Done-For-You Merchant Sign-Ups for Movement Division Managers

Pay-Per-Lead New Merchant Sign-Up Appointments on Auto-Pilot

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From The Desk of
Marshall Hatfield
REVAS CEO & Founder
Cincinnati, OH
June, 2020

Welcome Movement Division Managers!

This solution is built from the ground-up, based on our experience on the front-lines generating new Merchant Sign-Up Appointments for our partner, Elijah Cheeks.

We have now boiled the process down to a scalable system, which we can utilize to get you as many Sign-Up Appointments as you desire!

We handle the whole process, from raw data (building your Geo-Targeted Contact List) to Lead Generation to Appointment Scheduling & Follow Up.

Using our proven back-office team, we’ll custom tailor our approach to book pre-qualified Appointments directly onto you preferred calendar, according to your schedule & availability.

Plus, we will handle not only the initial Cold Outreach (Cold Calls, Cold Emails), we will also continuously Follow Up until we get past the Gatekeeper & receive a final disposition from the target Decision Maker.

And all of that, we will handle on a pure performance basis: you ONLY Pay Per Lead generated!

If you’re ready to put your Merchant Sign-Ups on near total auto-pilot, this is Bundle Solution built for you.

Looking forward to growing your network ASAP!

Marshall Hatfield
REVAS Founder & CEO
Cincinnati, Ohio

Is a Movement Merchant Lead Generation VA Right for You?
Find Out On a Free Strategy Session w/ REVAS Founder & CEO

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From Raw Data to Scheduled Appointment on Auto-Pilot

Here’s What’s Included in This Done-For-You New Merchant Sign-Up Bundle

Geo-Targted Business Contact List.

We’ll target relevant businesses in the near vicinity of your school, prioritizing a 2 mile radius, then expanding outward. (You’re welcome to provide your own List as well.)

Done-For-You Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

We already have a proven step-by-step Procedure to get new Merchants signed up. We’ll custom tailor this to your own unique calendar & workflow to ensure seamless integration.

Fully Managed Telemarketing Campaign.

As a fully-managed solution, we recruit, train, hire, and deliver your Telemarketing Virtual Assistant, ready to rock! They’ll be working consistent shifts dedicated to your campaign.

Virtual Assistant Recruitment & Training.

We’ve already built a pipeline of VAs ready to start outreach, generating New Merchant Sign-Up Appointments for you immediately.

Dedicated Local Phone Number & VoIP Line.

Your Telemarketing Virtual Assistant will be setup right out the gate with their own Local Phone Number which they’ll be using exclusively for your campaign to make & receive both calls and text messages.

Cold Calling PLUS Ongoing Follow Up.

Not everyone will be ready for an in-person Appointment right away. Your Virtual Assistant will not only queue up Merchants that are ready to go, we’ll also be using a combination of Calls, Voicemails, Texts, and Emails to nurture relationships and chase down Decision Makers to get you verified Appointments.

Performance Pay ONLY: Pay Per Lead.

We put our money where our mouth is for Movement Merchant Sign-Ups. We handle everything on a pure performance basis, billing only for Leads Generated / Appointments Scheduled.

Is a Movement Merchant Sign-Up VA Right for You?
Find Out On a Free Strategy Session w/ REVAS Founder & CEO

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