your new business that you can make, because a better Process now is as good as money, time, and energy saved later.

Here are just some of the benefits the REVAS approach to Process Creation for your Real Estate Startup:

  • Remove doubt & confusion in your early launch phase by delegating menial tasks that follow clear step-by-step SOPs with confidence.
  • More easily to onboard & train new hires, and convince higher quality staff to join, by being clear on your workflows & their task lists.
  • Save time that would have been wasted correcting mistakes, chasing lost leads, or searching for misplaced data & items, by countering these problems before they ever occur.
  • Systematically make continuous improvements in the way you’re working by having a Process in place to measure, track, and manage your workflows.
  • Slash unnecessary expenses by providing clearer workflows to your team and streamlining their activities using the right technologies.
  • Make it possible to start using Real Estate Virtual Assistants from day one when you launch your business.
  • Delegate the Process Development Process to a team that does it all day every day, so you can focus on more important matters like getting customers for your new startup!

There are probably hundreds more benefits of launching your startup with as many systematic, clear, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedures as you can.

Starting a new real estate business is already risky & complicated enough as it is.

Work with our expert Process Development team will pay dividends as one of the best possible investments into your new business.

Hire us to help systematically design your startup from the ground up with detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all the most important workflows of your new business.