How soon can my Real Estate Virtual Assistant get started?

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How soon can my Real Estate Virtual Assistant get started?

We have Real Estate Virtual Assistants available and ready to work during most shifts, at all times.

Our team is completely focused on real estate tasks, so training is never a big hurdle.

That means it should take only 24 – 72 hours (1 – 3 days) from when you pay your first Invoice, to when your Virtual Assistant is up & running.

REVAS Clients are always growing, pausing, modifying, and renewing their services, which means we’re flexible to get you started very fast. Juggling hundreds of work hours per day from dozens of campaigns, occurring in timezones from New Zealand to California, we’re very comfortable rapidly changing workloads.

There is one huge caveat to all of this though, and is by far the largest source of delays when getting started, especially for new Clients…

Getting Your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Approved

By now, you’re probably aware:

We require step-by-step ‘REVAS-Style’ Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Approved by our Training Manager, before you can be assigned a Virtual Assistant.

This is due to the fact that we always work Process-Based, Not People-Based™.

This proven approach is backed by both our direct experience over nearly a decade with thousands of real estate companies, and the research of many business professors & economists:

“That which gets measured, gets managed,” and if you aren’t consistently measuring & tracking your team’s performance against a well defined procedure or metric, your resources are being mismanaged, and you’re creating unnecessary waste.

It’s definitely possible to survive this way, but it is impossible to truly thrive.

This is why we require your SOP(s) to be Approved by our Training Manager to get started.

We do offer ‘Done For You’ Process Development Services, which will completely remove this potential hurdle from your path, significantly expediting your setup process.

Otherwise, the answer to the question of “How soon can my Real Estate Virtual Assistant get started?” ends up being:

“As soon as your SOP(s) are ready & Approved.”