Other Real Estate Services Virtual Assistant

Other Real Estate Services Virtual Assistant

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Other Real Estate Services Virtual Assistant


To provide you a readily available Real Estate Virtual Assistant who can assimilate to your unique business & help bring new processes for freeing your time, saving your money, and growing your business.

How It Works:

Depending on what exactly your real estate service business does, it is likely your appropriate Virtual Assistant task list will overlap significantly with either a Broker / Agent Assistant or a Real Estate Investor Virtual Assistant.

What this probably means is a lot of marketing, lead management, and administrative support for your business. While the specific Virtual Assistant task-list that makes sense for your business might have a few significant differences in priority compared to the next real estate service provider, there are at least certain tasks that tend to be basically universal.

Specifically, some common real estate virtual assistant tasks you might consider include:

  • Telemarketing & appointment setting
  • Web research & data entry
  • Social media marketing
  • Blog posting & website updates
  • Inbound call receiving & follow-up
  • Lead management / CRM administration
  • Lead list building
  • Calendar management & personal assistant duties

Regardless of your specific business, in the real estate industry everyone has certain standardized tasks that regularly occur in your business. This is due to the strictly documented & regulated nature of the business, as well as its never-ending need for more leads & more potential clients.

These are the perfect tasks to consider outsourcing to your Real Estate Virtual Assistant as long as they are repetitive, simple, and don’t require your physical presence.