GRAND OPENING!!! Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

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Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services (dot com) is our specialized outsourcing answer to the call of the real estate industry. With myself (one of the company’s co-founders) being a part-time real estate investor … and with trained staff & established processes ready to go for many of the common day-to-day operational requirements of real estate companies … AdminBetter has launched this new specialty service portal to remove hassles and boost margins exclusively for those in the real estate biz.

Our Goal

Our goal is to work closely & collaboratively with you to create a back office team dedicated to growing your business (at a fraction of the overhead costs required to do so all locally). Not to mention, you’ll have your own expertise at what you do paired with our management team’s expertise in systematizing your operations & making sure your virtual assistant(s) are meeting or exceeding your expectations.

At the end of the day, we love real estate. Our virtual assistants enjoy working on these projects, as for them it can be incredibly exciting & fascinating to be involved with the buying, selling, and management of properties across the world! Our company principals & investors are all actively pursuing property portfolios, both locally here in the US … and on the other side of the globe in East Asia. As such, we are not only service providers … but we are avid users of our own real estate virtual assistants.

That’s why we want to work with you, to plug-in dedicated & ambitious human resources from the other side of the world, loyally focused on growing your business and helping you achieve your own objectives.

We are happy to learn through this process, and hope to develop cutting edge processes for all our clients … as we constantly evolve based on adding more & more experience, and more & more insights into every aspect of the industry. We’re the virtual assistants & outsourcing experts, and with your help, we will also become the real estate experts that only survive if you’re thriving. Hire us, and our only hope to survive is to see you thrive.

Contact The CEO

While I’m a pretty busy guy, I do check my emails, and I do have my own VAs who help me return & schedule calls … so if there’s ANYTHING I can do to help make your outsourcing / virtual assistant hiring experience more lucrative, contact me here or call the office @ 888-575-5855.

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