Custom Outsourcing Solutions

Customized Outsourcing Solutions

Custom Outsourcing Solutions: By Category

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Services Breakdown: Custom Outsourcing

Real Estate Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is our specialty. Our parent company, AdminBetter, is strictly focused on BPO across a variety of industries. Ultimately, the only difference between a customized BPO solution and any of our distinct services is the amount of work you require. If you are going to be hiring 3 or more full-time staff (480+ work hours / month), we consider this a BPO campaign, and we would like to provide as many perks & VIP treatments as possible.

Comprehensive Labor Arbitrage

If you are looking to set-up your own back-office somewhere in East Asia, with your own dedicated management & workforce … we are happy to help. As experienced back-office staffing experts with a network of contacts around East Asia (Pakistan, Singapore, Bangladesh, Indonesia, UAE, etc), we can walk you through the set-up & even help manage your own back-office offshore operations.

Joint Ventures & Marketing Alliances

Whether you feel there is some opportunity for working together with us directly, with our parent company AdminBetter, or with our network of clients & contacts in the real estate industry … we are always open to Joint Venture, Marketing Alliance, and Affiliate / Partner relationships. If you have something in mind, or you’d like to learn about our own ideas on the topic, please contact us directly with your propositions, or for more information.

Other Outsourcing / Virtual Assistant Ideas?

No matter what you need, if it is related to outsourcing any tasks that do not require someone’s physical presence, we can probably help. We are open to all sorts of customized service relationships, and can often be very flexible & accommodating when it comes to meeting needs that don’t fit the normal mold. We’re experts in process development, staffing, and training … so one way or another we can figure out how to get your job done!

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