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The Ultimate “White Glove” VIP Experience to Grow Your Real Estate Revenue, Working LESS (on a Performance Pay Basis!)

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As Trusted by Real Estate Players Like…

REVAS References & Case Studies

As Trusted by Real Estate Players Like…

REVAS References & Case Studies [Mobile]

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What to Expect: REVAS Done-For-You Services

Elite Implementation by Industry Innovators Who’ve Been There, Done That, and Systematized the Process to Clone in Your Business

Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.

Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.


REVAS does provide the most complete step-by-step Do-It-Yourself, push-button simple, fill-in-the-blank Systems for Real Estate Revenue Growth and Time Freedom (see DIY Systems here).

But even with the best toolkit & resources at your fingertips:

Implementing positive change in your business takes real work.

It takes time. It takes energy. And it takes money.

The question is:

Which is your limiting resource?

The True Cost of Lasting Change

Overcoming Inertia to Implement Permanent Improvements to Your Business

Having made it this far in your Real Estate Journey, you already know:

To implement real, lasting, positive change in your business…

You need to overcome inertia.

You can’t stop halfway.

You need to push through the rubber-band “whiplash effect” … where you start strong on a new implementation plan, only to see everything drifting back to the old habits.

To be successful, you need to fully implement the “new way” until it becomes the “normal way” … for you and your Teams.

You need to fight against the ever-lurking tendency toward a reversion to mediocrity and a regression to the mean.

You need to plant the seeds, nurture growth, and ensure the “new way” takes root in your business.

This is precisely where REVAS Done-For-You Services come into play.

Change - Daniel Watson (Pexels)

Implementation by the Founding Team

Guaranteed Revenue Growth™ and 2X Time Freedom™ Built Into Your Business on Autopilot

Hopefully if you’re reading this, you’re already familiar with the REVAS story:

How we re-invented “Real Estate Virtual Assistants” based on 9+ years, 326,751+ Work Hours, and 519+ Standard Operating Procedures…

… distilling our biggest winners into two step-by-step outcome-based systems. (Read more about it here.)

Maybe you’re already a REVAS+ Member, using the patent pending “Digital Launchpad” in your business.

Maybe you’ve even started the process of DIY implementation, leveraging our unique, proprietary systems for Revenue Growth and Time Freedom.

So why might the Done-For-You approach be a fit?

“White Glove” Done-For-You Services: When It Makes Sense

First off, let’s narrow down the discussion by highlighting those for whom this approach is NOT the right fit:

  • This is NOT for new Real Estate Businesses, who have limited track records (unless you have a comparatively very large budget).
  • This is NOT for control freaks who are still in the micro-management stage of growing & building your business.
  • It’s also NOT for those with a history of mixed (or negative) reviews… this only works if you have a great reputation!
  • Lastly, this is NOT for the “dabblers,” trying too much all at once… getting through a full Done-For-You implementation takes perseverance to see things through to completion. You CAN’T stop halfway!!!

By process of elimination, you’re probably already starting to get the picture of exactly who this type of VIP Done-For-You solution was built to serve.

Namely, the entire design of these “White Glove” Services are built for a very specific audience of Real Estate Business Owners and Team Leaders:

REVAS Done-For-You Services Are for Those Who Are Already Successful & Ready for Your Next Big “Level Up.”

At this level of cost & commitment, you need a significant budget ($25k+).

You need to be ready to commit to major change in your business over the next 3 – 6 months.

And you’ll need to commit to only one goal until it’s achieved:

Growing Your Revenue OR Freeing Your Time.

We’ve learned the hard way that trying both simultaneously, you’ll likely end up achieving neither.

Choice - Anna Galimova (Pexels)

The NEW Way to Grow Your Real Estate Revenue, Working LESS

Two Outcome-Based Systems Derived From Lifetimes of Work Hours, Distilled Into Step-by-Step Blueprints

In case you’re not already intimately familiar with the underlying mechanisms behind everything we do at REVAS…

… let’s take a quick look at the exact Systems we’ll be implementing in your business as part of this Done-For-You approach:

  • The “Pyramid of Guaranteed Revenue Growth”
  • The “2X Time Freedom Formula”

SYSTEM #1: Guaranteed Revenue Growth

GOALS: More Leads, More Sales, More Money

As with both underlying REVAS Systems, Guaranteed Revenue Growth is divided into 3 Stages:

Stage 1: RevOps

(Revenue Operations)

At this Stage, out entire objective is clarity:

  • Clarity of Revenue Systems (Sales & Marketing),
  • Clarity of Messaging (Targeting & Differentiation), and…
  • Clarity of Lead Management (From Lead Capture to Lifelong Client).

Through a painstaking process of Audits, Analysis, Optimization, and Systemization, we will lay the groundwork to maximize ROI on all future Marketing and Sales efforts.

Stage 2: Leads

(Lead Generation)

Once the foundations are laid with supreme clarity & magnetic market positioning, it’s time to implement a synergistic arsenal of today’s most cutting edge Real Estate Lead Generation systems and processes.

Everything is divided into two stand-alone approaches that, when combined, build the strongest possible lead engine for your business:

Inbound Content Marketing:

Through a combination of organic Social Media and Paid Ads, all fueled by our powerful Weekly Video Content Blitz approach…

… You’ll be building a market-leading library of compelling content that positions you as the indispensable expert to your ideal target audience, attracting a steady flow of Warm Inbound Leads for years to come.

Outbound Direct Marketing:

Coming soon…

Stage 3: Sales

(Sales Team Recruiting)

Coming soon…

SYSTEM #2: 2X Time Freedom

GOALS: Freer Time, Lower Costs, Boosted Valuation

Coming soon…

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