Do my Virtual Assistant Work Hours ever expire?

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Do my Virtual Assistant Work Hours ever expire?

While it depends on your specific campaign & situation, the simple answer is:


In general, any Virtual Assistant Work Hours you purchase will expire after 10 weeks (70 days).

You can almost always roll over any unused hours onto your next Invoice (if you renew within 70 days). After 70 days, all other unused work hours expire.

However, the only time this ever really comes up is on project-based work, or for your very first invoice, because after your first Invoice, we typically auto-bill monthly for all Real Estate Virtual Assistant Work Hours.

This means that, except in very rare & unusual circumstances, the expiration date doesn’t even approach, because you have 70 days (7 weeks) to use up a bundle of work hours typically depleted within only about 30 days (4 weeks).

If for some reason you are concerned about not being able to use up your work hours before the 70 days expiration deadline, you’re encouraged to contact us directly (ahead of time, not after the fact) so we can come up with a solution that will work for you.

Ultimately we’re not in the business of taking your money without fulfilling your work hours. So please do let us know in advance if for some reason you are concerned you might miss your deadline, and we can hopefully find a mutually agreeable solution.