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2. HOW IT WORKS: Two Billing Models

3. 10 UNIQUE TASKS: VA Services & Pricing


For eXp Commercial Agents, By eXp Commercial Agents

From The Desk of
Marshall Hatfield
REVAS CEO & Founder
Cincinnati, OH
Dec, 2020

Welcome, fellow eXp Commercial Agent!

Once I heard that eXp was launching a dedicated Commercial division, I knew I had to get in on the ground floor ASAP.

I’ve been flirting with switching to eXp for a while… and in 2020 I focused much more on Commercial Real Estate.

Therefore it was a perfect fit to join eXp Commercial right at the new division’s official launch, directly under President of eXp Commercial, Jim Huang.

My mission:

To pinpoint exactly the types of Real Estate Virtual Assistant Systems & Processes we will need at eXp to dominate the Commercial Market!!

About Working Together: We’re Both eXp Commercial Agents!

As a Commercial Investor & “Deal Sourcing Nerd” myself, I’ve already developed a suite of Back-Office Virtual Assistant Systems & Processes, which we’ve been using to source deals & nurture relationships at my own Commercial Real Estate Investing Business (Ordo Group), launched to surprising success in March 2020.

While what we can offer is NOT RIGHT FOR EVERYBODY, what we do have is a proven “Done-For-You” approach to accomplish many of the most common repetitive Tasks in the Commercial Real Estate Business.

Since some of these Tasks will be directly overlapping with our own Commercial Real Estate Business, we can’t offer everything to just anybody. There are some Commercial Real Estate VA Tasks we will only offer to select Client-Partners, and even then only on a Fee + Performance Pay based pricing structure.

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Below, you’ll find everything we offer for our fellow eXp Commercial Agents are divided into categories based on TWO BILLING MODELS:

  • Fixed Fee (A La Carte) Virtual Assistant Services,
  • Fee + Performance Pay Bundled Deal Flow Services.

Under these Two Billing Models, everything is organized by 10 UNIQUE TASKS based on specific, repetitive activities ranging from Commercial Deal Sourcing to Closing & Transaction Management.

If you’re wondering which eXp Commercial Virtual Assistant Bundles are right for you, feel free to book a Strategy Session directly onto my calendar here.

Marshall Hatfield
REVAS Founder & CEO

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HOW IT WORKS: 2 Billing Models

Fixed Fee (A La Carte) VA Services vs Fee + Performance Deal Flow Services

Each of the 10 UNIQUE TASKS outlined below are available exclusively to our fellow eXp Commercial Agents under one of 2 BILLING MODELS:

MODEL #1. Fixed Fee (A La Carte)
MODEL#2. Fee + Performance Pay.

Each of these two Billing Models will be explained in detail below.

Then, they’ll be referenced again the 10 UNIQUE TASKS: VA Services & Pricing Section, where each Task is divided into its appropriate Billing Model, with an approximate Pricing Estaimte for every available VA Task.

BILLING MODEL #1. Fixed Fee (A La Carte).

Fixed Fee (A La Carte) Services are all “pay as you go” with no long-term commitments.

These are billed on a Per Unit Basis, or on an Hourly Basis (purchased in “Buckets” of Virtual Assistant Work Hours, to be used up as you go).

Tasks that fall under the Fixed Fee (A La Carte) model include things like Raw Data (List Building) and Contract-to-Close (Transaction Management).

These are ad hoc services to streamline, outsource, and automate your Commercial Real Estate Business.

BILLING MODEL #2. Fee + Performance Pay.

Fee + Performance Pay Services are bundled together in a semi-partnership, focused on growing, managing, and automating your Commercial Deal Pipeline (including all Tasks related to Lead Generation, Agent Engagement, Buyer Disposition, etc).

Since these activites all compete directly against ourselves (cannibalizing our own Commercial Real Estate Business):

All eXp Commercial Fee + Performance Pay Services are…

  • Bundled,
  • Exlusive & proprietary, and

First, they are much more expensive than most of the A La Carte VA Tasks, starting at a $3,000+ monthly minimum commitment on a 6-month contract.

Plus, all Tasks that fall under the Fee + Performance Pay Model are subject to local Exlusivity, by Asset Type and Metro Area:

ONLY ONE CLIENT ACCEPTED per Asset Type and Location!

(e.g. We can only accept one Client targeting Industrial Property in Los Angeles, one Client targeting Multifamily in Dallas, etc.)

This Fee + Performance Pay Bundle is our VIP service, and only available to those with whom we are a mutually good fit.

10 UNIQUE TASKS: VA Services & Pricing

10 Repetitive Tasks Organized by Two Billing Models, All Designed to Streamline & Grow Your Commercial Real Estate Business

Everything our VAs are trained to help with on Commercial Real Estate Deals is organized by TWO BILLING MODELS based on the Deal Lifecycle:

MODEL 1: Fixed Fee (A La Carte) VA Services.
MODEL 2: Fee + Performance Based Bundled Deal Flow Services.

These Billing Models include everything from repetitive Tasks like List Building and Offering Document Preparation, to deeply integrated pipeline solutions like Agent Engagement and Ongoing Follow Up with your database.

Below, you can see complete details (including ballpark Pricing Estimates) for all of the 10 UNIQUE TASKS, organized by their respective BILLING MODEL.

QUICK OVERVIEW: 10 Unique Tasks

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Fixed Fee (A La Carte)







Fee + Performance Pay






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