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3 Key Real Estate Social Media Marketing Trends of 2014

2014 has seen its share of Social Media changes. Rich media (images & videos) content sharing is taking center stage while the old social networking sites start to lose their edge. These emerging real estate social media marketing trends have critical impact on your business.

  1. Image is Everything. Pic-driven sharing networks like Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat are gaining a loyal user base at break-neck speed. Pinterest has 20 million active monthly users and Instagram retains 150 million active monthly users, according to social media facts by Jeff Bullas. By the time you read this post, those numbers will have grown.
  2. Micro Videos Rule. More and more companies are using micro-video platforms such as Vine and Instagram to share simple messages out to customers and prospects. General Electric, Urban Outfitters, Dove, and Lowe’s are just a few major brands that have hopped onto the Vine bandwagon.
  3. Social Networks that are Losing. Google+ and Foursquare are gradually losing their fan base. Many businesses are struggling with how to make the Google+ work for them. Google announced earlier this year that its ranking algorithm does not factor for social signals, and it will remove authorship photos from search results, which is what made Google+ different from other platforms for many marketers. Foursquare’s base is also on the wane, but marketers aren’t writing it off completely. Foursquare recently split its app in two: the original Foursquare and its new app, Swarm, which allows users to find friends through neighborhood sharing and without the need to check-in. Foursquare’s new app, which will be re-launched later this summer, will no longer be allowing check-ins as an attempt at transforming into a direct competitor to Yelp by offering personalized recommendations for local searches.
  4. LinkedIn winning in B2B. This continues to be the network for B2B marketing & recruiting. According to Social Media Examiner, 33% of B2B marketers are using the platform (beating out Facebook @ 31% and Twitter @ 16%). A whopping 77% of B2Bs plan to increase their spending on LI this year. If you do any work with other businesses, especially networking and recruiting, LinkedIn will be a growing part of your arsenal (or you’ll be falling behind those who are making it work).

What are your social media plans for the next year? What’s working for you, and what is on its way out?

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