How It Works

Hire Real Estate VAs: How It Works

Hire VAs: What We Do & How It Works1. Book an Opportunity Analysis Consultation.

The first step for all new Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services (REVAS) clients is to schedule – and show up for – your introductory:

Opportunity Analysis Consultation

(Or ‘OAC’ for short.)

This 50 minute, one-on-one, diagnostic Consultation with the REVAS Intake Manager is designed to ensure we make the right choices for your Virtual Assistants.

Based on your answers from the Intake Form and discussion on the OAC Call, we’ll have a clear idea of the best opportunities for working together.

2. Pick one Task to start.

After your Opportunity Analysis Consultation, we will be able to confidently recommend one (or at most two) highest priority task(s) to start.

This is primarily because at REVAS, we require detailed, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) before you can delegate tasks to your own Virtual Assistant.

Over the years we’ve proven the advantage of working Process-Based, Not People-Based™ to ensure you get the best possible results with your VAs.

That’s why your SOPs for each task must be approved by our Training Manager, before assigning them to your Virtual Assistant.

For some examples of the REVAS-Style SOPs we require, check out our Real Estate Standard Operating Procedures page.

The more tasks you assign at once, the greater the complexity, confusion, and likelihood of failure.

Hence, we highly encourage new clients to pick one task to start.

3. Clear your first Invoice.

We invoice via email, which you can pay via credit card or Paypal. We also accept checks if you prefer.

Remember, we’re a US-based company, so file this in the Expense column.

All Virtual Assistants are employed by us directly, with no middlemen or subcontractors, ensuring you have a simple, low-commitment working relationship with no concerns about recruiting, hiring, payroll, 1099s, or any HR headaches.

Just checkout securely online, and we’ll get to work.

4. Get your SOP(s) Approved.

As mentioned above:

REVAS requires detailed, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) before you can be assigned your own Virtual Assistant.

This step will be getting your SOPs approved by a REVAS Training Manager.

An approved Standard Operating Procedure will include all the necessary documentation & training materials to be sure your VA does your work correctly.

This means including essential campaign details like task manuals, call scripts, message templates, lead lists, account logins, and more.

Whatever the VA will need, we’ll make sure it’s in the SOP for a smooth, streamlined workflow.

Our goal is always to have a Standard Operating Procedure that’s able to stand alone with little to no extra training required.

5. Training & Incubation.

Depending on the task, it will take anywhere from the first 2 – 20 work hours to get your VA up to speed. We are very flexible during the setup process and will be sure everything gets off on the right foot.

6. Work finds its flow.

Once your VA is up to speed and things are moving smoothly (usually within the first 20 – 40 work hours), the work will find its flow. At this point, your VA’s daily activities will be as much on auto-pilot as you want them to be. Some of our clients never even speak to their VA directly!

7. Repeat.

Once you have your first task effectively outsourced & running profitably on auto-pilot, it’s time to outsource more. You might even feel confident enough to start delegating 2 – 3 tasks at a time to your back-office team.

You don’t always need to schedule another Opportunity Analysis Consultation to add more Virtual Assistant Tasks to your queue.

However, you will always need to get your new Standard Operating Procedures approved, to be sure that you’re taking a path of success with your Virtual Assistant.

So, you can go back to Step 2, and put this list on an infinite loop.

We’re here & happy to help you streamline and automate your real estate business.

Your Integrated, Modular Back Office Support Staff

Real Estate Virtual Assistants are your ever-present, ever-ready team dedicated to your success (from the other side of the planet). They’re not experts at what you do… but they are experts at helping with their one small, repetitive contribution to your business.

Your Virtual Assistant(s) are happy to work for you too because you offer them an exciting and unique job experience.


While additional “hidden” benefits are aplenty, there are 3 primary reasons people choose to delegate at least a portion of the workload to Virtual Assistants:

  1. Save Time: Shave hours off your workday by using VAs to get it all done, quicker.
  2. Save Money: Slash payroll costs 40 – 80% by outsourcing your menial, repetitive tasks to cheap offshore VAs.
  3. Grow Your Business: Add profit centers using VAs dedicated to generating leads and closing sales.

We have a whole list of suggested real estate virtual assistant services that will help you pick the right task list for your business. Plus, our real estate VAs work only on similar real estate-related tasks, so you can be sure that you’ll be getting access to a dedicated team already familiar with the basics… ready to go whenever need them.


While 90% of our Virtual Assistants are located in East Asia (Pakistan, Philippines, Bangladesh), there is one type of work that even we don’t outsource… Specifically:

All our copywriting is done by US-based, native English-speaking college graduates.

So, if you hire us for any task that includes writing, you can rest assured that it will be done by US-based writers with a firm (native speaking) grasp of English, as well as rudimentary knowledge of some of the finer points of the real estate trade.