How can REVAS keep my information secure?

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How can REVAS keep my information secure?

If you’re planning to use a Virtual Assistant or cloud-based software to handle any sensitive data, security is always a top concern.

In this matter, we follow a variety of industry best-practices, guided by our CEO directly.

The most important thing to remember about data security is actually true about everything we do at REVAS:

A Person is not a solution to a Problem without a Process.

When it comes to keeping your information secure, then, the Process always comes first!

In that sense, we follow a straightforward 5 Point Process to guide all our approaches to data security, from technical security, to staff oversight, to strategic planning.

The REVAS Data Security 5 Point Process

Point #1. The Technical Aspect.

The simplest part of the 5 Point Process underpins all other security principles at REVAS:

We never handle your sensitive data directly.

Our Virtual Assistants will only ever access your data from within other secure tools like Transaction Management software, Property Management software, or your payment processor’s web portal.

By making sure the technical side of things is set up properly, we can ensure the Virtual Assistant has little to no direct access to the actual sensitive data.

Point #2. The Procedural Aspect.

As you’re probably aware, we at REVAS always work Process-Based, Not People-Based™, which means before a Virtual Assistant is even assigned to your work:

A trusted REVAS Training Manager will be reviewing your step-by-step Standard Operating Procedures before any VA gets a glimpse at them.

If your SOPs have any security flaws or weaknesses, involving improper or risky handling of sensitive information, we will immediately red-flag your campaign & bring the CEO into the loop directly.

With Mr. Hatfield’s hands-on oversight, will make sure before your work moves forward that all security flaws are ironed out, to prevent possible problems before they arise.

Point #3. The Human Aspect.

While human nature is always fallible, and bad apples can occasionally slip through the cracks in even the best systems:

REVAS is a Core Values based company, made up of people who all embody qualities like honesty (Core Value #7), humility (Core Value #8), and putting the Client first (Core Value #1).

People who don’t fit the Core Values of our company’s culture are rarely hired, and if they are, we hire and fire by these 8 tenets.

Dishonesty, or doing wrong by our Clients, are both fireable offenses we take very seriously, even on a much smaller scale than data breaches or mishandling sensitive info.

Employees who violate our Core Values will be discovered, and they will be fired.

Point #4. The Oversight Aspect.

With our #2 Core Value being: “Create a supportive, family environment,” and our faith & trust in our Core Values based business model, it might seem surprising to learn:

We utilize an array of tracking & oversight tools to monitor practically every behavior of a Virtual Assistant on the job, especially if & when they’re ever accessing Client data.

Being Process-Based, Not People-Based, and with a Core Value #3 of “Be efficient,” at REVAS we have a tendency to manage & monitor almost everything.

Our employees are always monitored by both screencapture (on their end) and log files & unique login tracking (on our end).

In other words, without being extremely creative & devious, it is literally impossible for a Virtual Assistant to improperly handle any sensitive Client data without us knowing about it immediately, since our VAs are all already heavily monitored for quality & management purposes.

Point #5. The Rapid Response Aspect.

While Points #1 – #4 are all about prevention, sometimes the catastrophe cannot be avoided, and the worst comes to pass. Even if it is not our fault, REVAS is a friend you want in your corner if any data breach issues arise:

Our CEO has a passion for data security, and will be ready to address your issue personally, should any issues arise related to sensitive Client info.

Mr. Hatfield has followed the tech security field closely for nearly 20 years, as a side passion & hobbyist. He’s therefore been on hand to help deal with some fairly problematic data breaches, and will be able to help you quickly:

  • identify the problem,
  • stem the leak,
  • make repairs ASAP, and
  • keep key stakeholders informed to preserve relationships.

Chances are, since we are so systematic about it, any data security issues will come from your end, especially if you or your team members are not especially technical.

Human error is almost always the main culprit for data security issues. And this is ok!

We will still be here to help, even if the problem was caused on your end. We probably have more experience with the issues than anyone on your team, and are your best ally under pressure.

In the mean time, feel free to ask our advice.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Avoid the mistakes by becoming better informed, and you won’t have to face them in the first place.

We’re here to help and have seen under the hood of 1000’s of real estate companies, and nearly every single real estate technology on the market.

You can even book Real Estate Technology Consulting Sessions with REVAS CEO, Marshall Hatfield, personally, and he will help ensure you’re following industry-standard data security best practices.