How is it possible for REVAS to offer so many different services?

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How is it possible for REVAS to offer so many different services?

One of the most common concerns we hear from prospective Clients, especially if they haven’t seen our Testimonials or spoken to our References, goes something like this:

How can REVAS provide so many different services, while maintaining quality? Isn’t it bad to be too broad?

Indeed, it is dangerous to build a business too broadly, trying to “be everything to everyone.”

At REVAS, we strive to do the exact opposite:

To be the best in the world at our narrow area of specialization:

Real Estate Outsourcing & Automation

And while it may seem at first glance that what we do covers a broad range of skills & talent requirements, from Transaction Coordination to Telemarketing to Tech Support, in fact things are a lot simpler once you look “under the hood.”

Many are surprised to learn that everything we do can be boiled down to only 3 simple skillsets.

Our Secret to Simplicity:

The 3 (and Only 3) Primary Skillsets For All REVAS Tasks

#1. Admin Tasks.

#2. Voice Tasks.

#3. Writing Tasks.

All our Virtual Assistant services ultimately only require one, or at most two, of these skillsets.

Everything else is completely systematized and/or automated!

Before The Skillset: The Process Comes First

First & foremost, when it comes to simplicity, you must remember that everything we do is always:

Process-Based, Not People-Based™

This is a motto we take very seriously, to the point that we don’t even attempt a task in most cases until the Process is clear.

That already massively simplifies our job, since it means a Virtual Assistant’s work is never about being a subject-matter expert.

Rather, our VAs’ work is always about following a detailed step-by-step, REVAS-Style Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) – required to be Approved by our Training Manager before work ever begins.

Before The Skillset: A Core Values-Based Company

Knowing that the Process comes first, our real expertise is in recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, managing, and optimizing the work of the right People, our VAs.

In addition to being Process-Based, Not People-Based™, we also hire & fire by these 8 Core Values.

That means we have a very clear, homogeneous, collaborative company culture. We all like working here, and we like working with each other… even if most of us only interact virtually & will perhaps never meet face-to-face.

Understanding The 3 Simple REVAS Skillsets

With that in mind, it starts to become more clear how all our various solutions, from Lead Management to Social Media Marketing to Data Entry, can all be boiled down to these 3 simple skillsets:

  1. Admin Tasks.
  2. Voice Tasks.
  3. Writing Tasks.

Understanding Skillset #1: Admin Tasks.

The REVAS skillset of being competent in Admin Tasks involves things like:

  • Basic tech savvy.
  • Familiarity with MS Office, web browsers, VOIP, and email clients.
  • Familiarity with some Real Estate Software.
  • Data entry and/or web research experience.
  • Understanding of key real estate technical terminology.

As you can guess from the above list of competencies, most REVAS Admin Tasks are delegated to our Overseas Virtual Assistants.

However, there are exceptions, on particularly complex Admin Tasks, or on Admin Tasks that also require Voice or Writing, where REVAS Clients have found better results using US-based VAs for Admin Tasks.

Understanding Skillset #2: Voice Tasks.

Voice Tasks are relatively self explanatory. They always obviously involve:

Speaking live to Clients or Prospects over the phone!

Both internally at REVAS, and among our Clients, the first instinct when it comes to Voice Tasks is a natural concern about an Overseas VA’s accentAnd rightfully so:

There are some markets, niches, and campaigns in which an Overseas Virtual Assistant will perform much worse than a US-based Virtual Assistant, largely due to the accent & connotations of Outsourcing. Whether or not we agree with the sentiment, it is a fact of the matter for Client-facing / Prospect-facing Voice Tasks!

Who Wins: US-Based or Overseas  VAs for Voice Tasks?

On the other hand: We have seen many campaigns where a Client tests 50% US-Based Work Hours vs 50% Overseas Work Hours… And the general result is unpredictable! Sometimes US-based VAs outperform, sometimes Overseas VAs are the winner.

In fact, even as the CEO of the company, with stats on 100,000+ Telemarketing Work Hours under my review, I still cannot reliably predict whether a campaign will do better using US-based or Overseas VAs! Sometimes it’s obvious, but not always.

Therefore, Voice Tasks can definitely be successful using both US-based and/or Overseas VAs. The only way to know which will be better for your scenario is to TEST!

Food for thought:

If a US-based VA costs about 2x as much per Work Hour as an Overseas VA…

They have to do about 2x as well as their Overseas counterpart, to make the cost difference worth it.

In other words, if an Overseas VA gets 1 lead every 4 work hours, a US-based VA will need to get 1 lead every 2 work hours.

More importantly: if a US-based VA is performing comparably to an Overseas VA on a Cost Per Lead basis, that means the US-based VA still has a slight advantage since they’re generating leads twice as fast!

Understanding Skillset #3: Writing Tasks.

Writing Tasks are by far the most technical out of the 3 primary REVAS Skillsets. In fact:

Writing Tasks are the only Skillset category for which we employ strictly US-based, native English-speaking, college graduate level copywriters.

At REVAS, we’ve tried every possible setup to use Overseas copywriters, even just to create stem content that is later edited by a US-Based writer & editor. At the end of the day, the best way to create unique written content is by having a US-based specialist write it!

Some of the most common forms of writing tasks a REVAS US-based writer would need experience in to be hired include:

  • Geo-targeted & niche SEO content.
  • Real estate blog post writing.
  • Drip emails & newsletter writing.
  • Social media sharing & discussions.
  • Basic call scripts & email templates.

While to accomplish any of these Writing Skillset tasks with REVAS will require a US-based Virtual Assistant, we do have specialists skilled in all of the above at the same rates as any other US-based Real Estate VA.