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Reesio Company Overview

Reesio Company Information

Type Privately Held
Industry Real Estate
Founded 2012
Headquarters 330 Townsend Street Suite 118
San Francisco, California 94107
Key People Mark Thomas (Co-Founder, CEO)
Uyen Tran (Co-Founder, Domain Expert)
Number of Employees 1-10 employees

Reesio is the only complete one-stop-shop solution for the technology needs of modern real estate professionals: we provide full Transaction Management, CRM, Listing Syndication, and Offers Management. Everything is all in one place, with no separate e-signature or other accounts required. Try our product out for FREE for 30 days. We also provide 24×7 chat support.

Reesio has raised $1.3M in VC and angel funding to date, and was part of 500 Startups Spring 2013 Accelerator program. 1

Reesio News & Press Releases

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