Joint Ventures & Marketing Alliances

Joint Ventures / Marketing Alliances

Joint Ventures & Marketing Alliances


To create mutually profitable relationships between your business, our business, and / or other complementary business in the real estate industry & beyond.

How It Works:

In this sense, we can work together in nearly any capacity that you suggest if it proves to be a worthy risk/reward ratio.
Some ideas include:

  • Marketing your products & services to our clients
  • Marketing our real estate virtual assistant to your clients
    (as a referral, or as a “white label” reseller, bundling & selling the services with your own branding)
  • Hiring us to set-up joint ventures or marketing alliances with target individuals or companies
    (basically as an outbound lead generation campaign specifically aimed to set-up joint ventures)
  • Suggesting business or investment opportunities to us
  • Forming an alliance with us to search for and investigate mutual investment opportunities
  • Share advertising costs on print ads, direct mail, online campaigns, or other ad media
  • Anything else you can think of?

We’re open to anything that will benefit our business, especially if it requires little to no risk on our parts. However, we have access to some capital if there are specific real estate related investment opportunities (for us as service providers, or for our company’s principals as real estate investors).

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